What’s The Best Vegan Jerky?
Our Top Meatless Plant-Based Picks

There’s nothing quite like the chew and flavor of some good beef jerky. Well, now there is. Vegan jerky is the low carb, high protein snack that we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s healthier, just as flavorful, and after all the chewing is done, you don’t have to swallow the rotten carcass of murdered animals or pull stringy fat from your teeth.

If you’re looking for a road trip snack or something to pack a punch to an empty tum after the gym, here are our picks of the best vegan jerky products around.

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Our Top Vegan Jerky

1 – Louisville Vegan Jerky

louisville vegan jerky

If vegan jerky is an accepted alternative to the famously meat-based snack [1], Louisville Vegan Jerky paved the way. They’ve been serving up a product that would even give the most diehard meathead something to chew on since 2012.

These gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-based marvels are a great protein source [2] and come in a drool-worthy selection of flavors like smoked black pepper,Sriracha Maple, Carolina BBQ, Smoked Chipotle, and maple bacon.

With around 5-7 grams of protein with no cholesterol and being low in fat and carbs, Louisville Vegan Jerky has become my go-to gym snack.


  • A respectable amount of chew with every bite
  • A fantastic array of delicious flavors, each better than the last
  • Low in fat and carbs
  • Healthy snack perfect for on-the-go or your gym bag


  • As the trendsetting product, they have a price tag to match.

2 – Pleather Vegan Jerky

black pepper pleather

If you’re after a beef jerky replacement to gnaw on, I have to say that the bold black pepper is the best bang for your buck. It’s tough, it’s textured, and it’s got just the right amount of spicy kick and flavor.

As well as that badass cowboy feeling of chewing on leather, the seitan base has also got an impressive amount of protein per serving at 16g. Unfortunately, the seitan base also means that it isn’t gluten-free.


  • The best there is for an incredible chew and dynamic flavors
  • Excellent authentic taste and texture
  • Powerful protein per serving


  • Gluten based and not as allergy-friendly as other options

“Vegan Jerky makes a great road trip snack because it’s easy to store, filling, and it’s packed with portable protein. Not to mention, vegan jerky is free of cholesterol and animal fats, so it’s also healthy for you.”

– Heather McClees, writer and onegreenplanet.org


3 – Sam’s Harvest Jerky


If you’re here to board the chew chew express heading straight for flavor town USA, then Sam’s here to be the conductor. This plant-based jerky is made from Butler Soy Curls and is liberally flavored with an authentic coating with variable spice and intensity.

It’s a hot spicy lip-smacking experience that sticks to the roof of your mouth and stays there, meaning you get to continue enjoying it even after you’ve devoured the whole bag. It’s not my favorite in terms of texture; it’s a little too soft, but it’s right up there in flavor.


  • Incredible mouth-watering flavors
  • Proves jerky made from the simplest vegan ingredients still works
  • Looks the part with classic quality jerky packaging


  • Lacks the chewiness of another vegan jerky

4 – Primal Spirit Vegan Jerky

I love this jerky; if you don’t love this jerky, you’re a jerk. It’s 10g of protein and 1000g of texture and taste that bitch slaps you across the tongue and then cuddles your tum, leaving you feeling full and content… even a little kinky.

If you get the 24 sample pack of the Primal Spirit primal strips, then you’re getting an incredible value. You also get to try all the delicious flavors like mesquite lime, Thai peanut, and the fan-favorite hot and spicy mushroom jerky.

The hot and spicy flavors of the Shiitake mushroom jerky will leave you needing to call the fire department for your mouth.


  • Incredible value with significant savings for buying primal strips in bulk
  • Fantastic range of different textures, taste, and a great source of protein
  • Comes pre-portioned in bars, so you don’t overindulge


  • Some people don’t like some of the different textures

5 – Noble Jerky

This jerky comes from Thailand, and it has to be said that Asia has been making meat-free meat snacks for a long time. Tofu was the OG Impossible Burger. We’ve come a long way since then, though, and this jerky could even convince the most cantankerous carnivore.

