how to get wider biceps

How to Get Wider Biceps

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson If you lift weights in any capacity, you’ve likely had the goal of getting wider biceps and learning what exercises are most effective. In order to “scratch that itch” and help lifters everywhere with their bicep workouts, we’ve put together this guide to dive into …

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2022 sexiest woman athletes

Top 22 of 2022 Sexiest female Athletes in the World

Who is the sexiest- female- athlete of them all…beauty is in the eye of the beholder & nothing is more hotly debated amongst athletes and trainers? Which sport has the sexiest bodies that are admired worldwide, is it Olympians, MMA Fighters, NBA Champions, or Golfers? You can look at the …

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The Benefits of Walking Vs. Running 5KM

Whether you prefer the faster pace and endorphins of running or the joint relief and social benefits you get from walking, both walking and running are excellent exercises that can help you live a longer and healthier lifestyle. Neither form of cardiovascular exercise is necessarily superior to the other, but …

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What is a Good Wilks Score?

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson What is the Wilks score used for? The Wilks formula is used to compare lifted weight in powerlifting between lifters of different body weights and gender – so you can compare the strength of men and women and lighter and heavier lifters. Simple …

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Vegan Boxing

Elite Boxers Who Are Vegans
Here’s Why They Decided to Ditch Meat

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Maybe you’ve associated big, strong boxers with a heavy meat-focused diet before, but you’d be surprised how many of these vegan athletes performed at a world champion level on a meat-free diet! A plant-based diet is sufficient to get fit but can it …

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Jim Morris as a Vegan

Jim Morris, Bodybuilder
How Vegan Diet Can Help You Stay Healthy

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson How old do you think the man is pictured above? Perhaps you have excellent guessing skills or have already heard of the legend and have a hunch, but I’m convinced most of you wouldn’t have guessed that the vegan bodybuilder Jim Morris was 78 years …

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Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado Vegan Bodybuilder
Diet Plan & Workout Routine

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Not so long ago, veganism and professional bodybuilding were almost considered the total opposites. Some of the prejudice still exists today, but luckily, there are more and more pro athletes and bodybuilders who not only prove that it’s possible, but are converting meat-eaters …

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fraser bayley work out

Fraser Bayley Vegan Bodybuilder
Diet Plan & Workout Routine Revealed

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Can you imagine a blood soaked butcher transforming into an outspoken vegan and making a career out of it? A person who is struggling with serious mental illness, bipolar disorder, and ADHD learning disability becoming a fitness celebrity? Or maybe someone who was …

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jon venus

Jon Venus Plant-Based Bodybuilder
Has He Always Been Vegan?

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Can you be vegan and a professional bodybuilder? Of course, you can. But for some people, vegan bodybuilding still seems like rocket science. Two of the most puzzling questions are: what does the vegan bodybuilder eat, and what does his workout routine …

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torre washington

Torre Washington Vegan Bodybuilder
Meal & Workout Plan Revealed

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Torre Washington is the (rather perfect) embodiment of a contradiction. The man lives, and thrives, in a world where his lifestyle choices don’t gel with the norms. In case you didn’t know, Washington is a successful pro bodybuilder, model, author, and social media star. …

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vegan calisthenics featured

Vegan Calisthenics Diet & Training
Everything You Need to Know

Vegan calisthenics is a bodyweight workout made famous by Frank Medrano. Basically, it involves performing calisthenics training while undertaking a plant-based diet. So no meat or animal-based foods is be allowed. One issue with vegan diets is a lack of calories, which may result in muscle loss if you are …

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vegan fitness models featured

Vegan Fitness Models That Are Dominating the Industry

For a long time, the belief that the plant based diet would leave you weak and scrawny has persisted. But now, thanks to a new wave of vegan bodybuilders and fitness freaks enjoying the vegan lifestyle, new life has been breathed into the diet from a health and fitness standing. …

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mma featured

Why Vegan Mma Fighters Are Going Plant-Based

They say, “You’ll never see a vegan be an MMA and get in one of those cages!” As it turns out, that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. I’ve been following athletes from all walks of life, but some of the biggest transformations that I’ve seen are in the …

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vegan strongman featured

What Vegan Strongman Patrik Baboumian Eats in a Day

For a long time, the belief that you had to eat your meat to be the strongest man reigned supreme. The idea of a vegan ​strongman was a joke until news, pictures, and posts about Patrik Baboumian started going viral on social media. This German heavyweight walks the walk and …

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The Definitive Vegan Crossfit Guide
Is It Even Possible?

You probably fall into one of two categories: A vegan who is interested in CrossFit or a CrossFitter who is thinking about switching to a vegan diet. There’s a lot of fear that you can’t be vegan and also athletic. There’s a lot of talk about not getting enough nutrients …

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workout routine

How to Create a Workout Routine?
6-Step Guide to Building Your Program

Building lean vegan muscle and losing fat requires two key components: Getting your nutrition on point and following a properly structured workout routine that allows for sustainable progress over time. We’ve all been there – jumping from routine to routine, trying out different set/rep schemes, randomly testing your 1RM in …

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