2022 sexiest woman athletes

Top 22 of 2022 Sexiest female Athletes in the World

Who is the sexiest- female- athlete of them all…beauty is in the eye of the beholder & nothing is more hotly debated amongst athletes and trainers? Which sport has the sexiest bodies that are admired worldwide, is it Olympians, MMA Fighters, NBA Champions, or Golfers? You can look at the covers of any woman’s magazine & spot these inspirations of beauty & fitness. We decided to take a poll from our 100K plus members & let them decide who is the fairest of them all, here’s what we discovered. Bring the Hotness! What key similarities these women are found to have
  •  The top 22 0f 22 sexiest female athletes has some household names, such as Paige Spiranac, Stephanie Gilmore, Skylar Diggins and Lolo Jones.
  • The female athletes are ranked in a variety of athletic disciplines, but we had to use the (SEXY) Factor.
  • These women come from all over the world, and compete in different sports, such as Golf, Surfing, soccer, tennis, MMA, to mention a few.
  • The Top 22 of 22 had exercise routines specialized to their sports (see softball) & diets ranging from Paleo to Vegan.
  • These top sexiest female athletes all have the drive to be their best while looking their best.
The Top 22 Hottest Female Athletes

 1 -Stephanie Gilmore

  • Country: Australia
  • Sport: Surfing
Stephanie has made it to the top of our list of most sexy woman athletes. Apparently, there’s a huge following for Surfer girls. Voted as one of the World’s most stylish surfers Stephanie has also won 7 World Titles. Hobbies are Traveling, photography & advocating for the World’s Oceans. She eats a Wholefoods diet, keeps dairy to a minimum & eats plenty of fruits & veggies.

