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Beard care is a crucial part of self-care for anyone with a beard. With roughly 44% of the world sporting a beard, knowing the best products to take care of your facial hair is more important than ever! 


But what do you do if you’re a vegan? Many beard products contain animal byproducts such as beeswax, making it difficult to find a reliable vegan beard oil.


If you’ve been struggling to find the best vegan beard oil, we’re here to help. Read on for a list of the top vegan beard oils on the market!

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Winner: Seven Potions Beard Oil

We’ll start with the best vegan beard oil right off the bat! The Seven Potions Beard Oil is our pick for the best cruelty-free vegan beard oil.


Seven Potions Beard Oil is a sweet, woody scented beard softener. It’s fantastic for stopping your beard from itching or your ends from splitting. You’ll also enjoy the skin care aspect, as the oil helps your skin moisturize to combat flakiness and dandruff. 

Primary ingredients include apricot, crombe seed, jojoba, and sweet almond oil with additional vitamin E.Beard Oil 1 fl oz by Seven Potions. Fragrance Free Beard Softener. Stops Beard Itch. Natural Beard Conditioning Oil. Contains Jojoba Oil (Pure Equilibrium)

Our Thoughts

When you use this oil, you’ll catch a subtle blend of cedar wood and sandalwood wafting through the air. The fragrance is meant to perfectly encapsulate “the spirit of man” and is far from overpowering– even if used on your mustache.

If you aren’t a fan of the scent, there are others that you may prefer. Woodland Harmony provides the subtle woodsy blend, but Citrus Tonic offers a lovely mixture of lemon, lime, and cedar oils.

However, if scents aren’t up your alley, consider the Pure Equilibrium instead. This product has no scent whatsoever, meaning you can use another product (or no product) for your scent.

The oil also absorbs quickly into your hair and skin, helping to eliminate feelings of oiliness or greasiness. With several scent options, you can customize your daily routine to compliment your choices rather than always having the same scent. 

Overall, Seven Potions is a noteworthy beard oil that rivals all others on the market, cruelty-free or not.


  • 1.0 fluid ounces
  • Daily use, 2-10 drops
  • Fit for all beard sizes


  • Subtle scent
  • Quickly absorbs
  • Fits any hair type
  • Comes in several sent options, including unscented


  • Small amount relative to the price

Runner Up: Benjamin Bernard’s Beard Conditioning Oil

Seven Potions Beard Oil is far from the only good cruelty-free vegan beard oil on the market. Maybe you like to have options, or you prefer a scent different from those offered by the winning oil’s cedarwood and sandalwood. 

In that case, we would suggest Benjamin Bernard’s Beard Conditioning Oil.


Lightly scented and made without mineral oils, this beard oil is best-suited to dry hair. It provides gentle care for your beard and long-term benefits with a sweet almond and lavender scent. Use is also made easy with the pump provided in the packaging instead of the traditional oil dropper. 

The unique scent is also a worthy standout in an industry where men’s scents are almost always tree, leather, or smoke!3.38 Fl.oz (100ml) Beard Oil - Beard Grooming Conditioner Oil for Men by Benjamin Bernard - Encourage Healthy Beard Growth, Well-Groomed Style - Lightly Scented, Contains Jojoba, Almond Oil - Vegan

Our Thoughts

On another note, this isn’t necessarily a beard oil for everyday use. It’s great if you’re just getting into beard care and dealing with hair and skin that needs some love and care. While encouraging your healthy beard growth, this product also helps rejuvenate and straighten dry hair.

However, that also means this product won’t suit everyone’s needs. If your beard is already healthy and you’re looking to add new products to your arsenal, you may not favor this one. But if you’ve found yourself going without oil for a while and your beard is ailing for it, this could be perfect for you!


