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If you are considering adding Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone supplement to your diet, you have come to the right place. Here is all the information you need to make this decision

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Gorilla Mind Turkesterone Overview

Since Andrew Huberman mentioned Turkesterone on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Turkesterone has skyrocketed in popularity. 


Gorilla Mind has joined the trend of selling Turkesterone by producing their line of this natural ecdysteroid. Though they are relatively new to the supplement market, their high-concentration, high-quality products have earned them serious attention. 


Based on user reviews, their Turkesterone deserves the same attention. Gorilla Mind‘s capsules of Turkesterone include 500 mg of Ajuga Turkestanica extract, concentrating the supplement more than many other Turkesterone products. 


Though scientific literature has not definitively proven the benefits of adding Turkesterone to a diet, user reviews overwhelmingly attest to its benefits. Based on user reviews, Gorilla Mind’s complex Turkesterone has helped several people gain healthy mass and strength while boosting their endurance





  • At 59.99 a bottle it might be a bit expensive
  • High demand can make it hard to get again after running out
  • Limited human research means studies have not scientifically proven results of Turkesterone use 


Luckily Gorilla Mind does not use complicated chemicals or other such ingredients in their Turkesterone supplement. Ingredients include Ajuga Turkestanica extract containing 10% Turkesterone, Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin, Gelatin for the capsules, Rice Flour, Silicon Dioxide, and Magnesium Stearate. 

As previously mentioned, Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin promotes the body’s absorption of the supplement (bioavailability) and speeds up the visibility of results. Other ingredients go into making the capsules. 

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a phytoecdysteroid derived from Ajuga Turkestanica, a plant native to Uzbekistan and often used in central Asian medicinal practices. 

That term should not cause any worry though. Turkesterone does not have the negative side effects of anabolic steroids. Because Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, it does not block androgen receptors in the human body, which anabolic steroids do. 

Due to its chemical structure, however, which is similar to testosterone, its anabolic effect may similarly boost muscle growth and strength. 

What is Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin?

Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin or HP-β-CD is a common, safe chemical compound that serves as a pharmaceutical excipient

A vast array of different products ranging from vaccines to cosmetics utilize it to increase their effectiveness. Its properties increase the bioavailability of the product it is paired with and when complexed with Turkesterone, can help the body absorb and use this hormone faster. Gorilla Mind Turkesterone - Complexed with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin for Enhanced Bioavailability (500 mg x 60 Capsules)

How to use Gorilla Mind Turkesterone

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is simple to use and add to fitness regimes and diets and unlike other steroids, does not require a “post-cycle therapy” to restore hormone balance in the body. Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone should be used in three-month cycles

Users start their cycle by taking two capsules per day. As with any supplement, users should only ingest Turkesterone after eating to avoid upset stomachs or headaches – which are standard side effects to supplement use on an empty stomach. 

As the cycle continues and users see results and muscle mass gain, users can increase their dosage to up to four times a day. Reviews and tests show that this increased dosage can boost stamina and strength even further as the cycle continues. 

Turkesterone has no dangerous side effects and develops no dependency. Most health experts nonetheless recommend sticking to prescribed cycles rather than simply taking it in perpetuity. 

To see results with Gorilla Mind Turkesterone, users must also be mindful of their diet and exercise regime. Diets dense with protein and leafy green vegetables will further boost the bioavailability of Turkesterone and its absorption by the body. Such diets quicken results, quicken recovery after exercise, and expand the effects of Turkesterone. 

As mentioned before, after completing the three-month cycle, users do not need to take any additional supplements to help their body recover or to restore hormone balance. They need only give themselves time before they begin their next cycle with Turkesterone. Gorilla Mind Turkesterone - Complexed with Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin for Enhanced Bioavailability (500 mg x 60 Capsules)

Who is Gorilla Mind Turkesterone For

While not illegal, Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is still a hormone and still a Performance-Enhancing Drug. Thus, it should be carefully considered before someone decides to use it. 


In addition, Gorilla Mind’s rendition of this supplement is particularly potent, which also warrants consideration from potential users. 


Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone is not a replacement for exercise, proper diet, or exercise knowledge. It will only bring results when paired with exercise and fitness programs to improve physical health, stamina, and strength. 


