is honey vegan

Can Vegans Eat Honey?
Everything You Need to Know

One time I was watching a cooking competition on TV where the ingredients got chosen for the chefs. It was a vegan episode, and all was fine and dandy until the dessert round.Suddenly, honey appeared on the table, and one of the chefs went into an ethical dilemma on if …

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junk foods

What’s the Best Vegan Junk Food?
Reviews & Buyers Guide

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Whether you’re looking to lose some weight or make serious gains down the gym, it’s hard to resist the delicious flavor of your favorite vegan junk foods and snacks.Here’s our list of the best accidentally vegan junk foods and snacks that will keep …

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best vegan coffee creamer

What’s the Best Vegan Coffee Creamer?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In recent years, there seems to have been a big increase in plant-based creamer choices on store shelves. But when we looked closer, it turns out that dairy-free doesn’t always mean animal ingredient free.So, if you want to avoid unknowingly adding animal ingredients to your coffee, then stick with the …

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