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Finding a good mass gainer (see also ‘The Best Way to Use a Weight Gainer For Bodybuilding‘) is difficult due to the sheer amount of choices accessible, but there are few options available for vegans. If you’re in the market for a pure vegan option for a mass gainer, Naked Vegan Mass is an excellent choice. Now you can achieve your desired weight while maintaining your vegan choice!


Best of all, Naked Vegan Mass Gainer contains three ingredients, making it a remarkably clean supplement (see also ‘Is Turkesterone A Steroid?‘) (see also ‘Is Turkesterone A Steroid?‘) (see also ‘Is Turkesterone A Steroid?‘)! 1 serving contains 1230 calories and 50 grams of protein, so you can have an easier time building muscle and adding weight.

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Here is a list of all the pros of Naked Vegan Mass Gainer:

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The serving size of this supplement (see also ‘How Much Turkesterone Should I Take?‘) provides 252 grams of complex carbohydrates, which will aid you in finishing your workouts. A single serving contains 50 grams of protein and 1230 calories, giving you more than enough energy to finish your workout; Carbohydrates are an excellent way to fuel your workouts, no matter the duration.

Naked Vegan Mass also contains organic maltodextrin, which helps boost weight gainer and aids in sustaining energy levels during a workout.

With many calories, Naked Vegan Mass will help you achieve your daily calorie requirements for your routine and needs.

Ample Plant-Based Protein That Is Great for Muscle Building

How To Use

A good source of protein is a must if you intend on adding muscle mass; Naked Vegan Mass provides you with the extra push of additional protein to help you build muscle. It contains all nine essential sources of amino acids that boost muscle recovery and building, making Naked Vegan Mass Gainer a solid pick if you plan on adding muscle while sticking to a vegan diet.

With 50 grams of protein in each serving, your muscle-building endeavors will benefit greatly, ensuring you get plenty of protein daily to build muscle.

The protein is entirely plant-based, coming from their line of Naked Rice and Naked Peas. Their Naked Rice gathers its protein from 100% organic brown rice. The same goes for the Naked Peas, which gets its protein from 100% yellow pea protein.

The protein content of the brown rice and yellow peas greatly complement each other and help produce a complete amino acid build.Naked Mass vegan weight gain protein powder

Only Three Ingredients; Naked Pea, Naked Rice, and Organic Maltodextrin

Naked Vegan Mass is free of awkward additional additives that can affect your health in the long run. A lot of supplements (see also ‘A Guide To The Turkesterone Cycle’) contain an abundance of ingredients, and not all of them are clear about their impact on your body in the long run. The mass gainer is also free from sweeteners and artificial additives.

Naked Vegan Mass is a fantastic option for a pure supplement free of dangerous substances or toxins.

Aids in Reaching Your Daily Calorie Intake Requirement for Weight Gain

With 1230 calories per serving, gathering your calorie intake needs for the day is much easier. Even if you are a hard gainer, you no longer have to be concerned about maintaining a calorie surplus.

Flavor Alternative Options to Choose From

If you prefer your supplements to come with flavor, Naked Vegan Mass Gainer has two pleasant options.

The first option is their Chocolate Vegan Mass Gainer, adding two additional ingredients to the blend. Organic coconut sugar and raw cocoa are included to give the perfect chocolate flavor to your supplement!

The second option is their Vanilla Vegan mass gain, adding two additional ingredients to their base of 3. Additionally, organic coconut sugar is used; however, genuine vanilla is applied in place of the raw cocoa. This is sure to seize the hearts of vanilla lovers out there!

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Here is a list of all the cons of Naked Vegan Mass Gainer:

The Price Is a Little Higher Than Average

Naked Vegan Mass Gainer is a little of the pricey side of mass gainers; however, some factors justify the price, such as their clean ingredient list, sustainable practices, and having to use plant-based protein.

On the Low Side of Calorie Value

While it does contain 1230 calories per serving, it’s not the highest in the market. Unless you have a super-fast metabolism, you should still be fine with using Naked Vegan Mass Gain as a supplement for weight gain.grass fed whey protein source info


Naked Vegan Mass Gainer is super low on the ingredient count, offering only three ingredients on its base flavor and five if you opt-in for chocolate or vanilla. The supplement is favored by many as there are no hidden ingredients that may affect your health in the long run.

