TruBrain Review: Is It The Best Nootropic Drink?

There are some mornings where coffee just isn’t enough. I need my brain to be working at its best, and a simple energy boost sometimes isn’t enough to overcome the brain fog.

That’s where nootropics come in. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re brain fuel supplements designed to improve cognitive performance. But do they work?

One such product is TruBrain. If TruBrain lives up to even half of the bold claims that the company makes about the drink, then it’s as good as the pill from Limitless.

In this TruBrain review, we’ll look at the facts and the hype and let you know if it’s worth taking the plunge. Read on to find out more.

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What Is TruBrain?

trubrain product

TruBrain is an active nootropics supplements company founded by Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Aida Attar back in 2012 that focuses on the mind. Where other companies make supplements that might help to turn you into a god at the gym, TruBrain wants to make you a god in your head.

These shots of nootropic ingredients may help overcome the fog, improve verbal fluency, blood flow, avoid distractions, and ultimately boost your cognitive function.

They claim to be manufactured under the guidance of UCLA-trained neuroscientists to provide you with potent brain food.

“The amount of decisions I need to make throughout the day is taxing on my mental stamina. Adding TruBrain to my routine has expanded my bandwidth and productivity.”

-Josh Payne, CEO, Stack Commerce.



TruBrain Drinks Ingredients


TruBrain is entirely transparent with their ingredients and dosing, which is a welcome change from the many brands and supplements hiding behind proprietary blends. They list their ingredients in pairings based on effect, so let’s take a closer look at what they do.


Caffeine (80mg) and L-Theanine (160mg)

By now, I’m sure we’re all aware of the positive impact that caffeine can have on alertness, energy, and focus. [1]

TruBrain pair the caffeine with L-Theanine, which has been shown to have a positive effect on mental health by reducing stress levels and improving focus. [2]

The two ingredients are found naturally together in green tea leaves and generally have a balancing but overall positive effect.

For those who already drink far too much coffee or prefer to avoid the potential side effects of this ingredient, they also offer a caffeine-free nootropic drink.


Uridine (500mg), Centrophenoxine (250mg), and Noopept (12mg)


Uridine is included to replenish the brain’s natural reserves of the fuel it uses to store memories. [3] Centrophenoxine is used for much the same reason and has been shown to improve both long-term and short-term memory function in studies. [4]

Noopept was only patented in 1996 and didn’t have as much research done into its effects. However, in one study, it was shown to have a significant impact on all three stages of memory in rats. [5]


Magnesium (200mg) and Tyrosine (350mg)

These two nutrients are included to help boost brain health.

Unfortunately, magnesium is lacking in many modern diets despite the fact that it has many benefits throughout the body. First and foremost, it has a positive effect on stress regulation as well as blood flow to the brain. [6]

Tyrosine is an essential amino acid that helps your brain produce neurotransmitters. Amino acids and neurotransmitters also help mitigate and combat stress levels through acetylcholine receptors and n-acetyl tyrosine. [7]


Carnitine (500mg) and Citicoline (250mg)


Both carnitine and citicoline are used in the formula as the raw fuel our brain needs when functioning at its best. By replenishing our reserves of these ingredients, it is proposed that the TruBrain drinks are providing the necessary nourishment our brain needs.

They also use monk fruit, mangosteen, nopal cactus, natural cane sugar, and blue agave as natural flavorings.

It should be noted that the doses we have stated above come from the companies website which differs from the amounts listed on some of the labels, we’re not quite sure which is correct and it could be due to a recent formula change.


How Do The TruBrain Drinks Taste?


Nootropics have a bit of a bad rep for leaving a bitter or sour taste in the mouth. TruBrain has tried to lessen that with a selection of natural sweeteners.

They might have overdone it, though, and in our opinion (which is shared by the reviews section), the drinks are a little sweet. It’s a welcome change from the rest of the nootropics we’ve tried, but it still takes some getting used to.



  • Eco-friendly recycled packaging
  • Easy to swallow and perfectly balanced shot
  • Open and honest ingredients list


  • Overly sweet
  • Incredibly pricey
  • Unclear dosing

Potential Side Effects

TruBrain is formulated using all-natural ingredients, but that doesn’t mean there is no risk of side effects based on our findings from trubrain reviews.

