protein balls

Vegan Protein Balls Recipe
Delicious Energy-Packed Bites

I’m a busy person, and I’ve found that sometimes protein shakes can get boring especially when you have them every day. I found a way to keep my protein intake interesting by making my own protein balls at home. It’s a perfect way to ensure that I get enough protein …

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Ashwagandha superfood powder

The Best Ashwagandha Supplement:
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson We live in an anxious world, especially with the coronavirus pandemic rearing its ugly head. This may explain why supplement companies have started marketing ashwagandha supplements as the next big thing to help you manage stress ​in these trying times. Although there are …

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becomining vegan

How to Become a Vegan
A Beginner’s Guide for an Easy Transition

There is a lot of information on the Internet on how to become a vegan for beginners. Almost too much. I understand it can get overwhelming if you are new to veganism. There are a lot of things to consider. I’m going to help you break down the process into …

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