Best Vegan Candy

Vegan candy can seem challenging to find. Whether you’re on the hunt for vegan candy corn, vegan gummy candy, or vegan chocolate candy, there is a product out there to meet your needs. You just have to know where to look!


This vegan candy list ranks the five best vegan candies on the market. Sometimes candy that is vegan can taste truly horrible, but this vegan candy list only reviews the best of the best; the ones you would never guess are vegan when you eat them. 

The Winner: Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels

Summary: Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels are a luscious and soft alternative to dairy caramels. These candies use coconut milk instead of dairy, making them the perfect caramel for vegans. The candy is artisan-crafted and is gluten-free, non-GMO, cholesterol-free, and high fructose corn syrup free, making them a vegan and healthy alternative to other candies. Some of the flavors are plant-based with simple ingredients. Keep reading for a full review of these vegan caramels

Complete Reviewcocomels coconut milk caramels

The Cocomels Coconut Milk Caramels are the best vegan candy because they offer all the flavor and lush texture you expect from a decadent piece of caramel. Plus, they have that subtle crunch when you bite down, making for a lovely array of textures and flavors. 

One of the most attractive features of Cocomels candy is that it comes in several different flavors! You can try the various options to find which one is your new favorite. 

They offer an enticing combination of sweet and savory with their sea salt flavor and include a rich tropical flavor of coconut sugar. Or start your day with a sweet pick-me-up by trying their espresso flavor. And if you want something on the sweeter side, try their vanilla or simple original flavor, which will wow you. 

Vegans also adore these little caramels because they are free of GMOs, cholesterol, gluten, and corn syrup. Plus, there’s 30% less sugar compared with other caramels, making them a wonderful option for diabetics or people trying to avoid high amounts of sugar. 

Not only do vegans love these caramels, but people following keto diets also rave about what a great alternative the Cocomels are to standard dairy caramels. Even people who do not follow vegan diets fall in love when they taste these rich and chewy caramels with the perfect balance between soft and tough. 

Vegan-friendly candy can sometimes fall short in the flavor department. But not the Cocomels caramels. They provide a burst of warm and nutty flavors from caramel and coconut. 

However, some disappointed consumers have mentioned inconsistencies in the flavor from bag to bag. But most people are over the moon about the flavor and quality of the individually-wrapped caramels. 

One common comment among consumers is that these are highly addictive! Once you start eating them, it’s almost impossible to stop, so start eating at your own risk. But along with this comment, many people wish the bags were slightly bigger or priced lower to accommodate the limited amount of caramels you get in each bag. 

In the end, these Cocomels are at the top of the vegan friendly candy list because people cannot get enough of their familiar flavor and gooey texture. And Cocomels also makes a large line of vegan chocolate candy and other indulgent treats that vegans once thought they couldn’t have! But no more! So order a bag of delectable Cocomels caramels and find out what all the excitement is about. 


Type: Vegan coconut milk caramels

Flavor: Sea Salt, Vanilla, Espresso, Vanilla, Coconut Sugar, Original, 

Size: 3oz bags to 3.5oz bags


  • Many flavors to choose from
  • Soft and chewy texture
  • Low in sugar 
  • Cholesterol, GMO, gluten, and corn syrup-free
  • Delicious and flavorful


  • Small bags
  • Expensive
  • Inconsistent taste sometimes

The Runner Up: Pink Panda Sour Gummies

Summary: The runner-up to the yummy gooey Cocomels caramels are these colorful and chewy vegan sour gummies that taste just as good as any other gummy on the market. This product is plant-based, but still has that bouncy and squishy texture everyone wants in a gummy. The Pink Panda Sour Gummies use modified cornstarch instead of animal fats, and they pride themselves on delivering a healthy and vegan alternative to other gummies. And best of all, they come in a wide range of yummy flavors to try! Read on for a comprehensive review of these vegan gummies. 

Complete Review

The Pink Panda gummies are gluten-free and completely vegan. They derive the natural flavors and squishy texture from fruit extracts and ingredients like figs. 

