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Ample Meal Review – Why You Should Try This Vegan Shake

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Vegan meal replacements aren’t easy to find. And I’m always on the lookout for meal replacements to review. I often find that meal replacement drinks are garbage — they either don’t have high vitamins and minerals or contain artificial ingredients. I had a …

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Our Honest Review on this Vegan Egg Substitute: JUST Egg

A lot of people struggle with the idea of stopping eating meat with a vegan diet, but I think stopping eating eggs is a little harder. It’s in your breakfast, cakes, brownies, and other delicious food products. The easiest trick for people to introduce eggs into your plant diet is …

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The 5 Different Types of Veganism – Which Level Are You?

Being completely 100% vegan all the time is difficult, most people, rightly or not, make a few concessions to keep themselves on track. There are also lots of different reasons for becoming vegan in the first place, if you’re doing it for health and not because you despise animal products …

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Why Vegan Mma Fighters Are Going Plant-Based

They say, “You’ll never see a vegan be an MMA and get in one of those cages!” As it turns out, that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. I’ve been following athletes from all walks of life, but some of the biggest transformations that I’ve seen are in the …

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What Vegan Strongman Patrik Baboumian Eats in a Day

For a long time, the belief that you had to eat your meat to be the strongest man reigned supreme. The idea of a vegan ​strongman was a joke until news, pictures, and posts about Patrik Baboumian started going viral on social media. This German heavyweight walks the walk and …

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