Which Is the Best Brown Rice Protein for You?

Supplements and powders are some of the best protein additives for any diet. Whether you intake them for muscle growth, want to stay healthy during your daily routine, or just like the taste, there are many choices. Among them are proteins from brown rice, a naturally-occurring, keto-friendly option.


Unlike other protein powders, brown rice supplements are entirely vegan and gluten-free. Whey is a popular ingredient in muscle growth mixtures, but it isn’t feasible for dairy-free consumers or those with allergies. There is no soy or corn in brown rice protein, making it a fantastic and inclusive option for everyone. 


What can you do with organic brown rice protein powder? Mix it into smoothies, soups, pancakes, and more. It contains minimal added sugars and carbs, so there’s no risk. For people who can’t rely on other protein sources, brown rice powder and supplements are a viable solution. 


But which brown rice protein powder is the best? After scouring the market and trying each product personally, I’ve found the five best choices. Let’s discuss the overall best choice, the runner-up, and three great alternatives. We’ll compare their pros and cons to find the best brown rice protein powder for you!

Growing Naturals Rice Protein Chocolate Power (476G) 16.80 Ounces by Growing Naturals

Growing Naturals Rice Protein Chocolate Power (476G) 16.80 Ounces by Growing Naturals

  • Finally protein for all peoplegrowing naturals has harvested the secret of allergen-friendly whole g
  • Growing naturals
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WelleCo, Nourishing Protein, Premium Organic Sprouted Brown Rice & Pea Protein, Chocolate Flavour, 3

WelleCo, Nourishing Protein, Premium Organic Sprouted Brown Rice & Pea Protein, Chocolate Flavour, 3

  • Support muscle recovery & energy levels: welleco nourishing protein is a plant-based pea protein pow
  • 9 essential amino acids: provides all 9 essential amino acids required for muscle recovery, alongsid
  • Suggested usage: blend into a smoothie mix or simply add a heaped scoop or two tablespoons daily to
  • Recommended daily consumption: 1 serve
  • Pouch refill: use this pouch to refill your 300g glass caddy
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Naked Rice 1LB - Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder - Vegan Protein Powder, GMO Free, Gluten Free & S

Naked Rice 1LB - Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder - Vegan Protein Powder, GMO Free, Gluten Free & S

  • Only one ingredient: 100% organic sprouted brown rice protein with no artificial sweeteners, flavors
  • Vegan protein source: naked organic brown rice protein powder is an excellent source of plant-based
  • Premium vegan nutrition: 25g of protein, 0g of sugar, 4g of carbs, 120 calories, and 4.9g of bcaas (
  • Metals and melamine tested: our naked organic rice protein powder is independently tested by third-p
  • Excellent source of amino acids: naked rice is made using a hexane-free extraction process to create
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Nature Zen Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder - Sugar & Gluten Free, No Soy, Dairy & Peanuts - 16 Oz. (18 Servings) (Chocolate, 16 Oz)

Nature Zen Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder - Sugar & Gluten Free, No Soy, Dairy & Peanuts - 16 Oz. (18 Servings) (Chocolate, 16 Oz)

  • HIGH PROTEIN : Nature Zen Essentials is a source of 14g to 17g of easy-to-digest protein in a 25g scoop.
  • ENERGY : Nature Zen Essentials contains a natural source of 20 vitamins and minerals, energy is back!
  • HEALTHY : A blend of 3 organic vegetable proteins - pea, rice and flax -gives a perfect amino acid profile! The healthiest blend you can give your body!
  • FABULOUS TASTE: In addition to the 100% natural flavor, the Nature Zen Essentials blend contains a mix of REAL fruits & vegetables ! NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners
  • QUALITY CERTIFICATION IS OUR THING: Because Quality is our priority, we are certified USDA Organic - Canada Organic - Ecocert - Vegan - Non GMO - Halal - Kosher
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Judee's Brown Rice Protein Powder (80% Protein) 1.5 lb - 100% Non-GMO and Sprouted - Dairy-Free an

Judee's Brown Rice Protein Powder (80% Protein) 1.5 lb - 100% Non-GMO and Sprouted - Dairy-Free an

  • Unflavored with no additives and a great plant-based protein to add to smoothies and shakes
  • Some people are sensitive to adding plant-based protein to their diet. start with 1/2 serving and wo
  • Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and shipped in a standup, resealable pouch to ensure freshn
  • Ingredients: 100% brown rice protein powder, made from sprouted brown rice
  • Since 2009, judee's has been dedicated to providing fresh, allergy-conscious ingredients. we recentl
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Winner: Growing Naturals Chocolate Pure Rice Protein Powder

Growing Naturals brown rice protein nutritional supplement is full of amino acids and bursting with chocolate flavor. It contains no GMOs, soy, corn, or lactose, making it our best choice for those who want to avoid whey-based supplements. 

