No Meat Athlete Podcast Episode #2: Get Inspired with Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke

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Have you ever looked back into the reasons why and how you became a vegan? Do you sometimes get discouraged when people tell you that bodybuilding and a plant-based diet simply do not belong together? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then this episode of the No Meat Athlete podcast is for you.

If you’re serious about building your vegan body then you might have probably already heard about No Meat Athlete’s very first guest for their podcast. In fact, this guy is the reason why A LOT of people got into veganism and bodybuilding in the first place.

A celebrity in the bodybuilding world, Robert Cheeke is a vegan bodybuilder, former NCAA distance runner, motivational speaker, and author of Shred It!, Plant-Based Muscle, and Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness: The Complete Guide to Building Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet.

In this episode, Robert tells us why he adopted a vegan lifestyle and then got into bodybuilding. Growing up in a farm in Oregon, his life has always been around animals, so it’s no wonder that he would feel a special affinity for them, going as far as swearing off meat and adopting a plant-based diet at the tender age of 15.

His childhood also played a big part into why he got into bodybuilding -- Robert recalls watching He-Man and Captain Planet cartoons as a kid and idolizing those big, strong guys who were always there to save the day and be positive role models.

He also talks about how he stays positive when it comes to veganism when a lot of people can become very negative about it. For him, it’s all about recognizing how beneficial life can be if you’re passionate about the things you care about, so he counters the negativity by giving back to the community and smiling the most.

A guy like him can also be very busy with a lot of stuff both in this personal and professional life, so he also dishes on how he finds the time to stay healthy even with his hectic schedule. The secret? He keeps a lot of fruit and energy bars around so he can snack on them during events and festivals. He also manages his time really well and makes the sometimes difficult decision to train even when he’s been onstage all day, because that’s what it takes to reach the goals he has set for himself.

If you want to be inspired by someone who’s basically made it his life’s mission to extol the virtues of the vegan lifestyle while being an award-winning bodybuilder at the same time then you will do good to listen in to this podcast. You might just learn a thing or two that you can apply to your own life as well. Also, don’t forget to seek out Robert’s books, especially Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness -- it’s a great resource and you certainly won’t regret putting it on your shelf. Now, let’s get on with the podcast!

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