How to Get a Butt that Jiggles: 11 Exercises (Tips &Tricks)

What’s the number one thing women want? The answer is simple: They crave a round butt! I’ve worked with hundreds of girls and they all share this common goal—how can we get that jiggly rear end look. Well, let me tell you how in my no-nonsense program to help make it happen before summertime ends too soon (dammit!).

But first things first–if your behind needs some work done on it then let’s start there because if not there will be plenty more time for fixing up these famous acres later down

The Rundown

You know that feeling when you have a great idea, but need to condense it into one short sentence? I’m going through the trouble of trying not only to summarize this article for our readers who might be too lazy or busy reading long articles online, however also adding in some additional information on how best shape your bottom-end with exercises.

Ready!? Here goes nothing: “We all want plump cheeks and dimples!” Not sure about yours? You’re not alone…we’ve got 10 Best Exercises for A Jiggly Butte–Eraser! –Here are common mistakes people

What the magic is made of

What’s up, booty? I’m here to help you get that jiggly and perky behind we all want. You’ll need some time – like at least an hour every day (or five hours on weekdays) with no excuses!

But first things first: let’s learn about how your anatomy affects what exercises work best for building a better bottom sidekick muscle group than ever before…

The answer isn’t as complicated or subtle cutthroat sometimes but trust me when i tell ya’, this will be worth it in the end because if there was only 1 way our bodies were made then chances are high somebody

Maximus of Gluticus (Made up Word)

The gluteus maximus is one of the most well-known muscles in human anatomy.

It’s a large, fan shaped muscle that covers much area on either side of your buttocks and extends down towards to extend toward lower back or underneath it (in some people).

This powerful jumping device helps with both quick movements like running away from danger as well as long jumps over obstacles such its wearer’s body length!

Gluteus Medius

The gluteus Medius is a major muscle, found on either side of your abdomen.

It extends from just below the belly button, up towards our hip bone in front-and behind us! This set of muscles helps control body alignment when standing or walking by pushing outwards with each step you take – making sure everything stays always centered over both feet so that we don’t end up doing an awkward twist instead.

The only downside? If these get hurt, then there isn’t much else besides relief through movement therapy which could help fix things back into place.

Gluteus Minimus

If Minimus could talk, she’d say “I am the most insignificant member of this family and yet I feel important.”

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is a very active muscle!

The gluteus minimus are one of largest muscles in our bodies.

You may have heard them referred to as “glutes,” but that’s just because they’re so close at hand when we sit on furniture or wear tight pants (I’m looking out for you!).

They help us keep those jars from falling over and provide support for all four corners inside your jeans waistband- without it, things could get pretty uncomfortable after awhile

Exercises that’ll have your derriere jiggling in no time at all!!

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to start building your peach-shaped behind! Make sure and have enough space before starting this process.

No matter if working out at home or in a gym setting make certain there are plenty of room for extension during exercises so as not cause any harm on either object nearby them (like lamps) but also yourself because who wants an injured butt?! 

To get started simply spread apart one side of the mat then move onto following steps which will lead into creating new muscle groups while toning others along with achieving those happy glutes we’ve always wanted – here they come…


  1. Double leg Hip-Bridge

The double leg hip bridge is an exercise that will help you maintain your balance and stability as well increase flexibility.

To begin, sit on the floor with both legs extended in front of you so they are at right angles to each other like two saucers placed directly next to one another without Ubering or narrowing their bases too much (which could cause pain).

Then raise yourself up off these pads by extending not just straightening out through your heels but also pushing back against them while shifting weight onto whichever foot feels more comfortable; this should be done slowly until he/she reaches about 90 degrees.

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  1. Leg Press (Using a Machine)

This machine is great for strengthening your legs and glutes! If you’re looking to build some serious muscle, this could be the perfect tool.

It can also help with flexibility as well since it stretches out tight muscles that we often tend live in our day-to give us soreness or discomfort throughout the entire lower back area too – which tells me there’s something wrong when someone has poor posture all day long because their spine isn’t aligned properly from sitting down at work desks etcetera.

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  1. Planking rear Leg Lift

The bear plank leg lift is a great way to work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. It’s also an effective lower back exercise that will help you maintain good posture while exercising!

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  1. Back Squats

Squatting with a barbell on your back can be an intense, but welcome challenge.

The weight of the object is distributed evenly between both hands and knees as you stand tall meeting it head-on every time!

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  1. Hip Bridge

The bridge is an important component of how to shake it properly.

The hip bones support the weight you bear when taking steps (in heals), and they connect your lower back with your abdomen so that all parts can direct the money-maker in the right direction(s).