Each package contains a pound of protein, including a handy 15-gram scoop. Altogether, one jar will supply you with about 30 servings, suitable for an entire month. The chocolate flavor makes a welcome addition to any smoothie, oatmeal, or other recipes, especially after a thorough workout. 

For such a fair price, it’s hard to beat this vegan-friendly all-around best powder. 


Among all of the brown rice proteins assembled in this list, Growing Naturals is the most digestible. It has no cholesterol and doesn’t leave you feeling bloated after ingesting it. It doesn’t trigger any reactions to common allergens like corn, tree nuts, dairy, and soy. Customers like the taste and enjoy it as a viable protein replacement in their diets.

However, no product is perfect, and this Growing Naturals formula is no exception. A pound of protein is generous, but many competitors offer larger volumes. And for the asking price, you may be able to find better price-per-pound options on the global market. 

You may run out in under a month, especially if you use more than one scoop each day. Many nutritionists recommend between 20 and 40 grams of protein per day, meaning that it’s easy to burn through a whole jar of Growing Naturals in a short time. Since there is no bulk buying option, that means continually ordering more protein. 

In addition, while the flavor is enjoyable in smoothies, pancakes, and oatmeal, the powder doesn’t always mix well. As a result, adding it can result in a gritty texture ill-suited for smoothies and drinks. While Growing Naturals is our number one pick for organic brown rice protein powder, it’s not quite perfect. Still, this product hits the marks all-around better than others. 


Let’s take a quick look at the product’s specifications. 

  • Volume: Growing Naturals brown rice protein powder is only sold in one-pound jars, and you can only purchase solitary units.
  • Flavor: Growing Naturals sells brown rice protein enhanced with chocolate, vanilla, and original flavors. For the powder, “Original” means unflavored, allowing you to add cinnamon or other flavors that you like. Original also contains the least sugar, making it the most diet-friendly option.
  • Allergens: The protein is completely free of soy, corn, lactose, dairy, and nut-based allergens. You will not experience any reactions if you have a common food allergy, and each product is lab-tested for quality assurance. 


  • Great array of flavors, including unflavored
  • Deliciously mixes into many recipes
  • Extremely diet-friendly
  • Void of harmful allergens


  • May leave a slightly gritty texture
  • Only buyable as single units
  • May not contain a month’s worth of protein depending on your dose

Runner-Up: WelleCo Organic Brown Rice and Pea Protein

WelleCo is an Australian industry leader in the realm of plant-based proteins. This brown rice and pea formula is more than just a supplement. In addition to protein, it contains 9 amino acids, prebiotics, fiber, vitamins, and minerals for a comprehensive energy and strength boost. WelleCo’s pea and brown rice protein powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, and contains no GMOs.

Altogether, the product is a complete vegan supplement. The price is higher than other protein powders, but that is due to the large volume of varying nutrients the product contains. It is milled for a silk-like texture, giving it superior integration with your favorite recipes.


The taste, texture, and nutritional content of WelleCo’s complete supplement are difficult to beat. It mixes expertly in hot drinks and baked goods and only clumps slightly in cold concoctions like smoothies. Few other products on the protein powder market rival its complete nutritional content.

Including pea protein provides many more amino acids essential to weight loss and healthy living. The formula also includes acai, pomegranate, and rosehip extracts for many benefits like antioxidants and collagen. The result is a protein powder that does way more for your body than just building muscle. These nutrients keep you running like a well-oiled machine.

The product comes in two great, reliable flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Unfortunately, there isn’t a plain or unflavored option, but the two existing flavors work well in most recipes. You can also choose between 300-gram and one-kilogram sizes (About ⅔ lbs and 2 lbs, respectively). 

However, not everything about WelleCo’s powder hits the mark. The main problem is the price, which is expensive if you only want a brown rice protein solution. The cost comes from shipping from Australia, where the company operates. If you want a comprehensive vegan nutrient formula, this product may suit you well. Otherwise, the cost may be too high to pay.


Here are the specifics about WelleCo’s organic pea and brown rice protein powder.

  • Volume: You can buy either a 300-gram package or a one-kilogram package. The small pouch equates to about ⅔ pounds, and the large option contains about 2 pounds of powder.
  • Flavor: WelleCo’s product is only available with either vanilla or chocolate flavoring. There is no unflavored option.
  • Allergens: The powder is nut-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. However, the product does contain extract from pomegranate, acai, and rosehip, which are ingredients that can potentially cause allergic reactions.