  • Common side effects – jitters, increased heart rate, insomnia, and nervousness
  • Rare side effects – nausea, headaches, and high blood pressure

They do offer a caffeine-free alternative if you encounter issues stemming from the ingredient.

With other products, we would recommend taking half-doses and building your way up per day, but as these come as pre-measured shots, you could try taking just one every other day until you feel comfortable with their effect.


Where To Buy TruBrain Drinks


As with all things, it is best to purchase TruBrain from the companies own website.

This ensures you’re getting legitimate cognitive products a.k.a nootropics at the right dose and current formula.

It is retailed through other outlets, but you should carefully check the customer comments for any potential issues.


How Much Does TruBrain Cost?

trubrain product

The cost of TruBrain per serving varies on the deal or subscription you manage to find.

Compared to other options on the market, the TruBrain drinks are quite expensive.

Some mention that it would be considerably cheaper to buy the individual ingredients for yourself, and that’s true.

What you’re paying for is the convenience of the single-shot format, not to mention that it comes served in environmentally friendly packaging.

User Reviews Of TruBrain

user reviews

So we’ve broken down what goes into TruBrain and the effect those ingredients have on your body. But does it work? Let’s take a look at some at the customer review for the product.

Customer reviews are mainly positive, with over 50% of those that have taken the product giving it 5 stars. The next most significant percentage of the overall review, however, gives it only 1 star. Those that like it mention the increased energy, memory, and cognitive acuity. Those that don’t aren’t fond of the overly sweet flavor and don’t notice much change in brain function.

My husband regularly complained about brain fog and lack of energy ( despite the 5 million supplements he takes). I bought him TruBrain, and after couple weeks of use, I asked him how many stars and why. His response was 5-stars, mainly because they taste good and did what needed to be done.”

– Brittany, 5-Star Review

I feel sharp! Yes, TruBrain helped make my mind much clearer and I’ve gotten more energetic and productive as a result! Kudos from me!”

– Tracy, 5-Star Review

I’ve tasted good supplements, I’ve tasted bad supplements – but this one is definitely one of the worst. I’ve got only 1 down out of a box of 20+, and I’m already second guessing myself. Don’t know whether to continue taking the supplement or to toss it in the trash.”

– Zack, 1-Star Review

Tried a months supply and did not notice a difference. The caffeine wakes you up similar to a cup of coffee but thats all. Also, these taste horrible, like a concentrated liquid sugar substitute. Yuck!”

– Natalie, 1-Star Review



How Do You Take TruBrain?

You take the TruBrain drink once per day with a meal. The drinks come pre-portioned but you can consume more if you need that added focus.

When Should I Take TruBrain?

You should take TruBrain when you feel you need the brain boost. There is no limit to how many you can take a day, but it’s recommended alongside food, and as with all stimulants, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Is TruBrain FDA approved?

No, TruBrain is technically not FDA approved because it is a supplement, not an over the counter drug or medicine. However, the nootropics are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility that adheres to the stringent policies set out by the United States Food and Drug Association (FDA) and the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMPs) guidelines.

Is TruBrain Safe?

TruBrain is safe to take.

Is TruBrain The Best Nootropic?

TruBrain may be a good brain boost nootropic, but from our standpoint and previous experience with nootropics, it isn’t the best.

We love that they are so open and honest with their formula and that the drinks come in recycled and eco-friendly packaging. It uses research-backed ingredients, but the formula still lacks enough study and costs too much for a product which effect isn’t 100% verified.

Everything that TruBrain claims to do, Mind Lab Pro does it better.

It has the same dedication to researched ingredients and honest labeling, while also providing 3rd-party reviewed testing and study. If you’re looking for something that increases blood flow to the brain and improves memory and focus, this is the nootropic I’ve had the best results with so far.

If I’m going to take something to make my brain better, I’m going to use my brain to find the best option at the best price. At the moment, TruBrain costs too much and delivers too little in the cognitive function department.

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