How to Find a Pair of Vegan Bowling Shoes

vegan bowling shoes

Bowling is a fun activity that can be enjoyed both casually for fun, or taken seriously as a professional sport. 

However as a vegan you'll run into the problem of finding a pair of bowling shoes. 

Well the truth is that there are plenty of bowling shoes available, but not many cruelty-free ones. It can be quite diffcult finding a pair of high-quality vegan bowling shoes that aren't made out of leather. 

Why do you need a pair of bowling shoes?

Wearing your usual joggers when bowling is a terrible idea for a couple of reasons.

One very important reason to wear shoes designated for bowling only is to keep the approach clean and free of any dirt or debris.

The approach is the part of the lane that you walk on leading up to the foul line where the ball is released.

Imagine that the person that used the lane previous to you used his dirty joggers and tracked dirt all over the approach. 

When you attempt your shot you step on a faily large piece of gravel that you're not expecting to encounter, and as a result slide and fall on your face. This doesn't only look bad but the sensation of your face meeting the lane is not particularly joyful.

The reason why many bowling centers restric food and drink behind the lanes is to prevent sticky approaches so as to reduce gruesome injury.

Bowling shoes are strictly worn in bowling alleys. So asssuming that no one takes the bowling shoes outside theoretically the shoes should be clean. There might be some tiny amount of dirt adehering to the shoes but it will be far more controlled than what you use walking down the street. 

running shoes

Keep these out of the bowling alley.

Secondly bowling shoes encourages good technique so that you can land that perfect shot consistently.

The last step that a bowler takes before releasing the ball is a slide where the whole body is moving forward as the ball is released.

Bowling shoes have special sole that allows this type of slide to happen.

However if you would wear a pair of regular joggers or tennis shoesyour feet would stick to the floor and the slide won't happen. This will put a tremendous amount of strain on your shoulder and body as a whole and might even cause injury.

Another benefit of purchasing your own pair of bowling shoes is that you'll end up paying less in the long-term. If you're going bowling on a somewhat regular basis the rent for shoes will eat up a lot of money over the course of a year. Bringing your own pair means you don't have to pay for shoes everytime you go bowling. 

piggy bank

You will save heaps of money purchasing a pair of bowling shoes if you bowl regularly.

Finding a pair of vegan bowling shoes

The sad reality is that the market of bowling shoes is absolutely saturated with leather. It is seemingly impossible to find a decent pair of cruelty-free bowling shoes. 

It is highly probably the shoes you rent at your bowling centre aren't vegan. Hence another reason as to why you should invest in a pair that is made out of synthetic materials.

Whilst the options are quite limited, fortunately there are models that are 100% vegan. 

Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes

The Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes are a pair of quality 100% vegan bowling shoes. 

These very stylish bowling shoes not only look great, but are equipped with s8 microfiber slide soles that'll encourage a good slide so that you can hit perfect bowling shots every time. 

They are made out of soft and highly durable man-made synthetic upper. A secure lacing system as well as a padded tongue and collar ensures a great fit.

Suitable for both men and women. For women simply subtract 2 sized down.

What I like about this model is that it is very cheap for the performance it provides and if you're used to rental shoes this will feel a lot better. 

The model receives high praise from customers. One user mentions that the model has lasted thousands of game while still preserving perfomance and remaining comfortable. 

I hope that this article was useful if you were looking for a pair of vegan bowling shoes!

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  • October 27, 2017

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