Vegan supplements

How to Optimize Your Plant-Based Diet

Any vegan supplement you decide to put in your body should serve a specific function as well as be backed up by evidence. 

Unfortunately the majority of dietary supplements on the market is made out of snake oil.

For instance BCAA is marketed and hyped up as an essential supplements to build muscle.

The truth?

It's most likely absolutely worthless. Here's what a couple recent reviews have to say on the matter.

"we find shockingly little evidence for their efficacy in promoting MPS or lean mass gains"

"We conclude that the claim that consumption of dietary BCAAs stimulates muscle protein synthesis or produces an anabolic response in human subjects is unwarranted."

Hence why I've gathered all the vegan supplements that are actually proven to work here for you to peruse, ranging from essential vitamins to performance-enhancing compounds.

To help you navigate the jungle of vegan supplements below is a list of vegan supplements that will help you become healthier, stronger, gain more muscle, augment cognitive funciton & sharpen your brain, and become more awesome.

Vegan health supplements

Vitamin B12 is the one truly essential supplement that vegans have to take.

There are no reliable plant sources of B12. We have to supplement this nutrient or else suffer consequences.

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight.

Insufficient vitamin D levels is associated with increased risk of all-cause mortality. Most vegans do not get enough sunlight to achieve the desirable levels. 

Omega-3, specifically the long chain EPA & DHA, are not present naturally in a plant-based diet. 

And we convert ALA into EPA & DHA with poor efficiency. An algae-based omega-3 can help protect against heart disease, cognitive decline, inflammation and promote good health.

Iodine is required for healthy thyroid function.

Iodine is only found inconsistently in plant foods, depending on the iodine content of the soil. If you limit salt intake (iodized) you want to consider a vegan iodine supplement. 

Vegan performance-enhancing supplements

A good vegan pre-workout can make the difference between a good and a great workout.

The right mixture of ingredients can really enhance your energy levels, mood, focus, performance and pump in the gym.

Creatine is one of few vegan performance-enhancing supplement that is actually proven to work.

Vegans have no natural dietary source of creatine hence it is even of greater benefit to us in terms of muscle growth and strength gains.

A vegan thermogenic fat-burner can help enhance your diet and training regimen to push you into the fat burning zone. 

Ingredients such catechins, caffeine and capsaicinoids have been shown to increase total energy expenditure. It can give you a small boost to fat loss.

Vegan protein supplements

Vegan protein powder is incredibly useful for the vegan bodybuilding and athlete alike. 

In addition to a whole food plant-based diet a good vegan protein powder is an easy way hit adequate protein intake.