  • Best for dry hair
  • 3.38 fluid ounces
  • Aromatic, sweet almond and lavender scent


  • Excellent for dry hair
  • Large bottle
  • Easy application with built-in pump


  • Scented, which some may not prefer
  • Great for dry hair, average for other hair types


If the two oils above are still leaving something to be desired, don’t worry. There are plenty of other cruelty-free vegan beard oil options on the market! Here are a few alternatives that may fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Simply Great Beard Conditioner Oil

Our first alternative is the Simply Great Beard Oil. This sandalwood-scented beard oil is excellent for dry and “normal” beard types. Locally crafted in New Hampshire, the cruelty-free product is also eco-friendly, packed in a recyclable amber glass bottle.


The scent is one of deep, sensual hardwood and enriched with a hint of tonka bean. Ingredients include hazelnut and rosemary scents. As a beard oil, it naturally has less styling power than wax or balm, but this oil is still great for styling due to its softening ingredients.

Our Thoughts

Simply Great is a highly reputable name in self-care, and their beard oil undoubtedly lives up to their high standards. However, it may not fit your hair perfectly, so you should do some testing before you make this one of your core hair care products. Using a beard oil that doesn’t fit your hair type can make some beard-related issues worse, so be careful!Simply Great Beard Oil - DATENITE Scented Beard Oil - Beard Conditioner 3 Oz Easy Applicator - Natural - Vegan and Cruelty Free Care for Beards - America's Favorite

Another great benefit of this product is the enormous amount of available scents. Though we’ve mentioned their sandalwood option, they have nineteen in total, including an unscented choice. Aromas range from bay rum to mahogany to one particularly intriguing offering they simply call “sexy.” If you love the product but don’t love the scent, you have a plethora of options to experiment with until you find one you love!

Past this, the easy-to-use ball rod cap helps the bottle last as long as possible and prevents overapplying. With a product focused on environmentally and vegan-friendly traits, the Simply Great beard oil is– well, simply great.


  • 3.0 fluid ounces
  • Fits dry and normal hair types
  • Sandalwood scent


  • Easy to use cap
  • Recyclable packaging


  • Only fits certain hair types

ZEUS Beard Oil for Men

The ZEUS Beard Oil for Men is best used in combination with their other products, especially their beard shampoo and conditioner. As an aftercare product, this beard oil truly shines, but you can use it in isolation perfectly fine.


The primary ingredients include rapeseed, safflower, and argan oil, as well as additional vitamin E. It’s best for oily and dry hair types and has a vanilla rum scent. With few ingredients, the product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and organic. 

Our ThoughtsZEUS Beard Oil for Men, All-Natural Beard Conditioning Oil to Soften Beard and Mustache Hairs, Formulated with Argan, Safflower, and Grape Seed Oils – 1 oz. – USA MADE - Sandalwood

The absence of harsh chemicals in the ZEUS product means you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair, making it an excellent contender for daily use.

Some feel that the vanilla rum scent overpowers wearers until they get used to it. The bottle is also small, especially given its price point, which is higher than many on this list. However, the product itself is excellent and can do wonders in repairing and maintaining beards, especially those with a dry hair type.

ZEUS also provides directions on how best to use the product. For example, a shorter beard should only use about four drops per application. Beards longer than an inch should use about six drops, customizing the amount used by how long your beard is.

ZEUS is fantastic for moisturizing your skin and hair in one fell swoop. The company is also committed to listening to its users and creating new products (or altering current ones) based on feedback. If this beard oil doesn’t fit your needs, you should still keep an eye on ZEUS as a company for your future requirements.


  • Best for dry or oily hair
  • 1.0 fluid ounce
  • Excellent for oily skin


  • Great at revitalizing dry hair
  • Targets and moisturizes dry and oily skin
  • Works well in combination with other ZEUS products


  • More expensive than most other options
  • Small amount provided
  • Some claim the scent can overpower users

Barbology London Multi-Purpose Beard Oil

The last oil we have to discuss is the Barbology London Multi-Purpose Beard Oil. If you’ve been waiting for an unscented vegan beard oil, this is undoubtedly the best for you! 


