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ZEGO Foods Pure Protein Review:
Is This the Superfood That You Need?

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
Fact checked by Markus Oliver, BHSc FACT CHECKED
Last updated: February 17, 2022

I’m always preaching to friends, family, and clients that diet and exercise are two sides of the same coin and that the quality of nutrients is one of the things people just don’t pay enough attention to.

And that is most evident when I look at the cheap and nasty supermarket proteins that I see in people’s gym bags.

In my constant quest to find better supplements, a nutritionist client of mine actually introduced me to a company called Zego Foods from California. And one of their latest additions is a product called Pure Protein.

So, in the usual Vegan Liftz fashion, our team went and did some investigating, and my colleague Connor volunteered to try it out for a 4-week bulking phase he was planning.

Let’s dive right in.

What Makes Zego Pure Protein Stand Out?

Zego Pure Protein

I have to say, I love Zego’s tagline “contains peace of mind.”

When you take something that you can’t really identify as the raw ingredient, you need to be a little suspicious of what it might contain.

With the Pure Protein product, Zego has focused on creating a supplement that only contains actual protein that provides benefits. That means no sweeteners, additives, preservatives or other chemical crap.

But they didn’t stop there. The product has been tested for all common allergens, pesticides, and glyphosate. Especially glyphosate has become a health concern, with a recent study revealing that we’re becoming increasingly exposed to this herbicide.

ZEGO also tests for heavy metals like lead and arsenic, which the Clean Label Project report showed were high in many plant-based protein shakes, even more so in organic versions.

No need to worry with ZEGO's protein because their tests show only natural metal levels that meet California's strict Prop 65 standards. You can see the test results on their website or by scanning the package QR code.

Zego QR code

And what about the protein source?

Zego has created this plant-based, vegan-friendly shake using sacha inchi seeds, which you can often find in health food stores marked as Inca nut. Many nutritionists are looking at this simple seed as the next big superfood (find more here).

What makes these seeds so suitable is the processing method, which ultimately gave rise to the Pure Protein product name.

Other plant-based protein powders we recommend:

Why Is Pure Protein Important?

two scoops of powder

Surprisingly, it’s not just the plant seed source, but the way it allows for an easy processing method. According to Zego, the process involves “lightly roasting seeds” and the “resulting seed meal is ground into a powder that is 65% protein.”

No part of this process involves enzymes or chemicals to isolate the protein.

Essentially, it’s a much more natural form of protein that your body will find a lot easier to digest.

See, here’s a little known fact that you might want to keep in mind no matter what protein supplement you take. Some research suggests that of an average 30 to 50 g protein shake, only about 30% to 40% is absorbed.

However, with a more pure form of protein, your stomach can start processing it at a much earlier stage in your digestive system than is the case with many common isolates (1).

Ultimately, while each serving of Pure Protein may only contain 17 g of protein, it’s easier and faster to absorb than if you took 30 g of whey protein.

Sacha inchi have a nut-like flavor when toasted and can be eaten as a snack or added to a variety of dishes. Rich in omega-3s and protein, it is often consumed by people following a vegetarian or vegan diet.


- Cathy Wong, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Zego Pure Protein

There has been some confusion in the health and fitness industry around sacha inchi seeds when it comes to side effects.

As far as the protein supplement is the case, it is generally deemed safe, unless you have some rare allergies (2).

It is more the seed oil that has been known to cause some stomach upset and even increased cholesterol levels.

From all the online reviews and interactions with users, as well as Connor’s experience (more on this shortly), I would agree that there really aren’t any safety concerns unless you are allergic to sacha inchi seeds.

When Is The Best Time To Take it?

So, Connor spent 4 weeks using Zego Pure Protein about 4 to 5 times per week. He took it just like any other post-workout shake within 5 minutes of finishing his cool-down routine and before heading to the steam room.

I would say that as long as you take it within about 30 minutes of finishing your training, you’ll still be in a good window for muscle recovery and building.

Overall, Connor was very happy with the product, and he achieved his bulking and BMI results within the 4-week period he had planned. His recovery periods were short, and post-workout fatigue was limited, allowing him to train harder.

So, overall, a positive experience with plenty of peace of mind.


Is Pure Protein Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, pure protein is good for weight loss as long as it is taken in combination with a healthy diet and exercise routine. There are many studies that have proven a positive link between protein supplements and weight management.

What Is the Healthiest Protein Powder?

The healthiest protein powder is generally believed to be hemp protein because it contains all essential amino acids and is very easy to digest. However, sacha inchi seed-based protein is fast gaining support in the nutrition industry as the next superfood.

Should You Give Zego Pure Protein A Try?

According to Connor, the answer is a resounding yes.

After trying it for 4 weeks, he was impressed with Zego Pure Protein's purity and potency. The blend of sacha inchi seeds added with zero fillers or sweeteners makes this one of the cleanest protein powders when compared to other alternatives on the market.

It’s easy to take and digest, starts working fast, and because every batch is tested for pesticides, herbicides, and allergens, you won’t have to worry so much about any negative effects. Their dedication to keeping it clean is admirable and they wear that value rightfully on the front page of their advertising.

I would strongly suggest giving it a try and remember to let us know on social media how it worked for you.

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