A few reviews claim they had to double-check they’d got the meatless jerky and not been sent the real thing by mistake. But what is even more impressive than the texture is the taste. This jerky comes loaded with flavor.


  • Incredibly convincing texture
  • BIG on flavor
  • Non-GMO and vegan certified ingredients


  • Can take a while to ship

6 – It’s Jerky Y’all

I’m a big fan of this Texas-based jerky company. They make a point to list how vegan jerky is not only a valid alternative but better than beef jerky. Then they put their money where their mouth is and deliver some of the best tasting jerky I’ve ever tried.

The prickly pear teriyaki is otherworldly, and the authentic hickory-smoked Texas bbq vibe of all the flavors is unbeatable. The traditional black pepper and sea salt flavor is hard to beat.

The company also donates some of the profits to a Texas-based animal sanctuary, which means not only are you not eating cows, but you’re looking after them.



  • A little bit more expensive than other brands

7 – Wild Joy Goods Banana Jerky

wild joy banana jerky

For the novelty alone, I would recommend this product. But if you’re looking for a healthy snack, it doesn’t come much cleaner than this. There are no fats or sugars, and the ingredient list is impressively slim.

The texture is meaty with an impressive amount of chew, and the chipotle lime flavor is my personal favorite with just enough kick to balance the naturally sweet banana. If you want your vegan jerky to be protein-based, though, this isn’t it at only 1g of protein per serving.


  • Super healthy snack
  • No added sugars and 0g of fat
  • A surprisingly tasty vegan type jerky


  • Not a decent protein serving

8 – Su Mama Roasted Vegan Jerky Hot and Spicy

su mama roasted vegan jerky

Okay, now this is one of those where it’s probably vegan, but not definitely. The sugar isn’t vegan certified, and there is a lot of it, 4g of it per serving, which is equal to the 4g of protein. The vegetable protein is clean, though, and not from GMO crops.

The taste and texture of this jerky have many people hooked, especially the hot and spicy flavor. As mentioned before, the flavor comes mostly from the sugar bomb chucked right into the middle of the ingredients list.


  • The hot and spicy flavor has a real tasty kick
  • Unique moreish texture and taste
  • Can be found real cheap in Asian supermarkets


  • A complete sugar rush

9 – Hoya Vegan Jerky Sweet & Grilled

This is another import that you can hopefully find in your local Asian supermarket but, it’s a little pricey online. It can feel a bit oily, and the ingredients aren’t the cleanest, with multiple forms of different added sugars.

This isn’t your average gas station jerky co type snack. It’s its own thing, but it has excellent chew and some lip-smacking flavor.


  • Cheap if bought in store
  • Big flavor and a nice chew
  • Sweet but savory


  • Definitely not “health food” with a long list of additives

10 – Vegan Dream Jerky

vegan dream

If you like your jerky to feel like you’re chewing through the side of a cowboy boot this jerky is tougher than a two-dollar steak, but it’s vegan, so tougher than two-dollar tofu?

I will say that the texture is excellent, but the taste is far from the best. They’re a little bland compared to other entries on this list.


  • Meaty and tough texture
  • Gives you that real cowboy feeling
  • Simple but stylish packaging


  • Practically flavorless

Which Is The Best Vegan Jerky?

I love that we live in a world where we are now a little spoiled for choice when it comes to great-tasting vegan jerky.

But if I had to pick just one to chew and chew on until the end of the world, Louisville jerky made it to the top of the list.

For me, they are the company that started the trend, and they’ve ridden the top of the market like a seasoned cowboy at the rodeo.

It’s healthy, it’s protein-packed, it’s delicious, it’s all American. Please give it a go and let us know what you think.

louisville vegan jerky

Louisville Vegan Jerky

Our #1 Recommendation

  • A respectable amount of chew with every bite
  • A fantastic array of delicious flavors, each better than the last
  • Low in fat and carbs
  • Healthy snack perfect for on-the-go or your gym bag
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May


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