  • Jam-packed with a complete array of vegan nutrients
  • Wonderful taste blends well in recipes
  • Maintains a softer texture than other protein powders


  • High price due to international production
  • Contains potentially allergenic extra ingredients
  • Size variants are either too big or too small
  • No unflavored variety for customizability

Alternative: Naked Rice Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder

Naked Rice, as the name implies, is perhaps the purest brown rice protein on the market. In addition to being soy-free, gluten-free, and completely vegan-friendly, the product lacks all extra flavors, preservatives, and additives. The result is a completely pure brown rice supplement, carefully curated with essential amino acids for healthy growth.

Another thing that makes the Naked brand unique is its hexane-free extraction process, allowing almost five grams of amino acids per serving. Each jar is metal and melamine tested and free of contaminants and allergens.


If you want a protein that is certain to be hypoallergenic and pure, Naked Rice is your best bet. With no added sugars, flavors, or preservatives, this one-ingredient formula won’t trigger any allergies. Each serving is packed with 25 grams of protein and only 120 calories, allowing anyone to build up muscle strength without unwanted sugars and fats.

True to their standard, Naked Rice only comes as unflavored protein powder. While flavors may improve its taste, the customizable quality of an unflavored supplement lets you add your favorite accents to the mix. Each jar contains a pound of powder, but you can order in convenient packs of five, which saves almost fifty cents per ounce.

Let’s talk about the shortcomings of Naked Rice. While it’s great that it doesn’t contain additives, the taste by itself is bland. You may need to add cinnamon, cocoa, or your preferred extracts to enhance it. It doesn’t go through extensive milling, so the texture is often chalky or sandy. 

In addition, the product wastes a lot of packaging. As much as half of each one-pound jar is empty and full of air. As a result, you may not get as much product as it initially seems before you remove the lid. Altogether, this is one of the most honest vegan protein supplements, ingredient-wise. However, it does fall short regarding taste and texture. 


Let’s take a look at the specifications of Naked Rice.

  • Volume: Naked Rice is only sold in 1-pound jars. They are purchasable individually or in packs of five. Each jar contains 15 servings of brown rice protein.
  • Flavor: Each jar of Naked Rice is unflavored. 
  • Allergens: There is no lactose, gluten, soy, or other allergens in the product. It possesses no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, containing only pure brown rice protein.


  • Pure brown rice protein without unwanted additives
  • Bulk purchase option available, which saves money
  • Unflavored for customization


  • Neither the taste nor texture is superb
  • Wastes packaging, since jars are sometimes only half-full

Alternative: Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein

The Zen Principle brand organic brown rice protein powder comes in a massive three-pound jar. Packaged along with the protein and essential amino acids are iron and anti-inflammatory compounds. It isn’t a complete supplement, but it contains more than just muscle-building ingredients.

Made from rice kept fresh, this supplement contains an impressive 26 grams of protein per serving. It is easy to mix into recipes and is easily absorbed by the body for minimal digestive irritation. 


With each serving full of protein, Zen Principle’s supplement is a high-quality aid to muscle growth and recovery. The additions of iron and anti-inflammatory ingredients prevent it from being a pure rice supplement, but it doesn’t contain any of the top nine allergens. Soy, dairy, gluten, and other irritants won’t be a problem with this product, and there are no GMOs either.

The product is unflavored by default, letting users add their extracts and tastes of choice. Unfortunately, it is difficult to appreciate its innately bitter taste, so you may be better off adding additional flavors. This is likely because Zen Principle’s product is protein isolate, which contains the fresh nutrients of brown rice without the fats and sugars that make it taste better. 

The protein supplement is only sold in three-pound jars, each containing 45 servings. While it’s great that the product comes in bulk, it doesn’t offer a small size for those who just want to try the product. 

Thankfully, for the 1,170 grams of protein you get, the product is far from overpriced. Zen Principle lets you save money over other brands, provided you don’t mind buying three pounds of protein. 


Let’s take a look at the specifics of the Zen Principle brown rice protein supplement.

  • Volume: The product is only sold in packs of one three-pound jar. 
  • Flavor: The supplement is only available unflavored. 
  • Allergens: This protein contains no GMOs. There is no soy, dairy, gluten, corn, nuts, or other top irritants. 


  • A massive 26 grams of protein per serving
  • Bulk package will last you 45 servings
  • Formula includes other great nutrients like iron
  • Comes at a great price for the volume of protein you get


  • Bitter and unsatisfying taste
  • Unrefined, chalky texture
  • No small/sample size for trying it out

Alternative: Judee’s Brown Rice Protein Powder

Judee’s is another one-ingredient protein supplement full of natural brown rice flavor and nutrients. It contains no GMOs, soy, dairy, or gluten,  and it is a fantastic addition to vegan and keto diets. Each serving contains only 100 calories and 21 grams of protein. The formula also uses sprouted brown rice, which tastes sweeter than other kinds.