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  1. One Leg Hip Thrust

The one leg hip thrust is a type of bodyweight exercises that works your glutes and pelvic floor.

It’s also great for building strength in the lower back while improving posture because it helps you maintain straight legs when doing this classic move!

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7.Sumo Squat

sumo squats are known to be a great way for gals who want meatier seat.

The whole point of this maneuver is that it allows you put your weight into various muscle groups at once, so if done correctly then no area will specialize too much.

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8.Donkey Kicks

 The donkey kick is a unique and fascinating form of exercise that will make you feel like an animal in the wild.

The technique involves grounding oneself with both feet on all fours, while flexible enough to twist at your ankles or knees as if being walked around by someone else!

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9.Single Leg Lunge

With one leg out in front of you and the other behind, take a big step forward with your grounded foot.

As soon as it touches down on ground again make sure that both hands are lifting up off their floor so they don’t get caught slipping back into an old habit!

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  1. Weighted Hip Thrust

 The hip thruster is a great exercise to develop the glutes and hamstrings.

It works your lower body just like any other traditional or compound exercises but with one major difference – it’s much more difficult than what you’re used too because of how heavy they can get!

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  1. Plie’ ( Dances’ Secret Weapon)

Plie is a great way to add some variety into your workout and improve balance.

It’s easy! Just stand with one foot on either side of an object like this table here (or anything sturdy).

Your arms should be out at shoulder height, palms facing each other for stability as you lift up onto the balls tip toes then lower back down again gradually increasing how far off ground level each step takes place before switching sides.

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Don’t do these exercises!

As you might know, there are many butt exercises. Some work well to start with but I wouldn’t recommend sticking too long-term if your goal is getting a jiggly behind faster!

The two that seem most popular among beginners would be the Squat or Leg Press.

In my opinion all the exercises mentioned have Pros & Cons, the ultimate test is based off of feel…that’s right, which ones do you feel activating that beautiful Bum.

If you feel your backside working harder than your thighs, hamstrings or calves, that’s a good sign that your doing the movement that helps build the backfield.

What doesn’t help:

  1. Long distance running
  2. Upper body centric movements
  3. Stretching movements (stretching is not bad but it doesn’t build up the shakers).

Ways’ people mess this up

What’s the worse that can happen? You get in shape, have fun and meet some new friends.

“Doing isolation exercises exclusively might isolate you from other aspects of your life,” says Tenney. “Exercising too much on gym machines may prevent women from falling in love with their bodies.”

Jiggly Butts are the result of doing compound weightlifting exercises such as deadlifts and squats. The actives our buttocks muscles, which results in a better looking derriere!

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Don’t do too many sets

So you want a butt?

You’ll need to do the opposite of what women think will work best. Train with heavy weights and higher reps, not lighten up on your workout routine!

Warm up before you start working it

To get the most out of your workout, you need to make sure that both yourself and any equipment are at the ready.

This means getting ready for a great session by doing some light stretching before starting up & getting some tunes on to get you in the mood.

Make sure you have on the right Kicks

The world of sneakers is endless. You can get any color, pattern or price range you want nowadays!

I’d advise not to cheap out on your workout shoes though because they are an investment that will last long enough for all those intense workouts at the gym

I would recommend getting ones with non-slip soles which prevent injuries during exercise sessions – especially if it’s CrossFit style workouts where there could be many different surfaces underfoot including wet leaves etc., So make sure before purchasing these types .

Sexy workout clothes

New exercise clothes are an excellent excuse to go on a shopping spree! But if you don’t have too many workout sessions left in your current wardrobe, any old t-shirt and sweatpants will do just fine.

A good rule of thumb when buying new gym gear: Make sure it fits well so that Sharer won’t get flappy while working out – this could distract from what we’re trying achieve at the gym (i..e looking fabulous!).

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Flat… clutter free area or Yoga Mat

Grabbing an old towel from your laundry closet is a terrible idea. You need something with non-slip fabric so you can avoid accidents while exercising!

Sports stores sell nice and clean mats for this reason, but it’s also possible to find these at any department stores like Amazon or Target if needed.

This is going to take more than 5 minutes (Oh Snap)

Nicki Minaj & Kim Kardashian are known for their plump butts. If you want a similar look, it will take time and commitment, but the result can be worth it! First off, all – find your motivation: if J-Lo has done this then so should YOU!!!

Secondly- know how much 30 minutes per day really means (I’m not saying don’t cut corners). Thirdly- make sure that those exercises are fun or else they won’t work out well at all.

Once you start seeing results, don’t hesitate to show off all your hard work…now go shake that thing!

For more visual motivation watch the video below (Not for younger viewers):-)


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