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Vegin’ Out Review – Our Honest Thoughts

The vegetarian/vegan delivery services used to be limited, but we’re starting to see some great new companies step onto the market.

If you’re looking for vegan meal delivery, then look no further than Vegin’ Out based in Los Angeles, Southern California. They deliver nationwide and are proud to do so.

Read our review to find out how Vegin’ Out compares to other weekly vegetarian meal delivery services (see also our review of Sakara Life).

What Is Vegin’ Out?

Vegin’ Out offers vegan meal order and delivery services based in Los Angeles, Southern California.

They focus on simple, healthy, organic, tasty, and well-balanced meals that provide proper nutrition at a supposedly affordable cost.

Like most meal orders and mainly vegan meal orders, they are primarily offering convenience or an easy way to try out the new diet without the fuss of having to do it without help.

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I love Vegin’ Out, it’s so yummy! Even if you’re not vegan, give it a try, cause who wouldn’t want delicious healthy food all prepared and brought right to your doorstep!

​-Alicia Silverstone, Actress and Animal Rights Activist.

Sample Vegan Meals From Vegin’ Out

Vegin’ Out likes to focus on just a few vegan dishes a week so they can not only scale up the amount they can send out, but also the attention paid to each recipe.

The menu will change week to week, and from what we can tell features a wide variety of different vegan meals.

In this review, let’s take a look at the menu from the week we ordered as a typical example of what you can expect.

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Vegan Entrees

  • ​Vegetable jalfrezi with carrots, cauliflower, peas, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, spices, apple cider vinegar, cilantro, salt
  • checkChili with mixed beans, tempeh, onion, bell pepper, celery, tomato, spices.
  • checkChimichurri tofu and veggies with tofu, bell pepper, onion, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, garlic, red wine vinegar, chili flakes, salt.

Vegan Side Dishes

  • ​Cumin scented green beans made with green beans, onion, tomatoes, spices, salt.
  • checkCheezy mac made with pasta, cashews, spices, miso, lemon juice, salt.
  • checkArgentinian tomato rice made with brown rice, tomatoes, onion, red wine vinegar, saffron, cilantro, garlic, spices, salt.
  • checkKale with roasted garlic vinaigrette made with kale, garlic, almonds, red cabbage, Dijon mustard, parsley, salt.

kale with cashew

Vegan Soup

  • Carrot and ginger made from carrot, onion, ginger, almond milk, spices, and salt.

Vegan Cookies

  • Almond shortbread vegan cookies (see also ‘Which Girl Scout Cookies Are Vegan?‘) made from organic unbleached flour, organic evaporated cane juice, brown sugar, vegan margarine, almond meal, almonds, vanilla, egg replacer, baking powder, and salt.

Vegan Breakfast

  • ​Power oats made from gluten-free rolled oats, chia seed, almond milk, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla, almonds, and salt.

How Does It Compare to Other Vegan Meal Delivery Services?

With the vegetarian/vegan meal order options at most mainstream delivery service providers limited to one or two vegetarian/vegan dishes, it makes sense to only compare Vegin’ Out to other plant-based meal order services.

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How Much Does Vegin’ Out Cost?

The cost per serving of Vegin’ Out works out a little cheaper than the majority of vegetarian/vegan meal order services. Despite the price, the options they provide certainly don’t skimp in terms of size or flavor.

For a week’s worth of food, though, you will be looking upwards of $100. The double weekly vegetarian/vegan option is at around $360 if you’re outside California.

When it comes to convenience, you can always expect the price to be high.

There is nothing more convenient than having your meals planned (see also ‘PlateJoy Review‘), pre-packaged, and sent to your door and so the cost is expectedly high.

While vegan meal order services don’t have to pay for expensive meats and other animal products, it seems the price is still equivalent.

What’s On The Vegin’ Out Menu?

Unlike other weekly vegetarian/vegan meal order services, you choose between the single weekly vegetarian/vegan meal for one person or the double weekly vegetarian/vegan meal option for two, and your food is selected for you.