Every bite of this gummy is a flavor explosion and delivers the perfect amount of sour along with the sweet. They also use no artificial coloring, so all the fun, bright colors the gummies have come from natural color sources, like carrots or black currants. 

Unlike many other gummy brands that pack four or five servings into every tiny bag, you can eat an entire bag of Pink Panda gummies guilt-free. Every bag has only two grams of sugar and contains 90 calories. 

Consumers love that they don’t have to moderate how much of a single bag they eat, so go for it and finish the bag without feeling bad! And no, every bag does not contain four gummies. There’s a generous amount of 24-29 gummies in every pouch. Welcome to guilt-free snacking!

These fully plant-based sweets are a perfect way to let kids have the gummies they want without all the unhealthy stuff. But kids and adults fall in love with these little gummies from the first bite. And you’ll never guess that these have 90% less sugar than most gummies you can buy. 

The Pink Panda gummies are soft and coated in a gentle dusting of sour sugar, so you get that tart suck-your-cheeks-in sensation you expect from a sour candy. The gummies come in three flavors: Treasure Chews, Astro Blasters and Peachy Hearts. 

Treasure Hearts are a little less sweet with more tropical flavors, Peachy Hearts are, well, peach-flavored, and Astro Blasters are the sourest with bright fruit flavors like cherry and orange

Many compare the Pink Panda to Sour Patch Kids, except they’re better. Pink Panda gummies don’t harden to an almost unchewable texture when exposed to air for a few minutes, and they also don’t stick to your teeth like super glue. While many vegans have been sad to say adieu to their favorite gummies, they can rejoice in this vegan gummy candy which is better tasting and better for you!

The only downside is if your digestive system is not used to the natural ingredients and high fiber, it may cause some issues. This problem is an unfortunate side effect of how human digestive tracts have been accustomed to processed sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. 

Luckily, only a small portion of people who try these gummies experience these issues. And even they say the taste is to die for!

pink panda sour gummies


Type: Sour gummy

Flavor: Treasure Chews(tropical), Astro Blasters(extra sour fruit), and Peachy Hearts(sour peach)

Size: 1.8oz bags, 24-29 gummies in each


  • Three yummy flavors to choose from
  • Low-calorie snack
  • Super chewy and squishy
  • Does not harden in the air
  • Perfect for kids and adults


Gummy Alternative: Candy Kittens Vegan Gummy Candy

Summary: Candy Kittens are one of the best vegan candy options for people that love gummies but can’t have their usual brand anymore. They come in four flavors, one is sour, and they have a mouthwatering flavor with a soft and squishy texture, softer than most gummies. They use a palm oil-free vegan recipe that replaces oils with coconut water for a healthier and juicier candy. The candies come in a swirly color combination and to no one’s surprise, they’re shaped like kitten heads, just to make them extra adorable!


Complete Review

The Candy Kittens Candy company has been around for about a decade now, catering to vegans and people who love gummies. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably both! Candy Kittens are cute and tasty. They use only natural flavors and coloring and replace all oils with coconut water so you can feel better about snacking on these. 

Candy Kittens offers four mouthwatering flavors: Sour Watermelon, Tropical Mango, Blueberry Bliss, and Wild Strawberry. The watermelon ones are the only sour option, so if you don’t enjoy sour candy, Candy Kittens will be one of your best options for vegan gummy candy. 

People that adore these gummies rave about the flavor. There is no subtlety when it comes to Candy Kitten gummies. It’s a flavor explosion in your mouth, whether mango or blueberry. And the gummies are often described as incredibly juicy and softer than most gummies, vegan or not. 

While some love an assorted bag of flavors, for people who enjoy indulging in their one favorite, Candy Kittens are perfect. Each bag only includes one flavor, so you get all your favorites and none of the ones you don’t like. So no need to pick through the colors to eat your favorites first or save them for last!

The Candy Kittens certainly aren’t cheap but are about half the price of many other of the best vegan candy options. So if you feel like crying whenever you see the vegan friendly candy prices, Candy Kittens can help ease that pain. 

