NOW Sports Pea Protein Powder Review
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At this point, it’s fair to say that the myth that we depend on animal products for protein has been debunked.

But that hasn’t made finding a good vegan protein powder that much easier. The market is still teeming with dodgy vegan proteins, which can complicate things.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Now Sports Pea Protein and see how it measures up. Is it one of the best pea protein powders out there? Let’s gulp it down and find out.

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What Is Now Sports Pea Protein?

Now Organic Pea protein

NOW Sports Pea Protein powder is a simple supplement that uses the high protein in pea form.

It has the full amino acid profile and features 24 grams of easily digested protein isolate. It comes in natural unflavored, vanilla, or chocolate flavors, all of which are non GMO.

NOW Sports is a respected brand that makes various supplements, each focused on giving you the edge down the gym.

Whether it’s post workout and pre workout shakes, they rely on their no-nonsense and simple formulas with natural ingredients that fully embrace a vegan ethic.

Ingredients List

If you look at the pea protein’s unflavored variety, the ingredients list is as simple as possible.

The only thing in it is the pure organic pea protein isolate sourced from non GMO yellow peas. For the purists that don’t like added flavorings or additives, this is sure to make us hap-pea (da-dum tss).

If you look at the vanilla or chocolate variety, there is a little more to the recipe, but it’s still fairly simple.

They include natural flavorings, such as cocoa powder or vanilla extract alongside xylitol and stevia leaf for sweetness. The formula is kept as stripped back as possible, ensuring that there are no nutritional mishaps or unwanted additions to the flavored varieties.


What Does It Taste Like?

Drinking Protein Shake

Pea protein powders have a reputation for being a bit earthy or chalky in flavor and texture.

Some overcompensate with flavoring and leave a sickly sweet aftertaste in the mouth. Keeping it very simple, I think NOW Sports Protein has made a protein pea shake that tastes great possible.

I would personally recommend the unflavored variety. It is well balanced and mixes incredibly well.

You can flavor it to taste with your favorite fruit smoothies or in a porridge. It isn’t lumpy, and the chalkiness typically associated with such protein powders is mitigated.

If you do like a bit more flavor in your shake, the vanilla and chocolate pea protein powders are a good choice.

They tend to have a bit of that saccharine sweet aftertaste, which can easily be balanced out by your favorite pea protein powder recipe.

  • Mixes well, creating a smooth and tasty texture
  • Unflavored offers an all organic and simple formula
  • Cost effective and great value in terms of protein per serving
  • The flavored formula is non-organic with ingredients like xylitol
  • Doesn’t offer supplementary nutrient-dense ingredients found in other protein powders
  • Lacks the flavor variety found with other pea protein powder brands

Side Effects

Apart from some potential digestive issues when you first switch to the protein powder, there are no known side effects to consider.Pea protein isolate is a highly bioavailable protein and should be easily digested.

Start slowly with half measures if you have a particularly grumpy tummy.


Where To Buy Now Sports Pea Protein?

Now Organic Pea protein

The protein is available directly from the NOW Sports website and other trusted third party retailers.

In researching our review, we found that you can often get the best price from the company themselves, making the most of their various deals and promotional offers.

You can also be assured of the product’s purity and take advantage of the money-back guarantee should you buy directly.

There is customer review evidence that third-party retailers aren’t always as trustworthy as the official source.


Is Now Sports Protein as Good as Whey?

Yes, pea protein has the same full range of amino acids as whey and serves up all the same protein benefits.

Upon further review, pea protein is highly bioavailable and often easier to digest, making it a better option for most.

What Is the Optimal Serving Size?

The optimal serving size is 2 scoops. Each 1 scoop serving typically has over 4,200 mg of branched-chain amino acids and over 2,000 mg of arginine.

Is Pea Protein Hard to Digest?

Animal proteins tend to be more easily digested and absorbed than plant-based proteins.

However, research highlights that pea protein is one of the more easily digested plant-based proteins.

Would We Recommend Now Sports Pea Protein?

When it comes to vegan protein, we like to keep it clean, and the unflavored option here is a great choice for that. I would recommend this protein powder to those looking to switch to a vegan protein instead of whey as a great introduction.

But is it my forever hap-pea, though? No. While it is a great option, I’m still going to stick with Transparent Labs Organic Vegan as my go-to protein supplement.

It may be a little more expensive, but that’s due to the ingredients’ quality and the amazing effects they provide.

The blend of rice and pea protein brings out the best from both and provides a nutrient-dense and amino rich powder that provides power like no other I’ve tried.

What’s your opinion on our review? Which do you think is the best pea protein powder?

Let us know in the comments below.

Transparent Labs ORGANIC VEGAN

Transparent Labs Organic Vegan

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