Organic Tapioca Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is an ingredient that aids in binding all the components together and helps thicken them. The maltodextrin from Naked Vegan Mass Gainer derives from organic tapioca and is gluten-free. Most competitors use wheat-based maltodextrin, which may pose health concerns due to carrying gluten.

Yellow Peas Protein

The protein from yellow split peas is extracted for use as one of the two primary sources of protein in Naked Vegan Mass Gainer. The human body easily absorbs pea protein, making it a superb alternative to the traditional whey protein. Whey protein and pea protein have very similar macronutrients, though pea protein has the upper hand by being free of lactose and gluten.

Knowing more about the difference between whey protein and pea protein will fill you in on some surprising facts. Pea protein is easy to digest and very light on the stomach, as opposed to products that contain high-fat meat content. Pea protein has a very high iron count, ensuring you are provided with a lot of the crucial nutrients. Lastly, pea protein provides a creamier texture in your shales, as opposed to whey protein.

Organic Brown Rice Protein

The organic brown rice protein is extracted without the use of hexane to provide the best amino acid profile. Rice protein is absorbed at a slower rate compared to whey protein, as such, it is considered a medium digesting protein. The use of brown rice over white rice is that the brown version has the upper hand in protein count.

Brown rice protein and peas protein are commonly combined as they both form a perfect profile and help achieve all nine essential amino acids in ample amounts. Where peas fall short in a protein type, rice fills in and vice versa.

Just like with pea protein, organic brown rice protein is gluten and lactose-free, which is a saving grace for those with allergens.

According to research, organic brown rice protein also digests quickly compared to whey protein. Rice protein is also better utilized by our bodies as compared to whey protein, meaning more protein is used when consuming rice protein, as opposed to whey protein.

Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is an excellent alternative to traditional sugar and most other healthy sugar alternatives.

The added coconut sugar is a replacement for artificial sweeteners and is chosen in a path to be more healthy. Coconut sugar is still beneficial for preventing low blood sugar, which would prevent symptoms of hypoglycemia.

It’s important to note this ingredient is only added if you choose one of the two flavor options offered by Naked Vegan Mass Gainer.

Raw Cocoa & Natural Vanilla

Raw cocoa is a healthy method to add chocolate flavor to Naked Vegan Mass Gainer, while natural vanilla is also added to their vanilla flavor.

The flavoring is achieved through healthy and natural means and contains no use of artificial sweeteners that impose serious health concerns. Many protein powders choose the cheaper route for flavoring their products, but they do so at the cost of the consumer’s health.Weight Gainer Protein Supplement | Naked Mass

Using Naked Vegan Mass gainer is easy, and can even be fun by adding tasty ingredients to give your shake an extra pop of flavor!

To make your protein shake, add in 4 scoops into 24oz of non-dairy milk, or your beverage of choice. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re looking to spice things up in the flavor department, you can try adding some fruits or vegetables into the mix in a smoothie bowl. The choice is yours here, as everyone has their blend of choice. A solid recommendation would be to add a scoop of peanut butter to your shake, and 

enjoy more flavor and extra protein!

There are 3 optimal times you can consume your protein shake, which is between meals, after a workout, or before bed.

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Who is Naked Vegan Mass Gain for?

Naked Vegan Mass Gainer is perfect for people who stick by a plant-based diet, or those who have food sensitivities, and want to either gain weight or maintain it. The supplement provides adequate protein for muscle building while offering a full amino acid profile to assist in healthy weight gain.


Naked Vegan Mass Gainer is an excellent option for people looking to build muscle and gain weight while sticking to a plant-based diet. It also suits individuals that prefer a clean supplement, as there are only three ingredients present here. With 1230 calories and 50 grams of protein, Naked Vegan Mass Gain is a top pick for anyone in the market for a plant-based weight gainer.

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Jason's Take

Vegan Naked Mass is one of the best plant-based supplements I’ve taken, as it is a mix of pea proteins and brown rice proteins, making for a great companion in providing energy for your workouts. Every serving of Vegan Naked Mass consists of 1230 calories and 50 grams of protein.

Also, each serving of this supplement provides you with 252 grams of complex carbohydrates that can help power your workouts. Moreover, it enables you to gain weight by meeting your daily calorie requirements.

You may have trouble taking in more calories to gain weight, especially if you are a hard gainer. However, with Vegan Naked Mass, which consists of 1230 calories per serving, you can forget about consuming those extra calories.

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