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Is Turkesterone A Steroid?

Jason Hughes
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Last updated: March 22, 2022

Turkesterone is not a steroid, but it is a close relative. It is a testosterone-derived anabolic agent. Turkesterone is an anabolic steroid that is used to increase muscle mass and strength. Additionally, it is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. While turkesterone is not a steroid, it is still important to consult with a doctor before using it, as it can have adverse effects.

Turkesterone: Is It A Steroid?

Muscular male torso and testosterone formula. Concept of hormone increasing methods.

Ecdysteroids were an instant success in the industry due to their structural similarity to androgenic hormones. If something that happens naturally shows up in this way, it must be a big breakthrough that comes with a lot of new products.

Ecdysteroids were largely abandoned due to their incompatibility with the AR (among other things).

Everything changed when researchers shifted their focus away from androgenic receptors and toward the rate of muscle protein synthesis. The rates of protein synthesis in animal muscle tissue were found to be significantly higher than those in humans.

When an ecdysteroid enters muscle tissue, it quickly, powerfully, and consistently boosts protein synthesis.

What Is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a long-established anabolic steroid in the supplement industry. Turkesterone has demonstrated remarkable results since its inception. It has been demonstrated that a substance marketed to athletes as a "natural anabolic agent" aids in muscle growth and strength gains.

Where Did Turkesterone Come From?

Turkesterone is a very important bioactive component of Ajuga turkestanica. A lot of people use this herb in traditional medicine because it has anabolic and adaptogenic properties. It also protects the liver and is hypoglycemic.

The plant is very popular in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan because it can help people build muscle and ease stomach aches. Additionally, it has been used to treat cardiovascular disease.

Advantages of Turkesterone

As an ecdysteroid, think about some of the things that make it good.

  • Ajuga turkestanica extracts help skeletal muscle cells grow into new muscle cells.
  • Anti-stress properties can help control cortisol levels in the body, which can indirectly aid muscle growth.
  • Also, high-ecdysteroid Ajuga turkestanica extracts have anabolic effects on muscle.

Bodybuilding Benefits of Turkesterone

If a product has an anabolic effect on the body, you can bet that bodybuilders will be very excited about it. It is very important to remember that there are very few if any, side effects. This is important because most anabolic drugs stop the body from making its testosterone. Whether for natural bodybuilding or to help with the recovery process after taking an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) or a SARM.

Is Turkesterone Bad For You?

During all of the different studies, there have been no negative effects. The body quickly metabolizes ecdysteroids, necessitating higher doses.

My Turkesterone dosage isn't clear, but how much should I use?

Turk hasn't been on the market long, so there aren't any dosing recommendations yet because it's a new drug. At Bodytech Supplements, we did some in-house testing and found that 1000mg per day is the best dose for most people. After experimenting with different staff members running the compound for varying lengths of time, we determined that ten weeks was the optimal duration.

If you can, split the 1000mg Turkesterone dose into two days. The best dose is 500mg in the morning and 500mg in the afternoon. Over 1000mg, spread it out over the day (1000mg x 3 times per day).

Turkesterone-Based Supplements

Many Bodytech Supplements products have turkesterone and ecdysterone in them. Both compounds are very similar, and we've found that stacking them makes them even more effective! Combine them or play around with them on their own to make the best muscle-building stack.

Turkesterone enhances the effects of other testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, and growth hormone boosters. With fat loss supplements, it can alter fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

When used with another powerful ecdysteroid, like 20-Hydroxyecdysone, Turk has shown that it can help even more. Due to the widespread belief that these two substances are the most potent natural anabolic agents, stacking them is a no-brainer.

The anabolic effects of 20-Hydroxyecdysone are about the same as, or even better than, those of Turkesterone alone. It was able to get APO Compounds 20-e, which has 20-Hydroxyecdysone. Another thing is that it uses a delivery system that is very common in the pharmaceutical industry to get the medicine to people. It is very important to use SMEDDS to solve formulation problems and improve the oral bioavailability of hydrophobic or lipophilic drugs.

Customer Reviews

Due to the fact that Turk hasn't been used in a long time, there aren't many reviews available. The success of products like Gorilla Mind Turkesterone tells us that this will be a great success, too. People show how excited they are to use it by the way they embrace it. People who have had the good fortune to use it want more!

Is Turkesterone Effective?

At this point, let's look at what we know about Turkesterone at the moment.

  • Plants and insects both produce growth hormones called ecdysteroids. Turkesterone, for example, is one of these hormones.
  • People have receptors for them.
  • Due to their low androgenic potential, they are extremely safe in comparison to other steroids.
  • They may be able to speed up the process of making proteins.
  • They may be good for your organs and your general health, but you should check with your doctor first.

This is important because it increases the body's ability to absorb Turkerone. One of the biggest problems with products is how well the active ingredient can get to where it needs to go.

Final Thoughts

Is Turkesterone a steroid? No, it is not a steroid. However, it is a growth factor with human receptors and a very low toxicity profile. It is also non-androgenic, which means it does not exhibit the typical side effects of steroids. In addition, Turk may have beneficial effects on protein synthesis rates, general health, and the organs. As is always the case with supplements, additional research is necessary, but the available evidence strongly suggests that they may be beneficial. Considering the potential for growth that Turk offers, it is worth experimenting with!

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