These are especially popular among children because of the cute cat-shaped gummy and enticing swirl of colors on each candy. But compared with other vegan gummy candy choices, these tend to be higher in calories. 

Each gummy is 20 calories and slightly higher in sugar than other vegan options. These are healthier than standard gummies with corn syrup and gelatin but still not the healthiest on this list. So make this one of your new favorite low-calorie treats!


Type: Gummy candy

Flavor: Sour Watermelon, Tropical Mango, Blueberry Bliss, Wild Strawberry

Size: 4.4oz bags


  • Flavor-dedicated bags
  • Juicy and soft texture
  • An array of flavor choices
  • Super flavorful
  • Colorful and cute for kids


  • High calories (20cal per gummy)
  • Sells out fast

Sour Alternative: Project 7 Low Sugar Sour Apple Rings

Summary: A phenomenal option from Project 7 is these super tart apple rings that will have your mouth watering and your cheeks puckering in a good way! The priority of Project 7 is to make low-sugar and low-carb sweets, so these apple rings are flavorful but low in calories. You can eat them guilt-free. While they have a yummy flavor, sometimes the taste doesn’t pack big enough of a punch for people who want something super apple-y. But the soft texture, chewiness, and subtle apple flavor paired with high fiber make this one of the best vegan candy options

project 7 low sugar sour apple rings

Complete Review

First of all, who doesn’t love gummy rings? You can stick them on your finger and pull them apart. They’re just fun! And it can be tough to find vegan gummy rings, but Project 7 has you covered. 

The goal of Project 7 is to give you delicious but guilt-free sweets and snacks that you can eat every day of the week without feeling naughty. Each little bag only contains 60 calories, making it easy to munch on a whole bag in the middle of the day or for dessert and not think about the calories. 

Not only are these gummy rings a vegan friendly candy, but they’re also ideal for keto diets and people trying to avoid excessive carbs. The gummies are also free of IMO, maltitol, and erythritol, only using natural flavors and ingredients, so you know what you’re putting in your body. 

Some people dislike that the apple flavor isn’t super powerful. They have a mild apple flavor, but it’s not insanely flavorful, disappointing some consumers. On the other hand, the sour coating on the rings does not disappoint! People say these are super sour from the moment they hit your tongue. So if sour candy is your thing, these will likely become your new favorite not-guilty pleasure. 

Another aspect that Project 7 executes perfectly is the texture. They’re soft and squishy, so they don’t hurt your teeth or get stuck. But they’re chewy enough that you can enjoy each ring for a few seconds before swallowing. No one wants gummies that fall apart or ones that take a year to chew up, and these apple rings strike the perfect balance. 

The gummies are full of fiber, which is excellent for digestion. However, if you don’t already have a high-fiber diet, these can cause some issues. For people with low to moderate fiber diets, stick to one bag per day and see how your tummy feels before eating too much. 


Type: Sour gummy

Flavor: Sour Apple

Size: 1.8oz bag, 21-23 gummies per bag


  • Low-calorie treat
  • Very low in sugar
  • Fun ring shape
  • Sour powder
  • Lowest net carbs on the market


  • Fiber can cause stomach distress
  • Not as sweet/flavorful
  • No flavor options

Low Sugar Alternative: Project 7 Low Sugar Gummy Bears

Summary: Project 7 Low Sugar Gummy Bears are one of the lowest carb and sugar gummies available. If you want vegan gummy candy that doesn’t replace gelatin with loads of sugar and corn syrup, this is the best gummy for you. Each gummy is roughly three calories, so you can consume them guilt-free. They come in an assortment of six fruity flavors in small single-serving bags that are easy to take on the go!

project 7 low sugar gummy bears

Complete Review

The Project 7 Gummy Bears are about low sugar and only using healthy stuff to make these gummies. Some vegan gummy candy can still be super high in sugar, oils, and syrups, as all of this stuff is vegan, just not healthy. But Project 7 aims to give you a delicious candy you can eat seven days a week, hence the name. 

