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September 30, 2020

Nutriciously Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Rafid Nassir
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When I compare my journey to veganism from just a few years ago to what people have available today, it seems like such an easier lifestyle change to make.

It’s probably why so many more people are constantly switching to a plant-based diet.

Unfortunately, though, there has been a flood of people trying to cash in with very mediocre and totally useless resources.

However, of all the tips I have received, I was most curious about the Nutriciously vegan starter kit. If you’re uncertain whether this is something for you, then let me give you the information you need to make the right choice.

*Keep reading till the end to see why we do NOT recommend Nutriciously.

What Is It All About?

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The best way I would describe it is to say that it’s a step by step guide to becoming vegan and then remaining committed.

While it was the meal plan that interested me the most, I have to say that there is so much more value in it.

The recurring problem I’ve seen with many friends and readers is that those common 30-day challenges work great.

But then temptations come up and quickly they pull back to being vegetarian, and it’s downhill from there.

You’re given vegan diet recipes, along with information on how to come up with your own.

You’ll also learn the basics of planning your nutritional needs so that you might better avoid some of the common mistakes.

Let’s take a closer look.

What this program actually does is provide you with the tools to successfully transition to a plant-based diet, and prepare you for the long-term vegan lifestyle.

What Is Included In The Starter Kit?

All the content is provided in digital format, so you’re able to start diving into the helpful content pretty much immediately after you check out.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle.

200-Page Ebook


Back when I made the switch, I just decided on it and had made no provisions in my life to deal with common problems.

The book may be helpful as it lays out what you need to understand veganism from a nutrition perspective, and to get and stay healthy as a vegan. You’ll learn about vitamins and minerals, as well as working out the right macro balances.

What I got the most out of was the section on working out portion sizes for different meals, which might be particularly valuable for anyone with weight loss goals.

Long List Of Recipes

The second book you’ll receive contains 40 meal recipes from around the world to suit every type of budget. They were designed with the help of a registered dietitian to ensure an optimum balance from a nutrition perspective.

It has some new food ideas, especially when it comes to healthy desserts. I like the vanilla maple chia pudding; it’s delicious and easy to make.

The recipes are laid out into an easy to follow meal plan.

Full 2-Week Meal Plan

The one thing so many people who switch to a plant-based lifestyle struggle with is suddenly coming up with enough ideas to fill a day’s worth of eating.

It might sound simple to just avoid all animal products, but that’s often easier said than done when you’re so used to even simple things like dairy milk for your breakfast cereal.

What this 2-week meal plan aims to do is give you a clear guide on how to plan each day. You’ll also get a detailed shopping list to make it easier to stock up on the kind of staples you’ll be relying on.

Build Your Own Bowls Advice

bowl of food

Once you get used to a new way of shopping, preparing, and cooking, it’s important to avoid eating the same foods over and over again.

To help you become more creative, this part of the kit will teach you new ways to think about ingredients for your meals.

Being able to look at a recipe and then switch out some whole food plant-based ingredients, could turn the above-mentioned recipe book into a tool that provides unlimited ideas.

Restaurant Guide

You’ll learn about some hidden substances to avoid [1], what ethnic styles may be more suitable, and how to request minor changes to meals to make them animal-free.

Some of these ideas were new to me, and I use them almost on a weekly basis.

Easy To Follow Transition Advice

The vegan starter kit also contains transition advice apart from just food and meal planning.

There’s also advice on your whole lifestyle, including things like clothing, hygiene, as well as countless other examples of how animal products might creep into your daily routines.

Detailed Guide To Vegan Nutrition

Even when vegetarians go full vegan, they tend to make some simple mistakes that could lead to nutritional deficiencies [2]. Being fully aware of how this could happen, allows you to be a bit more careful with your meal selections.

The reason I think this is important is that when you focus more on understanding healthy nutrition, it might help you to better avoid junk food.

Yes, there are many crappy food choices you can make as a vegan, so don’t fall for the idea that it’s just about avoiding meat and dairy.

Cheat Sheets With FAQs

meal plan

If you had stepped into my office a year ago, you would have seen the walls plastered with printouts, quotes, and recipes. It’s just the crazy way I organize my brain and ideas.

However, that clutter was tidied up, much to the delight of my colleagues.

With your Nutriciously package, you’ll receive some designated cheat sheets and other printable items like shopping lists, food plans, and day to day checklists.

The design has bite-size information to keep you on track. And it looks so much tidier on my walls.

We’re lazy beginner chefs ourselves. The food is usually easy and cheap to get, and we add ideas for customization in each recipe. We don’t use any oil or refined sugar but instead fill up on colorful, fibrous, comforting goodness.


- Alena and Lars, Diet Bloggers

What Are The Benefits?

So, I’ve highlighted the individual items included in the package, but how could they specifically help new and existing vegans? Here are the main benefits I would highlight.

Easy Transition

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To avoid the struggle of figuring out what you can and can’t eat, the meal plan is a good resource. Print out the grocery list, do your shopping, and you’re ready to go.

