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Is Tom Brady Vegan? Let’s find out!

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: December 9, 2021

Tom Brady, the famous super bowl champion, claims that his diet is helping him out a lot with his overall health and fitness.

He even claims that it doesn’t matter how much you exercise, if you don’t eat the right foods, your body doesn’t receive the right nutrients and you won’t be or feel in your top shape.

If a top athlete says that, it’s got to be true, and he can inspire his fans to eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle.

So what diet does he follow? Tom Brady follows the TB12 diet method, and he even wrote a book about it in 2017, The TB12 Method. The quarterback mostly eats local, organic, and plant-based.

But is Tom Brady vegan? Let’s find out!

Who Is Tom Brady?

About Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a very famous American football player, and he’s the winner of seven Super Bowls.

Some say he’s one of the best quarterbacks ever and plays with the New England Patriots. His wife is the supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and they’re both in fantastic shape.

According to Forbes, Tom Brady is the ninth highest-paid athlete in the world in 2021, with no less than 76 million dollars in his name.

He also won the title of football’s most valuable player (MVP), for the fifth time in a row this year. Tom Brady sure has a lot going on for him. And the craziest thing is that he is only 44.

His physical prowess is often linked to his healthy diet: the TB12 diet, and Tom Brady even has a book about it.

Apparently, Tom Brady changed his lifestyle at 25. Before that, he claims that his body was always aching. So if he wanted to keep playing American football, he had to change his life drastically. That was his wake-up call.

He decided to eat better and turn his diet into fuel for his body. Apparently, that explains why he can still play past his 40s, whereas most football players retire by this age.

Tom Brady is in incredible shape, and he states that most of it comes from his diet. But is he vegan? Keep on reading to find out.

Is Tom Brady Vegan?

A lot of people assume that Tom Brady is vegan, but he is actually not on a vegan diet.

However, Allen Campbell, his personal chef, states that the athlete’s diet is mostly plant-based, as he eats 80% vegetables, whole grains, and beans. Also, the famous quarterback likes to eat what’s in season, what’s local and tries to eat organic mostly.

So while Tom Brady might not be vegan, he does understand all the benefits a plant-based diet can bring, and he heavily relies on that to keep his shape up.

So much so that the athlete partnered up with Purple Carrot, a vegan meal service to help his body to fuel up and be at its top performance.

Tom Brady's TB12 Diet Explained

Tom Brady cookbook

As you might have guessed, the name ‘TB12’ comes from the initials of Tom Brady’s name and his jersey number. So it’s actually the Tom Brady diet.

He developed it himself with his friend Alex Guerrero, his ‘body coach’. His former chef also helped him with the book.

This book is a bit controversial and was critiqued that it wasn’t based on scientific facts. For example, Tom Brady claims that his diet can neutralize his body’s pH level since he mostly eats alkaline foods. There’s no supporting evidence that that works, so read this book with a grain of salt.

The diet can be a bit strict for some and unrealistic too, but at the same time, when you’re a top athlete, you need discipline.

So what is the TB12 diet exactly? It’s basically a high-protein diet that’s mostly plant-based. When there are animal proteins mentioned, it’s usually leaner ones like chicken or fish.

This diet excludes gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, MSG, corn, coffee, sugar, alcohol, transformed fats, and highly processed foods. It even cuts some fruits, vegetables, and oils. Tom Brady also tries to eliminate any foods that could cause inflammation.

So this diet can seem very restrictive to some and won’t be for everybody, but it’s great for your overall health as it’s full of nutrients. The athlete claims that the TB12 diet is great as it gives you more energy, can prevent bone injuries, help with recovery and improve your overall fitness.

The TB12 diet follows an 80/20 pattern, which means that 80% of it consists of vegetables, beans, and whole grains, and the 20% that are left consist of lean proteins. You could definitely switch the animal protein with vegan protein sources.

On this diet, you can also eat fruit, dried fruit, protein powder (you can switch it up to vegan protein powder, either store-bought or made at home), nuts, and seeds.

As you can see, it’s a really healthy diet. On top of that, Tom Brady advises you to eat local and organic. Of course, not everyone can do that, but it’s very beneficial for your overall health.

What Does Tom Brady Eat?

So what does Tom Brady eat exactly if he mostly eats plant-based and 80% of his daily food intake comes from vegetables? Let’s find out.

According to his book The TB12 diet, here’s a breakdown of what the top athlete usually eats on a given day:


The first thing Tom Brady usually eats (or drinks in this case) is a fruit smoothie with bananas, blueberries, nuts, and seeds. He drinks that before his workout.

So he gets his potassium, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fats in before a workout, which will fuel his body with energy throughout his workout and keep him going.

We would recommend you try this out, and you could even have some leafy greens, a superfood powder or vegan protein powder, and some plant-based milk alternative or vegan yogurt in it.

