paleo meal

Is Vegan Paleo A Thing?
Here’s Everything About The Pegan Diet

I know what you’re thinking: Jason has gone completely mad by suggesting that there could possibly be a way to create a lovechild out of a plant-based diet and one that heavily involves eating meat and fish. But my fascination with diets always takes me down unexpected rabbit holes. And …

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calcium rich veggies

Best Vegan Sources Of Calcium
10 Foods That You Need to Know

Of all the annoying misconceptions about veganism, the most annoying one I find is the topic of calcium. Of course, just because I don’t eat eggs or drink milk, my bones must be wasting away. Any time I bump into a door, it’s a trip to A&E to deal with …

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PhenQ Review: Is This Fat Burner Really Worth Buying?

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson I first started hearing about this product from clients who kept asking whether it was able to help them hit their weight loss target a little quicker than other weight loss supplements. I’m generally not a fan of diet pills that serve as …

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