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What Are The Best Menu Items at Jack in The Box For Vegetarians and Vegans?

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: June 10, 2022

If you're a vegetarian or vegan, you know that eating out can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Sure, there are plenty of restaurants that offer great vegetarian and vegan options, but not all restaurants are so accommodating.

If you're looking for a quick meal and don't want to cook, Jack in the Box is a great option, especially if you know which menu items to order. In this blog post, we will teach you about the best menu items at Jack in the Box for vegetarians and vegans.

Vegetarian Options at Jack In the Box

All of the vegetarian options below are safe to eat from Jack In The Box and you can even add on all the vegan options below this list too.

Onion Rings

Fried to perfection, these golden-brown onion rings are safe for vegetarians and to chow down on. You can either order these all on their own as a side or you can sub your fries on any of the meals on the menu.

Stuffed Jalapenos

These stuffed jalapenos are also deep-fried and come with a delicious cheese filling. They're served with ranch dressing on the side but you can always request no ranch or some other sauce if you prefer. They have a little kick to them but shouldn't be overwhelming if you're used to a little spice.


When the craving for dessert starts kicking in and you are vegetarian go ahead and order yourself some churros. These cinnamon and sugar-coated fried pastries are served with a chocolate dipping sauce on the side that is also safe for vegetarians. These are dangerous once you get an order to get two if you have more than one person in the car.

Perfect for a nice, hot summer day this oreo cookie shake is also safe for vegetarians. The oreo cookies are blended up in the shake so you won't be getting any chunks but all the flavor is still there. You can ask for alternative milk if the participating location has them.

Chocolate Shake

There's nothing like the classic chocolate flavor to accompany your meal and this chocolate shake does not disappoint. This is a must for any chocoholic out there and it's also safe for vegetarians.

Vanilla Shake

This vanilla shake is also a great option and goes well with pretty much any of the menu items. It's thick and creamy so it might take a while to suck through the straw but it will be well worth it when you do.

Strawberry Shake

You won't find any animal protein in this delicious strawberry shake. It's the perfect drink to cool down with on a hot day or to have with your meal. Jack In The Box doesn't offer a ton of different shake flavors but the ones they do have taste fantastic.

Chocolate Overload Cake

This cake isn't good enough for vegans but vegetarians will be able to have as much as they'd like because it doesn't have any meat in it. It's a chocolate lover's dream come true with chocolate cake, chocolate filling, and a chocolate ganache topping. You might want to share this one because it's pretty rich.

New York Style Cheesecake

It's hard to resist a New York style cheesecake and Jack In The Box offers a pretty decent one. It's not the best you'll ever have but it's a good option if you're looking for something sweet. It's also safe for vegetarians but does contain eggs so vegans will have to pass on this one.


Vegetarians have free reign over the beverages section at Jack In The Box. There's a variety of sodas, coffees, kid's drinks, and more to choose from.

Vegan Options Jack In the Box

The menu items available for vegans at Jack In The Box aren't going to cause people to come running over to the store but at least there is something to help fill your stomach.

Side Salad

One of the healthiest items on the entire menu, the side salad is a garden-type salad with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots. You can order this with or without ranch dressing but keep in mind that the ranch is not vegan.

Seasoned Curly Fries

Jack In The Box has a couple of different options to choose for their french fries but the seasoned curly fries have to be, by far, the best. There is no guaranteeing that the oil used for these fries has not also been used for other products that contain animal products. In fact, you can probably assume that is the case already.

French Fries

These are the classic french fries you grew up on and they're safe for vegans. They're fried in the same oil as the products that do contain meat so if you're a pretty strict vegan, these fries might not cut it. For others, they are a welcomed relief on the Jack In The Box menu.


Here's one that many people look over because it's not necessarily for adults but it's a great option for people of any age that are vegans. The applesauce is served in a little cup and is the perfect size for a snack or to go with a meal.

Hash Browns

Hash browns are one of the breakfast staples and vegans can chow down on these crispy potatoes whenever it is breakfast time. Usually, Jack In The Box serves breakfast between a certain period of the day so make sure you head over early to get some hash browns.


Are Jack In The Box tacos vegan?

Unfortunately, Jack In The Box tacos are not vegan. They contain cheese and meat so they are not a safe option for people trying to follow a vegan.

Are Jack In The Box curly fries vegan?

Yes, the curly fries are vegan. As with anything else on the menu, there is always a chance that the oil used has been cross-contaminated with products containing meat.

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