If there is a dish you know you don’t like coming up, you cannot opt-out, and with menus announced as they come and with such huge savings and focus on pushing subscription discounts, this is a problem.

I only ordered a single purchase of the single weekly vegetarian/vegan meal plan, which means I didn’t have to deal with trying to amend, change, or cancel a subscription.

Overcomplication of cancellation is a problem that plagues other meal delivery services (see also ‘ Is Daily Harvest Worth It? ‘).

meal on plate

Hopefully, it’s not true here, and typically I think most like me order when and what they want.

How Does The Vegin’ Out Menu Taste?

They are big on bold and exciting flavors that are as healthy as they are delicious. I enjoyed the meals Vegin’ Out sent me.

I have tried other vegan meal order services, and Vegin’ Out, like the rest of them, champion and show off how great plant-based living can be.

The stand out entree for me in my box was the chimichurri tofu. Using the red wine vinegar and chili flake marinade makes an impact, while the recipe also taught me how to cook the tofu to a texture and consistency that I have failed to do on my own.

If I had known ordering weekly vegan dishes from Vegin’ Out would make me a better cook, I would have done it sooner.

Can You Mix And Match Vegin’ Out?

While they do advertise the ability to mix and match your entrees and vegan side dishes for a variety of flavors, Vegin’ Out doesn’t have quite as much you will be eating the same thing at least once or twice a week.

When you compare the Vegin’ Out menu to other weekly vegetarian/vegan meal delivery services, you might find it a little lacking.

However, the menu itself offers a wide variety of different recipes and vegan dishes that make the most of the plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle (Sustainable body care choices).

With my single weekly vegetarian/vegan meal delivery service (see also ‘ Trifecta Nutrition Review’ ), I was never bored.

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Is Vegin’ Out Environment-Friendly?

While the environmental impact of having your meals delivered to your door may be less than you think it may be better than shopping for yourself [1], it is also a shame to see so much plastic used.

Vegin’ Out is like the rest of the industry in that they say that they are responsible and doing everything they can, but realistically it could be better.

The problem arises from the fact they need to make sure their food doesn’t spoil, and they can’t be sure how long it will be out on a porch, for example. So they put insurance insulation and wrapping to protect it, which creates for some of us unneeded and unwanted waste.

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If Vegin’ Out is not a right fit for you, you can also try other vegan subscription boxes here. For starting vegans, you can also try some vegan starter kits (see our Nutriciously Review here).

Vegin’ Out Pros And Cons


  • ​Huge portions of delicious food that you can make in bulk to further convenience
  • checkA variety of entrees and side dishes to choose from and mix and match to your tastes
  • checkDelivers nationwide with recurring and single purchase plans
  • checkA great selection of optional extras such as the delicious vegan cookies
  • checkThe delightful recipes can teach you how to experiment with and improve your plant-based diet
  • checkHealthy and nutritionally balanced meals help to ensure your body has exactly what it needs


  • ​The upfront cost can seem exclusively expensive
  • banThe vegetarian/vegan meals order come in a box that is full of individually plastic-wrapped items that can be hard to justify

Would I Use Vegin’ Out Again?

​After trying it our and a few other meal subscription services over the past months, my answer is no, ​I would not use Vegin’ Out again.

​Though the meals are simple, straightforward, and delicious vegan cuisine, I find that they aren’t worth the upfront cost. And I would appreciate it if they cut down the plastic use.

I personally prefer Trifecta over Vegin’ Out.

​Compared to the services I’ve tried, Trifecta is one of the best at providing you everything you need for the full week. You are unlikely to have to look elsewhere even for a snack.

If you’re interested in vegan meal order services, then you should give ​Trifecta a try. View it as a healthier alternative to ordering takeaway [2].

They’re one of the best there is, and for me, it’s practically as good as an easy vegan cookery class.

Trif​ectaBest Vegan Meal Delivery Services Trifecta thumb

  • ​Offers large meal plan varieties – Keto, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Classic
  • check​Organic ingredients
  • check​Utilizes low carbon footprint
  • check​Delivers fully-cooked meals at your doorstep
  • checkGet the BEST PRICE until the end of [month]

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