This way, you get the perfect smoothie with all the nutrients your body needs to have enough fuel throughout the day.

Then, after his workout, Tom Brady has a protein shake with almond milk, protein powder, and electrolytes to restore his minerals after an intense workout session.

As for his morning snack, he likes to eat fruit, nuts, and seeds. So overall, his body gets a lot of protein, healthy fats, and vitamins. Those are perfect if you work out a lot, but it can feel a bit restrictive to only have liquid foods in the morning.


Let’s move on to Tom Brady’s lunch. He typically eats a healthy salad with a lot of veggies and sometimes fish. So as you can see, he’s definitely not vegetarian or vegan.

Then, when he gets hungry, he eats an afternoon snack. That can be fruit, chips and guacamole, raw veggies, hummus, or a protein bar or shake.


Finally, it’s dinner time. Tom Brady likes to eat a mix of veggies, healthy fats like avocados, greens, and a source of protein, which usually consists of chicken or fish.

As for what he eats on a game day, Tom Brady usually has a smoothie and an almond butter and jelly sandwich. So it’s not your average PBJ, but you should definitely try it out if you like almond butter!

Tom Brady also drinks a lot of water. And when we say a lot, we mean three times more than what you should drink on average. Nutritionists usually recommend that you drink eight glasses of water a day, and Tom Brady drinks about 25 a day.

But at the same time, everyone is different, and he is a top athlete and has to keep himself more hydrated than the average. We wouldn’t recommend you drink that much water, but talk to a nutritionist or a health coach if you feel like you need to drink more.

If you wanted to, you could try this diet out for yourself and replace the meat and the fish with plant-based protein like legumes or beans.

Tom Brady's TB12 Diet Isn’t Quite Vegan

Tom Brady's TB12 Diet Isn’t Quite Vegan

Even if 80% of Tom Brady’s diet is plant-based, 20% of it consists of lean protein like chicken or fish. So it’s not quite vegan, as you can see.

However, you can definitely transform this into a vegan diet very easily by switching the animal proteins with plant-based ones and by choosing vegan protein powder instead of regular protein powder.

This diet is worth giving a shot.

Is The TB12 Diet Worth Considering Ignoring The Non-Vegan Parts?

If you want a high-protein diet that helps you improve your overall fitness, the TB12 is definitely worth considering, even if you’re on a plant-based diet.

The meals that Tom Brady mentions are nutritionally really healthy, and you could switch all the animal proteins with plant-based proteins such as legumes or beans.

Also, make sure this diet is filling enough if you try it out, and you don’t restrict yourself. But this is usually a good and safe diet and can definitely improve your overall health.

Before trying out any new diet, talk to a nutritionist and make sure you adapt it to your body and your lifestyle.

Can You Maintain The Diet Long-Term Without The Meat Parts?

Now for the real question. Can you really maintain this TB12 diet long-term without the meat parts?

The truth is that it wouldn’t be hard to follow this diet long-term without the meat parts since it’s only 20% of the diet, and you can easily replace it with plant-based protein sources like beans or legumes.

Plus, you eat lots of nuts and seeds on this diet, as well as protein powder, which you can make yourself or purchase a vegan one.

But this diet is hard to keep long term, with or without the meat parts, vegan or not. That’s because this diet is very strict and regimented, and not everybody can follow it with their busy lifestyle.

Also, it’s not very realistic to always eat products that are fresh, organic, local, and in season. And not everybody has the time to cook three meals a day. So timewise and moneywise, it’s not a realistic diet to maintain long-term. And that’s not because you couldn’t eat that diet as a vegan.

Unless you’re a professional athlete or have a private chef, it can be hard to maintain the TB12 diet. But this diet is a really good example to follow, and you could adapt it to you and your lifestyle.

You can, for example, incorporate more vegetables into your diet and to eat whole foods, unprocessed if possible. If you make little changes like that, it’s an easier diet to follow. Plus, if you’re already a vegan, you’re not eating dairy, so that is already great for your health.

Remember, you don’t have to follow the diet to the letter. If you can, that’s great, but the truth is that you should adapt any type of diet to your lifestyle and tailor it to your goals.


To sum it up, Tom Brady isn’t vegan, but his diet, which comes from his book The TB12 Diet, can easily be made vegan.

In a day, 80% of what the top athlete eats is vegetables, whole grains and beans, and 20% is lean animal proteins. You can switch that with plant-based proteins such as legumes or more beans.

It’s a diet that can apparently help you improve your overall fitness, help you recover quicker, prevent injuries, and heal your muscles. You can try it out for yourself and even make it vegan.

Just remember that this is a very restrictive diet and that it won’t be for everybody. That’s mostly because eating organic, fresh, local, and seasonal products for every meal you have is unrealistic. People lead a busy lifestyle, and everybody doesn’t have the money to sustain that diet.

However, the diet can inspire you to make some changes to your vegan diet to make it more healthy and give you more energy.

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