The Barbology London Multi-Purpose Beard Oil is the only vegan beard oil on our list that is completely scent-neutral. Being scent-neutral is perfect for sensitive users that don’t want to overpower their noses. It also prevents your hair care product from interfering with other scent options, such as cologne, perfume, or deodorant. 

Our Thoughts

This product has more going for it than a lack of scent, though. Made for coarse hair, one of the primary benefits is to fight against dandruff, frizz, and itchiness. As a vegan beard growth oil, few products on the market defeat this one. The product is also suitable for all skin types, meaning you don’t have to worry about having skin too oily for the spray.

Paraben-free ingredients include oils of persea gratissima, angania spinosa, helianthus annus, and prunus amygdalus dulcis. These oils help ensure your hair gets the vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy.

The only true drawback is that many feel this product is meant more for skincare than hair. The primary purpose is to fight against beard dandruff, which means it’ll mostly target your skin. If you’re searching for a beard oil for your hair’s health, this may not be the best product on the list for you. However, if your skin needs attention, this product is likely perfect!Product Title: Barbology London Vegan Multi-Purpose Beard Oil for Eliminating Dandruff and Impurities in Hair, 1.02 oz

Boasting no synthetic ingredients, this product also comes recommended by the UK Vegan Society. Though the bottle is only 1.02 fluid ounces, the price matches the quantity. It also comes in a spray bottle which may be easier for some to use, though in our opinion, it isn’t quite as easily controlled as a dropper bottle top.


  • 1.02 fluid ounces
  • Unscented
  • Best for coarse hair


  • Fights against dandruff
  • Helps to style messy beards
  • Great for facial hair of all lengths
  • No synthetic ingredients


  • Small bottle
  • Only a spray applicator, which can be hard to control
  • No scent, which some may not prefer

Vegan Beard Oil FAQ

Now that we’ve run through some of the best vegan beard oils on the market, you may still have some questions. There’s a lot to cover for products like these, so if you’re still curious, read on for a quick list of frequently asked questions! If not, why not skip to the end and comment on which of our listed products you’ll try next?

Do vegans grow beard?

In popular culture, some equate beards to masculinity and feel that vegans don’t grow beards. Some say this is because of a difference in vitamins and hormones due to a vegan diet while others are simply stereotyping.


Whatever the start of the myth, it’s patently false. Yes, vegans can grow beards if they so choose. Much of the vegan community finds beards as fashionable as any other community, making them just as common among masculine figures in the vegan community as any other.

Some would even argue that vegans grow better beards than non-vegans. A more wholesome and healthy diet, a toxin-free lifestyle, and products like those listed above help create this idea. Other lifestyles that don’t focus on health as much as veganism can lead to worse skin health, weaker hair, and slower hair growth.


One of the main factors in beard and hair growth is protein. If you feel you aren’t growing a beard quickly or fully enough, consider changing your diet to include more protein. Changing your diet to have more beans, seeds, and other sources are a great way to increase the growth and health of your hair.


Some beard oils and hair care products may also include protein. Simply put, however, you won’t have the same result from a topical product as you will from adjusting your diet. Your diet is where you’ll find changes most effective when it comes to your hair’s health, just like with any part of your body. 


In summary: you can’t just use beard oil for growth! 

Should I use beard oil everyday?

You can, but it depends on the product and your needs. Some beard oils only recommend use a few times a week. Others with “weaker” formulas may need more frequent use to keep your skin and hair as healthy as you need them to be.


It also depends on your hair type and skin type. If you have extremely oily skin and hair that you’re trying to combat, a frequent application is necessary. However, you also run the risk of making things worse.


A good way to decide is to see a dermatologist and see what they recommend. Many may have their own vegan beard oil recommendations that can help with the situation. If you’re using it for styling and sheen, a daily application isn’t necessary.


Many more factors go into whether you should use beard oil frequently. For example, beard oil is best applied when you’ve just taken a shower and washed your beard. Your skin especially will benefit from this, as the warm water will help open your pores, making moisturizing easier and more effective.


