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Ultimate Nutrition TestostroGrow 2 HP Review
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Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: February 10, 2022

When we think of testosterone, it usually involves terms like macho attitude, aggressive behaviour, or even sex.

The truth is, testosterone is much more than a sex hormone. It helps us regulate cholesterol, keeps our immune system in check, controls blood sugar and improves oxygen absorption in our body.

In this Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow review, we will see if this t-booster has what it takesto maintain muscle mass and aerobic metabolism.

Let’s face it, constant fatigue can be a dreadful bore, but perhaps this supplement might just help you sing a different tune.

What is Ultimate Nutrition TestostroGrow?

ultimate nutrition testostrogrow

Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow is a testosterone booster that enhances lean muscle mass, burns fat and improves energy levels. Think of it as a versatile time-release anabolic stack that combines the effective testosterone stimulators available.

Scholars and scientists alike concluded that this product may help me increase oxygen uptake, reduce weight, increase energy, and there is no shame in admitting - libido.

But besides containing antioxidants and natural ingredients that enhance blood flow and cardiac function, the formula also includes substances that serve as blockers of “bad” testosterone and estrogen.

Ingredients List

Testosterone Natural Ingredients
  • 1. Tribulus Terrestris - This is a tropical and moderate climate plant which stimulates the increase of luteinizing hormone[1]. Besides that, Tribulus Terrestris also has an anti-anxiety effect on the human body.
  • 2. Bioflavonoid chrysin - This ingredient has a great potential as a natural aromatase inhibitor. It is a potent antioxidant and it may have positive sexual health related effects [2].
  • 3. Nettle root extract - Nettle has constituents that bind to SHBG and inhibit the binding of DHT on the prostate membrane.
  • 4. Avena Sativa - Most commonly used to increase spirit and strength, it can free up the booster stuck to other compounds in the human body. Combined with Nettle Root Extract, Avena Sativa helps consumers to build up both aerobic power and muscle strength.
  • 5. Cucurbita Pepo seeds - These are a natural source of zinc and it’s principal constituent inhibits the conversion of boosters into dihydrotestosterone.
  • 6. Saw Palmetto - These berries are high with phytosterols found in it’s volatile oil which not only control the conversion of the booster to DHT but also block it’s binding to prostate cells. It is known for its anti-estrogenic properties.
  • 7. Daidzein - It is an isoflavone, a compound found only in plants which has antioxidant activity, very important if you want to reduce the damage directed at the tissues that synthesize testosterone. Simply put, it repairs damage caused by free radicals and supports testosterone production.
  • 8. Alpha Lipoic Acid - Helps in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, normalizes blood sugar and improves metabolism.
  • 9. Hawthorn Berry - Last but not least, Hawthorn berry is rich in flavonoids that increase the force of the heart's contraction and strengthen its pumping ability.

Ultimate Nutrition TestostroGrow Customer Reviews

user review

According to user reviews, opinions are split when it comes to effectiveness. Some claim that Testostrogrow helped them a great deal, both for increased testosterone levels and reduced body fat:

“After a 4 week period, I gained 5 pounds of muscle mass and was less tired throughout the day. Good stuff!” - Verified Customer

On the other hand, there are disappointed customers who highlight lack of ingredients and efficacy:

“I feel there’s lots missing here: magnesium, D-Aspartic acid, and vitamins, such as B12, D3 and B6. But my main issue is with the overall results. The increase in body mass and testosterone production were not as expected.” - Verified Customer

  • Loaded with antioxidants which prevent inflammation and improve heart function
  • Contains Indole 3 Carbinol which helps prevent cellular damage
  • It can improve your general mood and suppress anxiety
  • Affordable
  • Money back guarantee and discount on bulk orders
  • Not as effective as expected
  • Low recommended dosage could be insufficient to some users
  • Might not be on par with competing brands


How Does Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow Work?

The Testostrogrow formula works by stimulating testosterone production but it has other benefits as well.

Studies have shown that Chrysin is an effective antioxidant and may stimulate your body like vitamins do, with the same effects. In some cases, Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow 2 may serve you even as an anti-inflammatory supplement.

What’s the Recommended Dose of Testostrogrow?

Recommended dose is 1 tablet 3 times per day, preferably with meals.

Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow 2 hp should be consumed for 21 days straight, followed by a 7 day rest. This routine should be repeated 3 times, followed by a 3 to 4 week layoff. After that, the program is supposed to be repeated.

What Is Indole-3-Carbinol (i3c)?

I3C is a naturally occurring phytochemical found in vegetables such as cabbage, kale and broccoli.

This Testostrogrow ingredient provides powerful antioxidant protection and helps prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. Also, it can help to maintain healthy hormonal balance by converting I3C to DIM.

Why Is Hawthorn Berry Good?

Primary chemical constituents of Hawthorn Berry include vitamin C, flavonoids, glycosides, proanthocyanidins, saponins, tannins and cratetegin.

Since the 19th century this plant has been used to protect the arterial walls, dilate coronary blood vessels and strengthen the heart’s ability to pump. They also inhibit cAMP phosphodiesterase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

Should You Buy Ultimate Nutrition TestostroGrow?

Sadly, no we would not recommend Ultimate Nutrition Testostrogrow. It is not exactly a sex hormone booster, but rather a supplement that can invigour your physical strength, state of mind and overal well being.

If you are looking for an “one for all” supplement, our suggestion would be to try CentraPeak Testosterone Booster.

Not only does it provide the optimal combination of ingredients for improved testosterone production, but it also had a markedly positive impact on my cognitive function.

On one hand, yes, it may be a bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for, and Centrapeak is simply unmatched in this arena.

Got any experiences to share? Which do you think is the best vegan testosterone booster?

Let us know in the comments below.

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