Best Vegetarian Grocery Stores To Know About!

In many families, grocery shopping has been passed down from generation to generation. Either the tradition has been maintained, or the older family member got a good healthy start on being a respectable food shopper when they grew up.

As an adult, you may have even noticed that they relied on specific grocery stores for most of their foods or had a favorite place they would always go to that featured their staples. When there was a lack of a particular product available in that store, they probably made sure to let you know about it.

A great way to get your traditions going is by finding organic and gluten-free groceries at the supermarket with your dad or family friend so you can share experiences – because, after all, healthy social relationships are just as meaningful as good nutrition!

Do Vegetarian Grocery Stores Exist?


Vegetarianism is a diet that excludes all food options that are generated from animals. They do it primarily out of concern for animal welfare and the ecosystem.

Many countries, like India, have practiced the concept of abstaining from the consumption of animal and animal by-products for thousands of years. However, the idea is comparatively new in western countries, and meat has been their staple diet for a long time.

As time advanced, more and more people were attracted to vegan and vegetarian food choices. We can notice a significant change in their food habits in recent times. One-third of people in America alone decided to switch to vegetarianism due to climate change, animal welfare, and health.

Nowadays, it is easy to find vegetarian options in supermarkets even though some people are still hesitant to switch to this lifestyle.

These supermarkets are great for buying staples like meatless burgers, meatless chicken, veggie burgers, veggie sausages, tofu, vegan cheese, vegan butter, vegan mayonnaise, cookies, chocolates, snacks, crackers, peanut butter, chips, cheeses, ice cream, candy, etc.

There are some excellent ready-made vegetarian meals at their deli counter too.

For people who are exploring this new lifestyle, here are the best vegetarian grocery stores you can check out:

#1 Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury's range of vege products

Close to the Rocky Mountains, the city of Denver is home to many animal lovers and those who prefer a vegetarian lifestyle. As such, Sainsbury’s Future Farm Products provide its residents with an extensive array of vegetarian food choices.

Best for vegans and those with dietary restrictions and preferences, Sainsbury’s carries a wide range of plant-based options for its customers.

Offering everything from dairy-free cheese alternatives and meatless grab-and-go foods, the store sets itself apart from other food outlets and grocery stores by providing healthy and affordable options for everyone – without compromising quality or taste!

The future farm soy and vegetable-based meatballs taste similar to those made from actual meat, but they contain no meat at all! Interesting, right? They come in a 250g bag for £3.40, and you can use them as part of your recipe book to make a spaghetti and meatball dish that’s suitable for vegetarians. They also offer vegetarian burger and mince options.

The Plant Pioneer Products of Sainsbury’s include No Chicken Sweet and Sour with Tofu Fried Rice, Spicy No Meat Pizza, and Chocolate and Caramel Pots are ready-to-eat vegetarian-friendly meals.

Their Cauldron products offer Vegetarian Lincolnshire Sausages, Moroccan Spiced Falafels, and Cumberland Sausages – with these products, you won’t miss meat at all! On the plus side, they are sustainable, healthy and cheap too!

#2 Aldi’s

Aldi’s vegetarian range offers an excellent variety of plant-based products like Garlic and Parsley Ciabatta Breadsticks, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni, Strawberry Trifle. These food products are lip-smacking and a godsend to vegetarian people.

#3 Tesco

Range of vegetarian products at Tesco

Tesco has been awarded the number one position among supermarkets for vegetarians and vegans. Tesco’s vegetarian range includes veggie food options like Cauliflower Cheese Grills, Mushroom and Rice Bakes, Meat-free Chicken Style Pieces, etc.

Tesco’s Linda Mccartney Range includes Vegetarian Sausage Rolls, Mozzarella Burgers, Deep Dish Country Pies. They are freezer-friendly, and you could have them as part of your vegetarian meal plan after a busy day.

#4 Waitrose

Waitrose’s Deli Lemon Houmous with Spiced Apricot and Lentil comprises sesame seed paste, lemon juice, coriander, apricots, raisins, and sunflower seeds.

Spinach Wellingtons filled with spinach, mushrooms, and other vegetables are among the best vegetarian meal choices out there. Their Quorn Products also include BVegetarian Bacon Rashers, Ham slices, Mozzarella, and pesto Escalopes which are meat-free and perfect for a vegetarian meal.

