TOP 6 Vegan Desserts to Buy!

Going vegan means giving up on everything people take from animals, so there cannot be any dairy products, eggs, or honey in this diet. As these are ingredients often used for preparing popular desserts, you may think that it will be hard to prepare cakes, candies, or other sweet foods without them. You couldn’t be farther away from the truth, actually! There are many delicious desserts available in grocery stores and local vegan bakeries. Let us tell you more about the top 6 vegan desserts to buy we recommend!

1 Cashew Cookies

There are various kinds of vegan cookies you can find on the market, one of the most delicious being cashew ones. They are usually made with around six ingredients, such as organic tofu and dry roasted cashews. When you take a bite of such a cookie, it literally melts in your mouth, releasing its wonderful taste. There are brands that make sure they are not only vegan but also gluten-free, such as Sweets From The Earth.

2 Dark Chocolate Bars

If you are into simple solutions and don’t want to go to a healthy foods store to get your vegan dessert, you can always opt for dark chocolate bars. You can eat such a snack straight from the package or use it to prepare a dairy-free cake, cookies, or many other desserts – there are many recipes online that can inspire you.

However, some unethical practices associated with producing chocolate still are used sometimes nowadays, so if you want to make sure that all the people involved in making your snack have been treated with justice, look for fair-trade products.

3 Halo Top Creamy Frozen Vegan Desserts

Vegans don’t have to give up on ice cream – you can find a vegan version of a frozen dessert quite easily nowadays. One of our suggestions available in stores would be those made by Halo Top, with coconut milk used instead of dairy. You can buy them in pints and choose from many outstanding flavors. Some of them are, for instance:

  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • Candy Bar
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

They are all so delicious that you can be sure they won’t last long in your fridge – you and your family will most likely consume them fast!

4 Vegan Carrot Cake

You can find a lot of vegan cakes (such as a carrot one) not only in a local vegan bakery but also online in your state. For example, Good Cakes & Bakes from Detroit can bake you a not only vegan but also organic carrot cake and ship it directly to your address. Its taste is enhanced with such natural ingredients like organic vanilla extract, nutmeg spice, and non-dairy cream cheese. What’s more, it is covered with crushed walnuts at the top!

5 Cinnamon Rolls

Interestingly, cinnamon rolls can also have a vegan version! All it takes to make them non-dairy is replacing regular butter with a vegan one and using a milk alternative (such as almond milk). Some of the brands from the foods market that have decided to make those products suitable for the vegan community are:

  • Annie’s
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Immaculate Baking Company

6 Pumpkin Pie

Another vegan cake we absolutely love is a pumpkin pie. Many brands offer a vegan option nowadays, including Whole Foods. Even though you can get this dessert in a food store, you may get the impression that it is fresh from the bakery when you taste it! It is made with creamy coconut milk instead of a regular one, and it is highly recommended for Thanksgiving, and not only!


Here you have 6 prominent examples of our favorite vegan desserts. Other honorable mentions could be:

  • zucchini bread
  • vanilla, strawberry or lemon muffins with peanuts
  • brownies
  • apple kale cake
  • and many more!

Check out the offer of your local stores and bakeries (as well as online ones that ship to your location) to find a lot of great treats that will be a pleasant addition to your diet and fit your vegan diet at the same time.

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