gummy bears

The Best Vegan Gummy Bears
Delicious Gelatin-Free Gummies

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Gummy bears look as adorable as they taste delicious and why should going vegan mean you can’t eat bear? Well, those that are also gummy candies at least and honestly who has ever said “mmm gelatin, such a lovely flavor”? But we’ll get stuck …

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Plant based cereal options

The Best Vegan Cereal Brands
Our List of Healthy Breakfast Options

My entire childhood, all the way into my 20s, was full of those typical cereals that kids love. You know those Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Krispies, where the packaging is probably healthier than the content.But my transition to a plant-based diet meant that I had to reinvent my healthy breakfast …

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best spirulina supplements

What’s the Best Spirulina Supplement?
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson If you’d asked me 10 years ago how I like my powdered green algae served, I probably would have questioned your sanity. However, I’ve become a big fan of ​certified organic spirulina supplements, and I credit them for a lot of my health …

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