The cheat sheets also help you to stay motivated, and I saw a lot of online comments that it even helps experienced vegans.

Weight Loss Ideas

Many people think that just switching to plant-based eating will mean the pounds will fall off in a short space of time [3]. But sustainable weight loss requires a much more detailed look at your macros, and that’s one area where you’ll get a lot of helpful advice.

Creative Living And Cooking

I’ve often found that people get bored with diets because they lack diversity in their meals. The starter kit could give you the tools needed to create your own ideas.


Understanding Of Supplement Needs

It’s no secret that some supplements are required when you only eat plant-based food. At the same time, it’s important to understand what you might need and to look out for signs of deficiencies.


Does It Have Any Downsides?

Overall, I have to say that this vegan starter kit may be a valuable resource for most vegans.

One downside I found was that some of the meals were a little bit too similar. Adding a few more adventurous ethnic meals could have spiced things up a little.

Also, the grocery list heavily relies on canned and packaged food. It didn’t take too much effort to adjust it for fresh whole foods, which might drastically cut down on any waste.

Lastly, while it is organized in a way that might help someone go fully vegan, I feel like most of the ideas ideas and resources are already available for free online.

Who Created Nutriciously?

Nutriciously was created by Alena and Lars Schowalter from Germany. After they had committed to living a vegan life for 8 years, they decided to put all their combined experience into a digital format.

As any vegan will note, you might end up making silly mistakes time and time again. But learning from other people’s mistakes could be the best recipe for success.

Through their own journey to a healthy weight and some cured ailments, the entire package was designed to inspire others, without flashy marketing and fancy distractions.

Their focus was on actionable advice, and that’s what many review comments highlight as a stand-out feature.

I appreciate that the ideas are so easy to implement. No need for complicated equipment or massively inconveniencing your life.

What Are The Different Vegan Kits?

There are basically three packages you can choose from.


Recipe And Meal Plan

This is the most basic package and includes the meal plan and preparation guide. If you just want some new ideas for healthy cooking, then this is a good place to start.

Complete Vegan Starter Kit

This is where you get all the interesting stuff. From the eBook to a restaurant guide, this is the package you might want to choose if you’re just starting out or still struggling with adapting.

The Ultimate Guide

For me, this was the best value option, and the additional material that is aimed at weight loss is helpful. You get an additional meal plan and healthy cooking guide to specifically help you drop a few extra pounds.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is one of the most surprising things about the available packages.

The most basic one with just the meal plan is $29. That’s a good value for something that provides this much detail and ideas. But for just a few dollars more, the full starter kit is just $47.

For me, this is the best value, as it comes with all the added bonuses I mentioned above.

The ultimate package is quite pricey at $65. It has the additional sections specifically tailored to losing some weight. I honestly think that the amount may be better invested on a coach or nutritionist.

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Can Nutriciously Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, Nutriciously may help you lose weight, and if that’s your goal, then I would advise spending the extra on the Ultimate package. With specific weight management advice, it could be the best way to make a long term difference.

Is Nutriciously Only Suitable for Newcomers?

No, Nutriciously isn’t only suitable for newcomers to veganism. There are many resources included that seasoned vegans will still be able to use to make things a lot easier.

Is Nutriciously Worth the Money?

Yes, Nutriciously Starter Kit may be worth the money as it contains most of the essential information. And rather than have all that info spread out over many different books, you have it all in one place. The Ultimate Guide, in my opinion, is quite pricey though.

Does Nutriciously Include Vegan Lifestyle Tips?

Yes, Nutriciously includes vegan lifestyle tips that even provide information on how to deal with all those annoying and stupid questions you might get from friends and family. Apart from new ideas for vegan cooking, you'll get actionable tips to help you sustain your new plant-based lifestyle.

Is Nutriciously a Detox Program?

No, Nutriciously is not strictly a detox program. However, there are information inside the kit that may help you to better detox in a natural way.

Many people I’ve talked to have found that the food recommendations may indeed increase your ability to detox, which should boost your overall well being.

Are Nutriciously Meal Plans Easy to Follow?

Yes, Nutriciously meal plans are easy to follow, and you won’t have to rely on highly specialized kitchen equipment or expensive ingredients. It claims to have been designed in a way that allows you to immediately get started with drastic changes.

Should You Buy Nutriciously?

Short answer, no.

Majority of people suggest getting the vegan starter kit. It contains enough information that would benefit newcomers and experienced vegans.

However, I still think that there are tons of free resources available online where you can the same information.

Instead of paying for a kit with recipes and basic information, you might be better off planning your transition to veganism with a meal delivery service or a health and fitness coach.

Check out our recommended vegan meal delivery services and see what fits your lifestyle and budget.

I especially recommend this if you’re making this kind of change if you're trying to lose weight.

If you're in a rush, then check out Trifecta. I appreciate the convenience of ready-to-eat yet certified fresh plant-based meals with all organic ingredients.



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