2- Paige Spiranac  
  • Country: US
  • Sport: Golf
Paige is a pro golfer who is known for Social Media presence & has brought a lot of attention to woman’s Golf…in a good way . Paige is not a Professional golfer but a YouTube golf instructor with over 260K subscribers and 145 instructional videos. Paige believes in Intermittent Fasting & has a full body workout plan that includes 5 days on and 2 days off. 3 – Naomi Osaka
  • Country: Japan
  • Sport: Tennis
Naomi was the first Asian tennis player (see also ‘Venus Williams Said Her Raw Vegan Diet Was Unsustainable‘) to rank number 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association & holds top ranking in singles. Naomi was only 20 years old when she won the U.S. Open & is a beautiful mix of Japanese/Haitian decent. Naomi loves to travel (see also ‘Traveling As A Vegan‘), listen to music & she’s a Gamer! Her favorite food is Sushi & Soul-Food…what a mix. Naomi trains by doing thorough warmups, hamstring & quad stretches as well as overall body calisthenics. 4 – Leticia Bufoni
  • Country: Brazil
  • Sport: Skateboarding Professional
She is Street skateboarder known for her sick tricks & 4M plus Instagram following, she has won the X-Games World Championship six times. She does a mix of practice & PT to keep injury free (see also our guide to exercising with an injured knee). She tries to eat 100% Vegan (28 day vegan body transformation) but extensive traveling doesn’t always allow her to eat clean. 5- Sydney Laroux
  • Country: Canada
  • Sport: Soccer
Sydney is a Pro Soccer player & Olympic Gold Medalist; she plays for Orlando Pride in the National Woman’s Soccer League. She’s a wife & a mom and enjoys time with her family, loves music (anything Beyonce’). She trains often & does a lot of speed & agility training. 6 – Alica Schmidt
  • Country: Germany
  • Sport: Athletics
Alica is a talented track and field athlete from Germany who was part of the National Team that came in 2nd in th e4 X 400 Meters and has won a Silver Medal in the European Juniors. On her Instagram account of over 2.8M followers she shares her journey of getting ready for her next competition. Her diet consists of a well-balanced diet and drinks lots of energy drinks & protein drinks. Alica has a heavy-duty shoulder strength training routine as well as running at various distances & speeds. 7 – Allyson Felix
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Athletics
Allyson is an American track and field athlete who specialized in the 200 meters sprint from 2003 to 2013 and eventually made her way to the 400 meters sprint (see also ‘Sprint Exercises For Runners’). She has medaled at the 2020 summer Olympics & has done a popular TED Talks. She likes to eat lite & eats lots of salads & smoothies. Allyson trains by doing a lot of weightlifting that incorporates Squats, Deadlifts, Pull Ups & Push to Press exercises (Isokinetic). 8 Ivona Dadic
  • Country: Austria
  • Sport: Track & Field
Ivona Dadic is an Austrian track and field athlete, she competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the women’s heptathlon and the 2020 Summer Olympics where she finished in 8th place.Ivona likes watching football, dancing, singing, and traveling. She eats clean especially before a competition but admits to cheating “a little bit”. Her workout is a mix of weight training, Trail running & explosive H.I.T workouts. 9 -Simon Biles
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Gymnastics
Simone Biles is a gymnast with a total of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals under her belt, she is tied as the most decorated gymnast of all time. She is in a tie with Shannon Miller for the most Olympic medals won by any American gymnast. When asked about her diet Simone claims to be an intuitive eater, she’s a supporter of Veggies of all kinds & likes to check in with her body to see what it needs…intuitive indeed! As far as workouts go Simone does Superman & hollow Holds, regular & single-leg V-ups as well as different types of sit-ups (see also ‘How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Crunches?‘) and leg-lift variations. 10 – Lolo Jones
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Bobsledder
Lolo is a multi-talented athlete; she is a hurdler as well as a bobsledder…what a crazy combination of skills. She has won 3 NCAA titles and 11 All American titles, most recently the bobsledding has become her focus. T.V, Kayaking are some of her hobbies but she is most competitive while playing video games on her WII. Jones likes to lift weights, she does movements like bench press, deadlifts, power cleans and squats (see also ‘Different Squat Techniques: How To Accomplish The Best Squat‘). After a short recovery from lifting weights at the gym she often heads to the track. 11- Paige VanZant
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Mixed Martial Arts
 Paige VanZant is an American mixed martial artist that also competes in bare knuckle boxing, wrestling and she has a modeling career. Paige is all about business, she launched her own website that features her (more private) content to paying subscribers. Paige advises people to “eat…you got to eat”, lots of greens & lean meats as well as fresh produce & water. Pages workout is very fighter oriented with box jumps, shadow boxing, heavy bag work along with handstands & pushups. 12- Alex Morgan
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Soccer
Alexandra Morgan (see also ‘Vegan Soccer Player Alex Morgan Shares What She Eats in a Day‘) is an professional soccer player for the San Diego Wave FC of the National Women’s Soccer League, she plays in the highest division of woman’s pro soccer. For fun Alex runs her business, she’s an author & social media Icon…on top of all that she’s an advocate for equality and co-founder of TOGTHXR (a lifestyle & youth culture company). 13 – Ina Jeliazkova
