Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Vegan?
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Cookie season is upon us! January through April is the tastiest season for some cookies. This year, too, you’ll be able to put an online order for some delicious girl scout cookies. But which ones are vegan? Here is a detailed list of all the flavors so you can pick and choose. Let’s dive in!

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6 Vegan Flavors of Girl Scout Cookies

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“While cookies are by no means a health food, it’s possible to include them as part of an overall healthy eating plan.”


— Lizzie Streit, MS, RDN, LD

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Luckily, there are quite a few vegan girl scout cookies you can enjoy. Vegan treats sold by the Girl Scouts of America troops include:

1. Lemonades

Lemonades from ABC Bakers are vegan-friendly. These tangy lemon-icing-topped shortbread cookies. Just be careful not to confuse them with the non-vegan counterpart I’ll mention later.

2. Peanut Butter Patties

As the name suggests, Peanut Butter Patties from ABC Bakers are soft and chewy peanut butter patties covered with a layer of rich chocolate coating. However, this peanut butter snack comes in two versions — vegan and non-vegan.

Peanut Butter Patties are vegan-friendly, while the Tagalongs contain dairy. Both are popular girl scout cookies, so be careful while choosing.

3. Thanks-A-Lot

If you choose these delicious plant-based Girl Scout Cookies, no one will get hurt! Both you and the animals will say Thanks-a-Lot to the ABC Bakers.

4. Girl Scout S’mores

There are two versions of this yummy treat. Again, one is vegan, the other isn’t, so you should be extra careful. Girl Scout S’mores made by the ABC Bakers are vegan. On the other hand, Little Brownie Bakers Girl Scout S’mores contain dairy.

5. Thin Mints

Thin Mints are available from two producers, as well. There are Thin Mints made by the ABC Bakers and Thin Mints made by Little Brownie Bakers. Now, here’s the best part — whichever Thin Mints you choose, you won’t regret it. Both versions are vegan and super delicious.

6. Toast Yay

Toast Yay are new Girl Scout Cookies. Sadly, they’re available only in selected areas. If you’re lucky to be living in these areas, you can enjoy these cute-looking French toast-tasting cookies dipped in delicious icing.

Please note that Girl Scouts of America work with different cookie producers, so I’d advise you to pay close attention to the ingredients. The website and the Girl Scout Cookie box should note the info on the ingredients.

Different manufacturers may produce similar cookie varieties, but they may contain very different ingredients. So far, ABC Bakers is the only cookie producer that makes more than one vegan Girl Scout Cookies flavor. Another positive thing is that no matter the cookie producer, Thin Mints are always vegan [1].

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8 Non Vegan Flavors

A couple of Girl Scout Cookies aren’t vegan as they’re made with dairy and animal products. The non-vegan Girl Scout Cookies include:

1. Lemon-Ups

As I mentioned, these are similar to Lemonades, so check the label to avoid a mix-up. These crispy lemon cookies are made with motivational messages and milk ingredients.

2. Caramel deLites

Also known as Samoas, Caramel deLites is a Girl Scout Cookie covered in fudge stripes, toasted coconut, and topped with caramel. Sounds delicious, but contains milk, so be careful.

3. Tagalongs

As I said, Tagalongs are a non-vegan version of the super tasty Peanut Butter Patties. They may be mouth-watering peanut butter cookies covered in chocolate, but they’re also made with milk.

4. Do-si-Dos

Do-si-Dos, or Peanut Butter Sandwiches, are oatmeal sandwich cookies filled with creamy nut butter. Both versions aren’t suitable for the vegan diet as they’re made with milk.

5. Shortbread

Shortbread or Trefoils are traditional shortbread cookies made with milk.

6. Caramel Chocolate Chip

These chewy semi-sweet chocolate cookies are enriched with caramel but also have eggs and milk.

7. Toffee-tastic

Toffee-tastic is a buttery, crunchy cookie made with dairy.

8. Girl Scout S’mores

All of the varieties, except for the ABC Bakers’ one, aren’t vegan-friendly.

As you can see, all of the vegan Girl Scout Cookies are very similar to the non-vegan counterpart. All of the varieties also taste similarly.

If you’re interested in making your own vegan cookies, read our blog.

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Are Girl Scout Cookies dairy-free?

Yes, some Girl Scout Cookies are dairy-free. Just be sure to check the label to be 100% sure.

What is the new Girl Scout Cookie for 2020?

The new cookies of 2020 were Lemon-Ups.

Which Girl Scout Cookies Will You Pick?

Girl Scouts sell cookies from different manufacturers, and ingredients are the deciding factor in whether Scout Cookies are vegan, so you should always check the ingredients.

All Vegan Girl Scout cookies are delicious snacks we all enjoy treating ourselves to. There indeed are many vegan varieties to choose from, but be careful. And please, share your favorite flavors in the comments!

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