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Best Sustainable Women’s Running Gear: From Tights To Sports Bras

Last updated: May 25, 2022

The weather is insanely unpredictable, and even when it is, knowing what to wear when running is still not an easy task. Add on the fact that finding the best sustainable women's running gear takes a little more effort than non-sustainable gear. Let's take a look at your running look from head to toe.

Why Sustainable Women’s Running Gear

Every human body is unique, and we are all shaped differently. Women's running gear takes into account hips and breasts. Men's gear just doesn't, nor should it.

Compression shorts are a good example. A man who wears a size 32 (or medium) Men's size 32 (or medium) is not the same as a woman's medium or 32. Being sustainable is another added bonus. You want to buy clothing that does not have a huge impact on the environment and is still able to stretch as you run.

Best Women's Cold Weather Running Gear

Cold weather is the worst for running. It starts cold; you sweat, you are both freezing and dying of a heat stroke, and so on.

Some people do not realize that fleece is vegan, and it makes for excellent protection from the chill from a morning run.

Cotopaxi uses recycled fleece and treated polyester taffeta that they purchase from a whole different company. It means less in the landfill and more for fabulous gear such as their Cotopaxi Monte Hybrid Jacket.

Best Sustainable Women's Running Gear

Best Women's Running Shorts with Phone Pocket

Polyester has the same issue as fleece. Often people debate its sustainability. But, it is super durable, requires less water to clean, and less energy to heat for washing.

Dryad Eido lightweight running shorts keep your full strides easy and your cell phone safe and dry.

Best Women's Running Tights

Sustainable leggings and tights get tricky because spandex has a terrible reputation for sustainability.

The recycled Eva-regenerated ocean plastic leggings offer optimal recovery and muscle compression.

Best Nursing Sports Bra for Running

Running and nursing seem like two things that maybe don't go together. But, it is a healthy way to get back in shape and stay in shape. Now, it is a matter of finding sustainable underwear that fits both running and nursing needs.

Bamboobies makes super soft sports bras made of ultra-soft rayon made from bamboo fabric. The Bamboobies yoga nursing bra is affordable. And it offers support for when you run and when you come home to feed your little one.

Best Running Gloves for Women

We get cozy gear, and then we gear up for a run. But, the fridged temps bite our fingers, and we might as well have nothing on because one's fingers go number, it's over.

Better Sweater™ Fleece Gloves not only keep your hands warm on a run, but they are also perfect sustainable protection throughout the chilly winter.

Best Running Hats for Women

Snow and rain come with cold weather, not to mention how our scalps sweat while running, even when it's 20 degrees outside.

Janji makes the best running hats for women because they provide optimal performance. It certainly helps that they are super cute, too.

The AFO Hyperlight Cap is indeed nearly weightless and has a super-fast dry time.

Best Sports Bras for Running Large Breasts

Nike is starting to develop and sell sustainable running gear. So, it stands to reason that it is some of the best workout clothes out there.

The Nike High-Support Underwire Sports Bra is 80% recycled polyester and comes in sizes 32F to 44G.

Best Running Pants for Women

Leggings and tights are not for everyone. A lot of women just don't feel comfortable in them.

Once again, Janki makes our list. The Mercury Track Pant is trendy and has multiple roomy pockets with zippers to hold your keys and cell phone.


What temperature is too cold to go running?

The American College of Sports Medicine warns that people should not go for a run if the temperature is below -18 °F.

The Dangers of Running in the Cold

When you breathe in too much cold air, it can damage your lungs. It leads to respiratory dryness, coughing, and shortness of breath.

Running where there is ice, and other slick surfaces comes with dangers. But, in extreme cold, black ice can happen without warning and is not something easily seen when sprinting through.

Hypothermia and frostbite are real threats when temperatures get dangerously low.

What fabrics are considered sustainable?

There is no doubt that finding sustainable running gear right for you is not an easy task. But, it is well worth the effort for the good it does for the planet and its people.

Some of the fabrics that are sustainable include:

  1. Organic linen
  2. Organic hemp
  3. Organic cotton
  4. Lyocell (Tencel)
  5. Recycled cotton
  6. Bamboo linen
  7. Wool and cashmere
  8. Qmonos
  9. Piñatex

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