Like other protein powders, Judee’s formula works well in mixes, smoothies, gluten-free baked goods, and more. Since it isn’t a protein isolate, it contains a small amount of sugar and starch to retain a better flavor than other choices.


Judee’s, being a one-ingredient formula, is unflavored. However, due to its use of sprouted rice, the powder retains a less bitter base flavor than many other proteins in this category. It doesn’t have a particularly high amount of protein per serving in exchange for having fewer calories.

You can order the supplement in a half-pound package or a 1.5-pound container. Having a small size is excellent for trying out the product, and the larger choice will keep you satiated for at least 27 servings. The 1.5-pound package is very economical compared to other brands, with competitors charging almost double for just a pound of protein. 

Unfortunately, like most protein powders that don’t undergo extensive milling, the texture of Judee’s formula is chalky. Adding lots of water or almond milk will help it blend more seamlessly into your recipes. In addition, while the taste is less bitter than rice protein isolate, it may need additional flavors to be desirable. Try out your favorite extracts and see what works.

Finally, while the product is dairy-free, it is still repackaged at facilities with dairy and egg products. It most likely won’t cause irritation or allergies, but it does mean there’s a chance of trace amounts in the protein. However, for vegan, vegetarian, and lactose-free customers, this discrepancy is critical for dietary needs. 


Here are the specifics of Judee’s brown rice protein powder.

  • Volume: The product is available in both half-pound and 1.5-pound bags. 
  • Flavor: The product contains only brown rice, so it is unflavored. 
  • Allergens: The formula contains no soy, nuts, or gluten. It contains no dairy or lactose but is repackaged at facilities with dairy products and eggs. Therefore, there may be traces of dairy in the product.


  • Sprouted rice formula is sweeter than other options
  • Great price for a sizeable volume of protein
  • Small half-pound size works well for trying it out
  • Very few calories per serving


  • Not much protein per serving
  • Chalky, gritty texture
  • Product is packaged near dairy products and eggs, which is bad for dairy-free buyers

Brown Rice Protein FAQs

Finally, let’s finish by addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about brown rice protein.

Is brown rice protein healthy?

Yes, brown rice protein is healthy! In powdered form, it contains fewer calories than whey protein and has even more nutrients. Among the critical nutrients in brown rice protein nutrition are amino acids and iron that keep your body and brain healthy.


Brown rice protein aids muscle growth and recovery. It also helps you to burn even more calories, which is excellent after a workout. It is easy to digest and void of the top nine allergens while not raising your blood sugar. 


All in all, brown rice protein is not only healthy but efficient at promoting health without indigestion, allergy issues, and other problems.

Is brown rice protein easy to digest?

Vegan proteins can be hard to digest, and there are a few reasons for this. Too much fiber and starch are usually the culprits. Thankfully, most brown rice protein powders cut down on these two ingredients for maximum digestibility. However, not all vegan protein supplements remove the fiber, so you may get different results when trying a few brands. 


Not only is the protein in brown rice easy to digest, but it also goes down smooth. Extensive milling gives most brands a silk-like texture that doesn’t taste grainy or gritty. It’s easy to mix into digestible shakes, smoothies, and yogurt as well. 

How can my body make protein?

Protein is an essential component for your body, with over 10,000 types assisting hundreds of functions throughout it. Your body relies on chemical signals to know when to produce proteins, and the primary ingredients for creating them are amino acids. The body doesn’t have many of these by default, so it either modifies preexisting cells or creates them from scratch.


However, your body can’t create nine specific amino acids, so they must come from the foods you eat. That’s where protein brown rice powder comes in. Each scoop contains a big helping of amino acids, and formulas with peas provide even more. Ingesting a little every day will help your body continue to create the critical proteins it needs. 

Is rice protein good for building muscle?

Whey is a popular muscle-building supplement, but studies show that brown rice protein works just as well. Tested with professional athletes, the two proteins showed no noticeable differences in muscle gain, recovery, and strength building. However, the group intaking brown rice protein had less body fat at the end of the study.


Therefore, not only is brown rice protein just as good as whey for muscle growth, but it cuts down on unneeded fats too. The ideal strength-building routine is ingesting 15 to 25 grams of powder after a workout. Mix it into a drink or a meal. The amino acids will do the protein-making for you, letting your muscles grow and recover. 


There are many brown rice proteins to accommodate dietary needs, price ranges, and nutritional concerns. Growing Naturals exceeds the rest by being the best overall choice for flavor, cost, benefits, and allergens. However, our runner-up and alternatives also make excellent choices if you are on a budget or want to try something new.


With the proteins your body makes in response to brown rice, you’ll build and recover muscle quickly while keeping your brain healthy. In the process, you won’t accrue unwanted fats, sugars, or calories. It’s easier than ever to get into shape and stay healthy since the perfect tools are at your fingertips. 







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