Your hair will also be softer, but more importantly, clean. Using beard oil (or any similar product such as balm or wax) while your beard is dirty is detrimental to your hair and skin’s health and quality.


Dirt can easily become compacted onto your beard and skin. Other detritus and oils will also be present, drastically harming your hair and skin. If you’re using beard oil everyday, make sure your beard is clean each time!

Is coconut oil good for beards?

Interestingly, this is a much more complicated subject than a simple yes or no. To put it simply, coconut oil is good for beards, but it comes with some notable drawbacks.


To begin with, yes, coconut oil is fantastic for softening your hair. Coarse or dry beards would benefit immensely from using coconut oil. If you have healthy skin, it’s also extremely beneficial in keeping that skin healthy, discouraging razor bumps, preventing flaking and dead skin, and helping your beard grow evenly.


However, coconut oil is also comedogenic, meaning it’s a substance highly likely to cause clogged pores. If you struggle with acne, coconut oil will probably make it worse, even if it’s just an additive ingredient in another skin or beard product. So keep an eye out! 


There also isn’t a great amount of clinical data that supports the use of coconut oil for beards. While there are many who claim its beneficial nature, there haven’t been many direct studies on the subject.


Overall, coconut oil does seem to do well for beards. You should have a healthy beard and blemish-free skin for it to work the best. If you suffer from acne, dry skin, or oily hair, you might want to consider staying away from it altogether.


Of course, it’s up to you if you want to try the product. You can find it in many cruelty-free vegan beard oils, but using only coconut oil as a beard oil isn’t advised. Primarily, this is because most beard oils have additional beneficial ingredients like other oils and vitamins that coconut oil may not have. A well-rounded product is key to a healthy beard!

Should I oil my beard before bed?

“Should” is a strong word, but you certainly can. There are a few risks and issues with oiling your beard before bed. If you do it right, it’s perfectly fine, but there’s no real reason to do it before bed instead of at the start of your day.


For one thing, your beard has to be clean. If a shower isn’t part of your nighttime routine, do not oil your beard before bed. As mentioned above, oiling your beard without it being clean can have terrible effects on the health of the hair and your skin.


Additionally, you should oil your beard about thirty minutes to an hour before bed. Doing so will give the oil plenty of time to absorb into your hair and skin. If you oil your beard and then immediately lay down, all you’ll have is a grossly oily pillow. Most of the oil will end up on your pillow and sheets instead of absorbing into your skin.


Furthermore, make sure your pillows and sheets are as clean as possible. Anything on them is more likely to cling to your relatively-moist beard. You also may want to reduce the amount you apply to your beard to help ensure that you aren’t over-oiling, which can lead to greasy hair and clogged pores.


If any of this concerns you, consider wearing something protective over your beard. A beard bonnet can help keep the oil where you want it and prevent anything else from getting onto your hair.


All that said, there are no benefits that oiling your beard at night provides that oiling it in the morning won’t do. If you don’t like the feeling of beard oil during your day, oiling at night might work better for you.


If you’re oiling your beard twice (once in the morning and once at night), make sure you aren’t overapplying. Most beard oils only need a single daily application to work, if that. Remember that it’s medicinal, and you can give your beard too much.


Too much beard oil will lead to your beard being unable to absorb it all. You’ll have greasy and oily hair that can result in health issues and look messy. Your skin also may suffer, especially with clogged pores. If you do choose to apply twice a day, lower the amount you apply as needed.

Styling On

Beard oil is more than just a cosmetic product. The best vegan beard oil will help care for your hair and skin as well as give your beard a beautiful sheen. Whether you prefer scented or unscented beards, one of the products listed here is sure to be your new favorite part of your daily care routine.


If you’re interested in learning more about the vegan lifestyle, be sure to check out the rest of our informative blog! You can also leave a comment below if there’s a vegan beard oil you love that we forgot to mention!

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