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The Benefits of Doing Water Aerobics

Last updated: June 7, 2022

Aerobic exercises are one of the best ways to lose weight and increase your cardiovascular health. Aerobic health is defined as an activity that uses oxygen, which is often defined as a "cardio" exercise. It helps train your lungs, heart, stamina, and perseverance in both athletic and mental performances. Water aerobics are unique in the fact that although they are aerobic exercise, it is done in the water, which provides resistance to major muscle groups - making this one of the few strength training aerobic exercises available.

In this post, we will aim to clarify what exact water aerobics entail, how they help the body in people of all ages, and finally, some of the best exercises that can be done for maximum gain.

What Is Water Aerobics?

While swimming can be compared to other exercises such as running, cycling, or high-speed skating, water aerobics at first can seemingly be comparable to stretching. It is easy to get fooled into thinking that this exercise may not help achieve more aggressive goals due to the low impact of the movements. However, most classes last an hour and the instructor will take you through many poses and exercises. Water aerobics, in essence, seems similar to Yoga; easy to do when watching, difficult to do when involved in the exercise.

Water aerobics are generally broken down into three segments: the warm-up, the intense and prolonged cardio section, and a strength training routine. Normally, strength development is done through anaerobic exercises such as weight lifting, powerlifting, HIIT training, and other exercises that require extreme bursts of energy.

Water aerobics is a true full-body workout that both increases your cardiovascular performance (and subsequent weight loss) while promoting strength training (gaining muscle).

How Do Aerobic Exercises Help Your Body?

Water aerobics is an extremely low-impact exercise, placing it in a truly unique circumstance where you can easily make the movements more difficult or less, depending on multiple factors. Water aerobics allows those with normally crippling or irritable conditions who cannot exercise on dry land, to be able to finally find an outlet for their physical and mental recovery and/or training. Here are the top three benefits of water aerobics:

Low/No-Impact on the body: water aerobics are extremely beneficial in maintaining healthy joints. It allows those with arthritis, bad posture, bad knees, bone/muscle degeneration, atrophy, or otherwise health-related mobility complications to slow down or even build up the degeneration in their joints and other tendons and ligaments responsible for mobility. Water aerobics can also be used as a "gateway" for those in recovery to build up the necessary stamina and strength to move on to dry land exercises.

Cardiovascular and muscle health: The exercises are aerobic, improving the conditioning that comes with cardiovascular exercises while being in the water also provides a natural resistance for your muscles to train in a safe environment. This means that those with diabetes, blood pressure issues, cholesterol issues, and certain neurodegenerative diseases can be alleviated or further relieved in varying degrees of exercise intensity. Expect things such as jumping jacks, underwater kicks, bicep curls, flutterboard/kickboard props, and jogging.

Accessibility: With the plethora of benefits provided by water aerobics, such as weight loss, muscular enhancement, cardiovascular improvement, a safe place for physical therapy, and a great way to exercise bones, joints, and illness/injury recovery - a final benefit is that water aerobics is accessible, affordable and extremely beginner-friendly. It may even be free in certain programs around your community, including the local pool in your community center or outdoor public area.

Water Aerobics Exercises For Seniors And Adolescents

Water aerobics is highly customizable and can be tailored to your needs. Usually, classes are separated by age and gender. With this being said, you can also practice on your own time in a private or public pool.

Exercises For Seniors

Warm-up: Aqua jogging is a perfect low-intensity exercise that elevates the heart rate and prepares the body to be nimble enough for the exercise. All this requires is jogging in place.

Cardio: Flutter kicks are a great cardio exercise that works your ability to move your leg muscles while also helping to shred calories at the same time, engaging your cardiovascular system.

Strength: The water provides great resistance for you to move your body weight, so much so that even the smallest explosive movement can feel like a workout. Start by trying to lift your leg as quickly as possible in the water, one at a time.

Intensity: Low

Exercises For Adolescents

Warm-up: Jumping jacks in the water are high-intensity exercises that can get the blood flowing, and heart rate elevated and loosen your arm, back, and leg muscles for your workout.

Cardio: High-knee sprints provide an intense aerobic exercise that also helps to build muscle. Your arms and quads should be sore after this and should be struggling to catch your breath momentarily afterward. Cool down and take a break before strength training.

Strength: Start in a squatting motion, with your head just above the water. Explosively jump into a standing position, kick your feet outwards one by one, then perform two air punches, and return to a squat. This "advanced burpee" works on your entire body.

Intensity: High


Does water aerobics help with weight loss?

Although some of the sessions you may have seen look similar to stretches and static exercises, a high-intensity water aerobic exercise can shred the weight, as it works on both the cardiovascular system and your muscle development. Increases muscle mass and burns calories faster.

Can water aerobics hurt your back?

Just the opposite. Water aerobics can help you strengthen your back, as it provides an area of weightlessness, taking pressure off your joints, back muscles, and ligaments.

Are water aerobics good for oseteoperosis?

Water aerobics exercises are among the number one movements that are safe for those with bone and joint issues, such as osteoporosis. This low-impact exercise, combined with a healthy calcium supplement and diet can help to repair damaged bone tissue.

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