#5 Asda

Asda’s vegetarian range is stocked with various veg options, including Vegetarian Cheese and Spring Onion Crispbakes, Meat-free Steak and Gravy Puff Pastry Pie, Katsu Curry Melts, Meat-free southern fried burgers, Mini Breaded Fillets Hot and Spicy Bites, etc. so that you don’t have to miss their meaty counterparts!

#6 Whole Foods Market

Vegetable shelves at whole foods market

With locations across the U.S., Whole Foods Market is a vegan paradise. It carries a wide range of both own- and name-brand plant-based products.

This supermarket is a one-stop shop for all things vegetarian, from its selection of dairy-free cheese to its meatless grab-and-go foods. They carry hundreds of plant-based food options for your convenience.

#7 King Soopers

Simple Truth’s plant-based line is available in King Soopers supermarkets and hundreds of other stores around the United States, Canada, and even Great Britain—giving plant-based eaters more access to animal-free food options.

Produced by Kroger Companies, LLC., the parent company behind stores like Ralph’s and Food 4 Less, King Soopers has a Simple Truth plant-based line to offer. The range consists of various dairy-free and meat-free meal prep items like Ham Style Deli Slices.

#8 Ralph’s

Kroger Co. also operates a grocery chain named Ralphs, which carries the Simple Truth line of plant-based products. In addition to that, the supermarket chain stocks popular meat alternatives from Gardein, Sweet Earth Foods, Tofurky, and Follow Your Heart.

This chain has an overall four-star rating, scoring four-star in product assortment and merchandising and a five-star in marketing.

#9 Giant foods

With major plant-based brands like Boca, Quorn, and heat-and-eat meals produced by Ark Foods, Giant Food has everything a vegan needs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their products were placed with prominent signs reading “alternative protein” instead of the term “meat alternative” or “vegetarian formula.”

#10 Shop Rites

Shop Rite supermarkets have over 300 locations dotted across the Eastern coasts. Although they only ranked three stars in GFI’s product assortment category, the chain has a plentiful selection of vegan options in its natural foods aisles, fresh produce section, and frozen goods selection.

#11 Wegmans

vege products at wegmans

Wegmans carries popular meatless brands like North Carolina-based No Evil Foods and Oakland-based Impossible Foods.

The chain also has a wide variety of dairy-free options like Oatly, Califia, Daiya, and Ripple. GFI also awarded most products on the shelf for their extensive over 500 plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products.

#12 Target

Target, a beloved popular multi-brand store, has started to take more and more steps to accommodate the nation’s growing vegan and vegetarian population by developing labels and stickers to put on products.

These little stickers give vegans and vegetarians alike the ability to quickly read which items they will need to purchase, especially if they cannot physically read the ingredients or watch out for warning symbols such as “May contain dairy.”

The beauty industry also has been experimenting with new techniques, such as using seaweed as an ingredient in moisturizers rather than animal bladders.

#13 Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer is an American chain of superstores headquartered in the Portland metropolitan area. Located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska, it scored four stars in GFI’s report, with four-star ratings in the product assortment and marketing categories.

The chain has vegan meal kits, frozen foods, and more. Under separate banners, the company operates stores in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and California.

#14 Safeway

Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or want to try something new, there are plenty of options to choose from at Safeway! Although the chain didn’t rank as high as Trader Joe’s on Good Food Institute’s list, it still has many vegan options.

Regardless of whether you enjoy the crunchy texture of falafel wrap, the fresh tang of tabbouleh salad, or the rich flavors of classic hummus, you’ll find hundreds of items to indulge in at this chain, all at a great price at 800 locations!

#15 Publix

Based in southeastern states, Publix is well-known for its subs. The chain scored highest in the product assortment and marketing categories. Publix also has several vegetarian options, which has landed it in ninth place on GFI’s report.


As you can see, finding vegetarian food options is not hard at all. And we can assure you; they are pretty tasty besides being extremely healthy for you.

Vegetarianism is on the rise more than ever before. What was once considered a fringe movement is becoming more mainstream by the day. So, if you’re all set to take the plunge, follow this handy guide of the best vegetarian grocery stores around the world.

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