Organifi Green Juice Review
Should You Buy This Superfood Drink?

Last updated: February 24, 2022

In a recent study done by the CDC, only 1 in 10 Americans is eating enough fruit and vegetables [1]. Even for those of us who label ourselves as diet conscious, it can be challenging to ensure ​getting all of the vitamins and minerals ​that a body needs.

Eating healthier is the reason I began the hunt for a good green juice.

I wanted something convenient, gave me all the nutrients I needed in one gulp, didn’t taste like swamp water, and didn’t require a mortgage for upkeep. That’s not much to ask for, right?

​So did Organifi Green Juice fit the bill? ​Keep reading this detailed Organifi Green Juice review to find out.

What ​Is Organifi Green Juice?


Organifi Green Juice​ is introduced by Drew Canole, Organifi’s founder. His goal was to ​help increase ​people’s intake of fruits and vegetables as well as the other nutrients that ​the body needs.

​Organifi Green Juice is just that: a well balanced green s powder ​aimed to help boost your immune system, increase mental clarity, and help ​you lose weight amongst other benefits to the body [2].

​Drew Canole and the Organifi ​​company now make a whole range of green juices with different health focuses, but in this review, we’ll stay focused on their flagship – the Organifi Green Juice.

The benefits of ​using Organifi ​are many, but what makes one green juice better than another? What should you look out for in a high-quality supergreen extract?

​What Should You Look For In A Green Juice?


The Amount of Sugar in One Scoop

The first thing you should look for when scanning the label is if there is any added sugar or salt. A juice that has been pasteurized tastes different, and the process can also affect the level of nutrition the product provides [3], which may lead to salt or sugar being added to disguise the taste.

Even if they aren’t actively adding sugar, fruits are naturally quite high in sugar, and if the blend is too fruit-focused, it can still have staggering sugar content.

You want to look for a green drink that is more focused on leafy greens and other ingredients much lower in sugar.

Filler and Fiber

The power of a green juice or any fruit and vegetable blend is in the ingredients. Take a good look at the ingredients list and where they’re sourced. A good extract is sourced mainly from the earth or a tree. If there is too much filler, you want to stay away.

When looking for a supergreens drink, you also want to check the fiber levels. Dietary fiber has a wide range of benefits [4], and helps with weight loss efforts, yet it is lacking in a lot of juices and smoothies.


What Did We Think Of Organifi Green Juice?

I knew what I was looking for in my green drink, and I also knew what to look out for when comparing this product to other superfood powders on the market. I had heard a lot of great things about Organifi Green Juice and even had some fanatics recommending it to me in the office.

Let’s ​stick into this Organifi review and see how it measured up.



No one is reaching for that green powder and expecting a taste sensation.

When we talk about taste, we’re fundamentally talking about how to minimize the earthy and very green flavor profile that the ingredients serve up.

This means that a great tasting green smoothie is more one that shies away from yuck rather than gives a great big yum.

Given the dedication to keeping the ingredients list wholly organic and fresh with no additives, Organifi has an impressive underlying sweetness derived from the moringa root.

However, just to be clear, this product still doesn’t taste great.

Organifi does that well; after a period of adjustment, there is something vaguely enjoyable about the fresh, slightly minty taste of the juice.


When we talk about effectiveness, I mean, we’re focusing on how well Organifi lives up the rather grand list of claims of its supposed benefits.

The overall benefits manifest mostly in increased energy levels and mental acuity. I feel better for taking it, and on the odd day I don’t, I can tell that I haven’t.

I didn’t take Organifi with the goal of weight loss in mind. I know this is one of the central claims to fame, and it was recommended to me by someone who used it for precisely that.

​Organifi has a good track record at helping users to make healthier dietary choices and aids in weight loss.

Organifi is also supposedly a one-stop-shop for vitamin and mineral needs, but looking at the nutritional information, I was skeptical and kept supplementing alongside it.




We will go into the USDA organic Organifi ingredients in further depth a little later in the review, but the first takeaway to be had is the attention to the effect that Organifi has for each and everything included in their green powder. Each ingredient has a scientific health reason for being included, whether that be its high vitamin content, a superfood supplement, or something else.

There is also the fact that as mentioned in our what to look out for section, there is no filler in the Organifi ingredients list. Organifi is low in sugar, high in fiber, and even has enough dose of protein packed in there.

