What Are the Best Vegan Sneakers?
Organic & Eco-Friendly Brands

Sandals heels thigh high boots, all of these footwear options are great but they have a very specific purpose.

Most cannot beat the versatility of sneakers. You can train in them you can run in them you can go to the mall in them and with the right pair they will go with any outfit.

Whether you’re walking the dog or hitting the town there is a sneaker to solve your wardrobe dilemma. But for those seeking vegan friendly options it can be a little dicey, most sneaker manufacturers utilize wasteful and cruel materials like leather and plastic as well as animal based materials.

The good thing about this is that we have some fashion forward, eco conscious, animal friendly choices that we think you’ll find appealing. So read on and find your favorite new pair of vegan kicks.

#1. DC Men’s Manual Skate Shoe

The new DC men’s manual skate shoe is updated and is the perfect blend of price comfort and laid back style.

This particular shoe has a throwback twin the look of seekers were simpler the antithesis of a simple skaters shoe. They perform with a quality cup sole and they have a durable build and the low subtle profile.

Best thing about these when we tested them is that they are improved especially the upper and the reduction of seams and the beefing up of areas that get worn down easily. Made from no animal products, these are easily our number one pick

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Love these vegan shoes stylish easy to wear they're pretty much the best thing I've got in my closet.
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I wasn't so sure about the styling but once I got to wear them in and break them in the way that I like they seem to be pretty comfortable I'm glad that they're not made out of some cows skin
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Hello, these things are the bomb love em got three pairs different colors they go with everything what more is there to say

#2. Voet Men’s Milo Vegan Leather Classic Casual Fashion Sneaker

These 100% synthetic rubber sole sneakers are awesome plus they give you a little height with their one inch heel.

 It’s got a good variety of sizes although they are in even numbers not half sizes and they go as far as a D width which helps me because I’ve got huge feet.

Some people think that synthetic shoes are not flexible but these are they’re breathable and comfortable they have an open mesh technology that’s one of their main features.

These are also made pretty durable they’re crafted with sustainable vegan leather which requires no breaking in it’s pretty subtle when you first put them on they’re pretty good looking they’re chic stylish pretty casual looking and they have kind of a medium white tone to them.

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Everyone needs a clean white pair of sneaks. They might as well be something that it's made without animal products which I like. Why wear a dead raccoon on your feet when you can wear something that didn't need to be killed?
mano lauren
mano lauren@uMLNuussername
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These are super boring but they work and they're vegan so that's cool with me. I like that I didn't have to break them in they're not so stiff like some of the shoes I bought before I buy them again because I go through white shoes like I go through underwear.
jame thee sales
jame thee salesJTsal@username
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They're OK, not the greatest things I've ever worn on my feet but for an inexpensive pair of white sneakers they'll do the job.

#3. Veja Women’s Nova High Top Vegan Sneakers

Veja makes these really cool looking sneakers, they can look like high tops from the 80’s and that’s why we love them!

They have a rubber soul made of canvas a removable cushion and soul and they do come in European sizing.

Wall Street is they are simple Lisa high top shoes with a round toe what could be easier and more stylistic?

jallinda w
jallinda w@jillwusername
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Love VEJA kinda rhymes with vegan which I love. These shoes remind me of the things I wore back in high school I know maybe a little bit too younger then what I typically wear but that's OK from insects they're comfortable they look good they have a good grip and you can dress them up or down from what I understand there's no animals used in the making of these shoes and I like the flashback to my wonder days.
wanda love
wanda lovewlove@username
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You suck I hate him sent them back. Whatever they're just not my deal
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I never thought I'd look so cute in these shoes but I do haha. 3 love the way they fit and how stylish they are they are my new favorite shoes love love love

#4. Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Cross Trainer

 Talk about variety! These freaking shoes come in many different colors including soft pastels super bright neon colors as well as your basic black and white.

What I like is that some of us have thinner flat feet which is a problem when you are looking for a very specific shoes that are vegan.

These particular shoes made the top four because they are slimmer than the average shoe and they do have much more support for those flat footed vegans out there.

What To look For In A Vegan Sneaker

When it comes to vegan sneakers, there are a few key things to look for.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the materials used are vegan-friendly. This means no animal products like leather or suede have been used in its construction. It’s also important to pay attention to the dyes and glues that have been used.

Many vegan sneaker brands opt for water-based, vegan-friendly dyes and non-toxic glues so as not to harm animals or the environment. You’ll want to check if the company is transparent about their production processes and manufacturing locations; veganism shouldn’t just be limited to what materials are being used but how those materials are produced too!

Don’t forget to explore the vegan sneaker company’s commitment to helping animals, people, and the planet; veganism isn’t just about ethical fashion, but also animal welfare and environmental responsibility.

With all of that in mind, you can find vegan sneakers that not only look good but are made with conscious thoughtfulness. So don’t skimp on your vegan sneaker shopping – it’s worth it for yourself and for the planet!

Cons Of Vegan Sneakers

We know vegan sneakers are a great way to go green, but there are some cons that come with buying vegan sneakers as well.

Vegan sneakers may not be as durable as leather shoes, which can put a serious damper on your style game. Additionally, vegan versions of popular sneaker styles don’t always exist—so if you have your heart set on those latest Jordans or Stan Smiths, you might have to look elsewhere.

Vegan sneakers aren’t cheap! If you’re looking for an animal-friendly option without breaking the bank, vegan footwear may not be the right choice for you. So while vegan is certainly an eco-friendly choice, it doesn’t always come with the same degree of quality or affordability as other vegan products.

All that being said, vegan sneakers can still be a great option for those looking to reduce their impact on the environment—so go ahead and tie up your vegan laces!

How We choose The Best Vegan Sneakers

I’m gonna be honest with you here, it’s really not a scientific way of looking at things but it’s how we do it.

First we look to see if there’s any animal products utilize in the manufacturing of any of these sneakers, believe it or not there are many sneakers out there that are mostly made with non animal products but there might be some portion of it like the tongue or part of the heel or part of the laces believe it or not that do have animal products in them.

One of the reasons why we make these lists is because it makes a lot easier for people like you that just want the answers to which ones are vegan and which ones have animal products within them.

Outside of that it has to do with our taste and styles and which ones we found to be comfortable and which ones we found to be priced appropriately and in all honesty which ones we personally like.

So we hope you like the same ones we like and we hope that this guide has helped you or guided you to make a decision for yourself on which vegan sneakers are the best.

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