  • Country: Russia
  • Sport: Ballroom Dancing
Ina is a professional Ballroom/Latin Dancer (see also our article on Beyoncé), she represents Britain in dance competitions across the Globe and is currently the reigning World Latin dance professional…move over (Dancing with The Stars). Ina spends countless hours practicing & honing her craft, traveling the world to maintain her title takes up most her time. Ina eats a clean diet with a focus on being well rounded, she needs lots of energy & eats to suit her needs. Workouts are mostly dance practice oriented, as dancers need to stay lean & not overly muscular…dancing seems to be all the exercise (see also ‘The Best Yoga Playlist For Beginners‘) she needs. 14 – Taylor Pischke Taylor is a pro volleyball player, a two time Olympian and a former coach of the Manitoba Bison’s mens team. 15 -Sarah Nurse
  • Country: Canada
  • Sport: Hockey
Sarah Nurse is a professional ice hockey player (see also ‘Vegan Ice Hockey Players in the NHL‘) with the Canadian women’s national ice hockey team, she made her debut with the national team at the 2015 4 Nations Cup Championships. She represented Canada in the 2018 Olympics & scored the opening goal in the 2022 Gold medal game win over the USA. Sarah enjoys reading, watching movies and TV shows on HGTV, TLC and Food Network, doing yoga… … Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Business Administration – Marketing in 2018. Favorite quote: “You do it, you die, or you run away” 16-Anastasia Ashley  
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Surfing
We now move on to Anastasia Ashley, possibly the sexiest American professional surfer of all time. The Californian has been competing since 2003 and has continued to wow surfing enthusiasts. Anastasia is quite the entrepreneur as she has started her own jewelry line (see also ‘Finding The Best Sustainable Accessories: Jewelry, Shoes, and Underwear’), modeled in Maxim Magazine, appeared on Hell’s Kitchen T.V show and campaigned for PETA. This surfer girl is a Vegan and walks the walk when it comes to food choices, although she was seen eating fish, but we can all understand as she was on an episode of Naked & Afraid, a survival reality show. 17-Skylar Diggins
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Basketball
Skylar Diggins is a professional basketball player (see also ‘Vegan NBA Basketball Players‘) for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association. Diggins was drafted by the Tulsa Shock in the 2013 WNBA draft and hasn’t looked back since. Dins has played for a variety of teams throughout her career & has always stood out for her beauty as much as her talent on the court. Skylar eats a whole food diet, lean meat & fish & heavy on the fresh fruits & veggies, her workouts consist of weight training along with a variety of speed drills.  18- Ivana Spanovic
  • Country: Serbian
  • Sport: long jump
Ivana Spanovic is a Serbian long jumper, two-time World indoor long jump champion, European champion as well as the three-time European champion.  She became the first Serbian track and field athlete to win a medal at the IAAF Outdoor World Championships This athletic beauty is not one to be overactive on social media & doesn’t seem to enjoy the spotlight. That said, we can all appreciate such an incredible athlete that looks so beautiful doing those incredible long jumps (see also ‘A Guide To Using Jump Exercises In Your Workout Routine‘).  19- Alana Blanchard
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Surfing
Alana Blanchard is a true professional in all she does, whether surfing massive Hawaiian waves or modeling for photoshoots in sexy bikinis. Alana has been around the world surfing and racking up trophies. When Alana is not surfing or modeling (see also ‘Pamela Anderson Has Been Vegan Since Her Early Teens‘) for a famous magazine, she enjoys family time on the beach, suited up in beautiful bikinis. Eating & training for this seaside beauty is a natural approach “listen to what your body needs & do that”.  20- Allison Stokke
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Track & Field
Allison Fowler is an American track and field athlete and a popular fitness model. She broke numerous records for pole vaulting. Images of her competing have been widely shared on the Internet, resulting in her becoming an social media phenom. 21 -Jutta Leerham
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Sport: Speed skater
Jutta is an insanely fast speed skater with looks to match, she’s a junior world champion as well as a junior Dutch champion. Jutta loves the beach, snorkeling, windsurfing & hanging out with family and friends. 22- Chloe Kim   
  • Country: USA
  • Sport: Snowboarding
Chloe Kim snowboarder and two-time Olympic gold medalist, while she was at the 2018 Winter Olympics  she became the youngest…yes the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal. She is a 6 time X Games gold medalist and she rules the world in the half pipe event. “I don’t have a crazy diet,” she told PopSugar in February 2018, her breakfast of choice is chocolate pancakes, some biscuits and gravy, toast, and cottage cheese, a lunch of pizza from CPK and French fries, and dinner from In-N-Out or Chipotle. Aah…to be young & beautiful. Get Inspired by These Female Athletes (Teen Athletes) From the hottest female sports stars in MMA,  Tennis, Hockey and a lot more—you’re sure to find the ultimate fitspiration. Stay tuned to Vegan Liftz as we bring you the latest in Health, Fitness & Wellness…until then, please enjoy more of these talented & beautiful woman, check out the videos below.
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