That being said, due to its actual nutritional make-up hiding behind a proprietary blend of coconut water, beetroot, and ashwaganda, among others, it’s hard to gauge if you’re getting enough of the good stuff to make it worth it.

​Organifi is also supposedly a one-stop-shop for vitamin and mineral needs, but looking at the nutritional information, I was skeptical and kept supplementing alongside it.

What Are The Benefits Of Juicing?

A morning smoothie with coconut milk or almond milk is an excellent way to get a headstart on your five a day with a burst of energy. But Organifi powder doesn’t stop there.

A great super food juice supplement can help shape a healthy lifestyle and better immune system, but just be careful you don’t get sucked too far into the cult of juicing, it isn’t a wonder cure or a complete meal supplement.

​While there’s likely no danger in consuming fruit juice as part of a healthful diet, there’s little evidence to support the idea that it confers superior health benefits over eating a variety of whole fruits and vegetables.​


– Sherry Coleman Collins, MS, RDN, LD.

Other ​popular greens powder supplements on the market:


Aids In Nutrient Absorption

Juicing is a great way to add a lot of nutrients to your diet as there are many green juice benefits [5].

By juicing the fruits, vegetables, and other plant based ingredients you include in your finished drink, you have condensed them into almost pure nutritional gold. As long as you leave a enough amount of fiber in there to help it on the way down, this can make the nutrients very easily accessible for your body.


Keeps The Gut Healthy

Vegetables are nutrient rich, offer vitamin c, vitamin e, and are a great source of gut-friendly bacteria, and most good health drinks and smoothies recognize this by including probiotics in their mix.

A healthy digestive tract has a proven correlation on the function of the body and mind [6].

This is why adding a supplement like superfood powder into your routine every day can have knock-on benefits that can be felt in your day to day life.


Helps To Build Healthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy eating habits are incredibly easy to get started and very hard to stop. If you’re used to eating empty carbs at breakfast, it’s going to take a while to teach your body something new.

​Most of us are guilty of a few sins here and there, but breakfast is usually the domain of bread, and anything that topples the carb dynasty is a guaranteed positive change.


Will Taking Organifi Green Juice Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, Organifi Juice may help you lose weight. If you drink organifi green juice as part of a balanced diet and with exercise, this organic superfood in powder form can help to shape better habits and form a permanent connection to healthy eating going forward.

As mentioned above, there is no specific ingredient in Organifi Greens that will magically help you shed 50 pounds overnight. This is not a magic pill.

​Based on anecdotal evidence, it is clear that juice diets may lead to rapid weight loss in the short term, especially when the food is deficient in calories. However, you could experience some adverse health consequences of such severe calorie restriction, especially if you follow the diet for more than a few days at a time.


– Briana Elliot, RD

While there are lots of success stories and people who swear by using juicing with Organifi to lose weight, this is primarily due to them using it as a meal replacement (which I don’t recommend).

As part of a healthy diet, green juice ingredients can help you to feel fuller for longer and break bad habits just as well as it can form good ones, but this is down to use and intention.



Native to India and Southeast Asia, Moringa isn’t an ingredient you could easily pick up at your local grocery store. Even if you could, the price tag on it might be a bit prohibitive. It’s a perfect example of how much more convenient and cost-effective it is to buy your green juice ready-made.

​​This leafy ingredient is high in protein and fiber and contains all nine essential amino acids. It’s a great source of iron, calcium, and vitamins K, E, and A, as well as being rich in antioxidants. If Popeye had been on the moringa instead of the spinach, no one could have stopped him. Moringa can lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and lower cholesterol.


Chlorella is a single-celled algae capable of reproducing eight times a day, which makes it a highly sustainable source of protein and other nutrition. It isn’t just abundant though; it’s also a superfood powerhouse even more nutrient-dense than broccoli and kale with green algae.

The vibrant greenish-blue color of the ingredient is due to the high concentration of chlorophyll.

It’s another ingredient rich in protein, and it’s high in healthy polyunsaturated fats. It is used and reported to be a detox specialist and has this reputation due to the high concentration of antioxidants.

Some studies claim it can bind to heavy metals to remove them from the body, but this has only currently been proven in animals. [7]


Mint has been used as a natural cure-all for centuries. It is one of the richest antioxidants available [8] and also has the pleasant side effect of having a fresh cooling mint flavor, which you can pick out in the Organifi mixture.

It has been known to aid with overall well being, reduce stress, sleep, pain relief, famously used to whiten teeth, and is also used to counter nausea and ease gastrointestinal issues.

