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The Benefits of Taking a Boron Supplement

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: June 22, 2022

Boron is a trace element that many people likely do not think about when they consider nutritional benefits in the food that they eat or when deciding which supplements that they take on a regular basis. The truth is that it is an important trace mineral that may have many benefits. 

Boron is found in many foods and in supplement form. Vegans likely want to know if they get enough boron in their regular diet or if they should take a supplement. Our team looked at naturally occurring boron and the benefits of taking a boron supplement. We also look at the best supplements, including liquid boron supplement options. 

What is Boron? 

Boron is a micronutrient, or trace element, that has an important role in metabolism. The author of the article “Nothing Boring About Boron,” published by the National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information, refers to boron as being so important that it is more than necessary for plant health, animal and human health. The author indicates that it may be necessary for “the evolution of life on Earth.” 

Boron apparently affects the way that the body handles certain other elements, including phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. It has been used for yeast infections, may have antioxidant benefits, and has many therapeutic effects.

Some people may have a boron deficiency. There are several potential consequences and symptoms of having a boron deficiency, such as: 

  • Possible development of osteoporosis or brittle bones 
  • High concentration of calcium in urine 
  • Development of kidney or bladder stones 
  • Suppressed growth rates 

Tandurust explains other symptoms of having a boron deficiency, including depressed levels of mental alertness and mental function. 

Benefits of Taking a Boron Supplement 

Many people do not consume enough healthy fruits, juices, or vegetables. The typical western diet is deficient in the nutrient. 

Algaecal provides an exceptional description of the strength of boron, saying that it is used in regular vehicles, jet fighters and other types of military-style vehicles to add strength and stability to those vehicles. It is one of the strongest compounds in existence. Manufacturers use it in the manufacture of bulletproof vests and in tank armor. 

There are several health benefits of boron, which include: 

  • Greatly improves wound healing 
  • Reduces levels of inflammatory biomarkers 
  • Vital for proper brain function and cognitive performance 
  • Provides preventive and therapeutic effects on certain types of cancer 
  • Essential for healthy bones and teeth 

There are several additional benefits of boron, including that it helps to treat osteoarthritis and provides hormone benefits. 

Many people choose to take boron supplements so that they maintain a healthy amount of the trace element in their body. Both men and women reap the benefits of boron. There are other benefits that separately benefit men and women. 

Boron Supplement Benefits for Men 

Healthline indicates that boron is thought to have a primary role in adjusting natural testosterone levels and that it may affect erectile dysfunction (ED). It is not quite clear how the element helps with low testosterone and ED. The supplement may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Take as little as six milligrams of a boron supplement once a week to experience an increase in your testosterone levels by up to 25 percent, to reduce estradiol by nearly 50 percent, and to allow more free testosterone to bond with the proteins in your blood.  

Boron Supplement Benefits for Women 

Women who take a boron supplement likely enjoy several benefits, which includes a decrease in the incidence of osteoarthritis, which is nearly 50 percent more prevalent in women, compared to men. The supplement may help to prevent osteoporosis, may help to prevent bone fractures, and may reduce the risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer.  

Study results show that when post-menopausal women regularly took the supplement, their daily overall calcium was reduced in the urine by 44 percent. 

Boron supplements are safe for pregnant and breast-feeding women in amounts of no more than 20 mg daily.  

Boron and Vitamin D 

Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium. Vitamin D levels decrease when you lose calcium.  

Boron Vitamin D supplementation extends the availability of Vitamin D in your body. Studies show that even in areas where there are low amounts of sunlight during fall and winter months, the supplementation increased the Vitamin D levels in study participants. 

Best Boron Supplement 

How do you know what boron supplement to choose when you purchase it at a retailer or order it online? Let’s look at the best supplement options. 

Swanson Triple Boron Complex 

One capsule of this supplement combines three forms of boron in each three milligram supplement.  

The product helps to build strong, healthy bones and helps to support strong bones. It also supports healthy testosterone levels. 

Purchase the product on Amazon, on the Swanson site or in stores. 

Life Extension Boron 

Supplement first, a family-owned company offers Life Extension Boron in vegetarian, non-GMO capsules. The bottle contains 100 capsules, each providing three milligrams of boron. 

Benefit from the optimal calcium metabolism, healthy prostate and other health benefits of the supplement. 

NOW Boron Supplement 

NOW Boron Supplements are dairy free, egg free, gluten free and vegan. It does not contain wheat, fish or shellfish. 

The three-milligram capsules come in your choice of 100 capsules or 250 capsules. 


Why do some people not get enough boron in their diet? 

Many people do not consume enough healthy fruits, juices or vegetables. The typical western diet is deficient in the nutrient. 

Do I have to purchase the supplements online? 

No, they are available at retailers that sell vitamins and supplements. 

Is it okay to take large amounts of the supplement? 

No, taking more than the recommended dose puts you at risk of experiencing tremors, irritability, vomiting, male fertility issues and low birth weights if you are pregnant.  


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