The gummies are chewy and a little firmer than other vegan gummy candy choices. If you like gummies that are a little bit heartier, this is a great option. 

It’s the perfect gummy to eat at work or give to kids in their lunches without guilt. Most kids love these squishy gummies, but because they are so low in sugar, they don’t taste as sweet. 

They’re easier to enjoy and appreciate when you don’t compare them to Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids, which are chock full of sugar and syrups. 

Because there is a lower amount of sugar, the flavors are not quite as in-your-face. But many people enjoy the more subtle flavor of these gummies. They are easy to snack on during the day or as a healthy yet yummy dessert. 

Most people don’t find this to be a downside, but you can’t order a bag full of your one favorite flavor. They only offer assorted flavors in bags of their flavored gummy bears. But each bag comes with six different flavors, if you want a medley, this is a wonderful choice. 

Each bag has a mix of Front Porch Lemonade, Blackberry Kiss, Watermelon Wizard, Hawaiian Sunrise, Kiwi Sublime, and Grapefruit Spritz. You get three to four gummies of each flavor, so if you heavily love watermelon and hate kiwi, this may be slightly annoying. 

Unfortunately, this is another gummy rich in fiber. This is great, but it can also cause some digestive dilemmas. The manufacturer recommends consuming no more than one bag per day if you are not accustomed to a high-fiber diet. 

But in the end, adding more fiber to your diet is typically a good thing, just don’t overdo it when you first start eating these. 


Type: Gummy candy

Flavor: Front Porch Lemonade, Blackberry Kiss, Watermelon Wizard, Hawaiian Sunrise, Kiwi Sublime, Grapefruit Spritz 

Size: 1.8oz bag, 21-23 gummies per bag


  • Low calorie
  • Almost no sugar
  • Classic gummy bear shape
  • Six flavors in each bag
  • Lowest net carbs on the market


  • Super high fiber
  • Not as sweet
  • No flavor options

Vegan Candy FAQ

Vegans often have a lot of questions when it comes to which sweets are okay for them to eat. For more information on the best vegan candy, check out the answers to commonly asked questions below. 

What candies can vegans eat?

Most gummies include animal fat and byproducts, and most chocolate or caramel candies have dairy. It may seem like there are few options left for vegans, but the candy industry has evolved to use plant-based ingredients instead of animal byproducts. 


So vegans can eat any candy labeled ‘vegan’ or plant-based. A quick look at the ingredient list makes it easy to know what’s safe for vegans and what is not. 

Is vegan candy better?

Typically, vegan candy is plant-based and uses reduced sugar or sugar alternatives. In general, vegan candy is better for you. But some vegan candy can be high in sugar, so read the ingredients carefully. 


As far as flavor and texture, many feel vegan candy is better. A lot of effort goes into crafting candies that closely mimic their non-vegan counterparts. Therefore, they often go above and beyond to execute the ideal flavor and texture so vegans can enjoy all types of candy too. 

What famous sweets are vegan?

You may be surprised by how many well-known brands are inherently vegan. Popular gummy brands like Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are vegan! In addition, Starbursts, Skittles, Fruit by the Foot, Airheads, Twizzlers, and DOTS are all vegan. 


The key ingredients to look for in candy and avoid if you’re vegan are gelatin, which contains animal fats and byproducts, dairy, such as milk or cream, and eggs. 

What chocolate is accidentally vegan?

You can easily find vegan chocolate that isn’t necessarily labeled as vegan. Chocolate made of 70% dark chocolate/cacao or higher and is not flavor-infused is almost always vegan


Many products from popular chocolate companies like Lindt and Ghirardelli are vegan. Other vegan chocolates include Dylan’s and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bars

Bottom Line

There is plenty of fantastic and delicious vegan friendly candy to choose from. Candy that is vegan does not have to taste bad, and it shouldn’t! 


Don’t settle for bland when the best vegan candy is easy to find and fun to enjoy. 


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