The mint leaf is especially rich in rosmarinic acid, which is used to combat seasonal allergies and the common cold.



Spirulina is often put into the same category as chlorella. It’s fair, they’re both algae and have a similar nutritional profile, use, and effect.

The ingredients are almost indistinguishable except for the fact that chlorella is slightly higher in most of the desirable nutrients and also has more research to back up the claimed benefits. [9]

There is no harm in adding it to the powder, but it’s unlikely to provide anything more than just using the same amount of chlorella.


While most don’t like the taste or texture in their raw, whole form, beets are vegetables that are considered superfood. They are gaining popularity due to the mounting evidence of their health benefit to health issues [10]. In their powdered form, they provide a great taste as red juice and contain nutrient-dense ingredient like folate and manganese for juices.

They are said to help with cardiovascular diseases and cancer, but their desirable leading quality is in the fact that they increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood. This can have a profound effect on your blood pressure and cortisol levels, but may also improve your capacity to exercise.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea already comes powdered and has a long-established tradition in Japan of being drunk for its nutritional benefit. It has been gaining popularity as a health supplement in the west for several years now.

Matcha tea contains 100 times the antioxidants of regular green tea and ten times the nutrition of regular tea.

The benefits are many, but amongst them are said to be improved heart health and brain function, as well as better and more sustainable energy levels.



Wheatgrass is another excellent source of chlorophyll, but it has a reputation as a healing ingredient, primarily because it has a decent concentration of every mineral that we know of.

Let’s focus on the chlorophylls — wheatgrass is 70% chlorophyll, which helps build blood, but wheat grass is also said to slow the aging process. This is due to the fact it helps to decompose superoxide radicals in the body [11].


Ashwagandha is considered the MVP of ayurvedic medicine in its native continent of India. It is another ingredient that is used almost as a cure-all tonic, and there is a wealth of science to back up those claims [12].

Ashwagandha can help the body to battle external stresses such as toxins as well as internal stresses such as tension, anxiety, and actual stress. It is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like the rest of the ingredients on this list.

​You can also check out our list of best ashwagandha supplements if you need additional ashwagandha nutrient. ​


Another Indian wonder ingredient, the levels of curcumin found in turmeric, has a mountain of scientific study attesting to its medical benefit, especially with heart disease [13].

The yellow spice has a unique flavor and is traditionally found in curries, although it has also been used as a medicinal herb in ayurvedic medicine for centuries.

At the top of its long list of health benefits is its incredibly potent anti-inflammatory qualities.

Curcumin can help your body to fight off foreign invaders, ease the symptoms of arthritis, and even boost BDNF levels, a brain hormone that fights the degenerative process.

What Do People Say About Organifi?

Most customer reviews you can find online rave about Organifi. The customer feedback for Organifi is largely very positive with significantly more 5 star reviews than any other ranking.

People mainly praise the palatable flavor, ingredients in organifi, and ease of mixability compared to other super food drinks on the market.

In an Organifi review online, the negative comment focused on the product not “being full” to the container’s brim. Keep in mind though that the powder is sold by weight, not container size, and I’ve never received a short portion, personally.

Some user reviews also report some side effects from drinking Organifi, which includes feeling of gassiness and mild diarrhea. While these are typical side effects from drinking fruits and vegetables juices in general, it may worth noting especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

I recommend to start with low doses and see how your body reacts to it, or consult your physician if you experience lingering Organifi side effects.

​See ​how ​Organifi did against other products on the market: ​


​Does Organifi Green Juice Work?


Yes, Organifi juice powder works.

I’ve been using the Organifi supplement for about a year now, and I doubt I’m going to find an organic vegan product to replace it.

For the convenience and cost, there just isn’t anything close. It’s an excellent source of fiber, protein, and nutrients, and it mixes so well into my morning smoothie to give me that beautiful feeling of starting the day off healthy.

I wish that the precise nutritional profile wasn’t hidden behind a proprietary blend. Individual ingredients are only beneficial at a specific dose, and it’s impossible to know that you’re getting enough with Organifi.

Despite the proprietary blend, it certainly seems to work for me.

You can check the Organifi website to order yours today.

Bottom line, this is a great alternative that you can ​try is Green Vibrance, also a best-selling greens powder.


How Long Does Organifi Green Juice Last?

Organifi green juice powder lasts 90 days.

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