Beginners or newcomers to weightlifting or exercise should not use Turkesterone until they have a clearer picture of their motivations and fitness goals. 


Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone should be primarily for two groups. This supplement is for those who need a significant boost in strength and fitness for their occupation. It can also help those with extensive fitness experience who have plateaued in pursuing their personal goals and need to break through this block. 


Its benefits can help several different fitness demographics, such as Calisthenics practitioners. It will, however, likely yield the highest utility for powerlifters, Crossfitters, and other such groups seeking to boost strength, mass, and muscle recovery. 


The majority of users who praise the product’s effectiveness belong to these communities and have similar goals that Turkesterone helps them meet. 


They seek to boost raw strength, increase lean muscle mass and size, and increase muscle recovery. 


Some users report that it took time and patience before they started seeing or experiencing results. Others say it had no effect but they seem to be an outlier. 


Reviews from this demographic nonetheless reflect an overall positive effect from Turkesterone in meeting strength, weight, and performance goals by the end of a three-month cycle. 

Bo Du**
Bo Du**@BoDunk
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been hitting it for a long tome...this product has moved the needle for sure! if your growth has slowed, you need to change it up.
Tess@Tess Jasmine
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more muscle means less fat, always has! need more muscle, you need to take this it's always in my gym bag!
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getting older sucks! This turk does help, I usually don't write reviewss but in this case I had to say somethinG!

The Appeal of Turkesterone

Gorilla Mind Turkesterone is especially appealing to these fitness demographics for a few reasons. Turkesterone increases muscle protein synthesis and Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) concentration. 

These increases translate to increased energy levels and muscle stamina, making it easier to gain from exercise and push harder. The increased protein synthesis also increases recovery, making it easier to cope with soreness, get back to the gym, push hard, and continue progressing. 

Consequently, users make significant gains in sports and exercises that involve weightlifting and movements with heavy weights. 

Many users report significant boosts in one rep maxes for lifts such as bench press, squat, and deadlift. Other users report noticeable increases in rep volume at higher weights than previously possible. Most users also report satisfaction with the bulk they gained with Turkesterone. 

Many users claim unprecedented success in gaining lean muscle mass, which increased their metabolism, strength, and overall physical and mental welfare. 

Beyond the physically visible effects of Turkesterone, evidence also exists to show that Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone may improve mental health. 

As an adaptogen, Ajuga Turkestanica’s properties are thought to increase neurological activity and improve sleep quality. Additionally, it may reduce stress levels, improve heart health, and mollify sensations of “burnout” and low motivation. 

These effects will be welcome to experienced lifters and athletes who feel burnt out because of difficulties progressing in their goals. Other athletes struggling to balance their life commitments with their fitness goals will also no doubt welcome these boosts to mental health and motivation. turkesterone effects on man

Potential Benefits

While human research on the effects of Turkesterone has yet to prove the benefits of this supplement beyond all doubt, evidence still exists to demonstrate its potential benefits, which are as follows:



While these potential benefits are great, keep in mind that supplements work differently with different physiques and genders. Some users report waiting a week or more before experiencing the positive effects of Gorilla Mind Turkesterone. Others report that the results were minimal but these cases seem to be outside the norm. 


This supplement is still not for everybody. A potential user must, once again, carefully consider their fitness goals and motivations before beginning a cycle with Gorilla Mind Turkesterone. 


People just beginning their fitness journey should wait until they have a clearer picture of their purpose in pursuing exercise before they consider using this supplement. 


Gorilla Mind Turkesterone, however, can give the aforementioned fitness demographics who stand to benefit most from it the extra push they need to get to the next level.


In a nutshell, using Gorilla Mind’s Turkesterone appears to correlate with myriad positive experiences, changes, and developments for athletes seeking to break past walls in their fitness journey. 


Though it is a steroid, its source, Ajuga Turkestanica, is natural and often traditionally used in central Asian medical practices. As a hormone for plants, it poses little risk in human consumption. With no detectable cardiovascular, psychological, or physical dangers, it is a safer alternative to several other hormone-based performance-enhancing drugs. 

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Vegan Liftz Take:

The team has taken a lot of supplements over the years & unfortunately few move the needle! We waited over a year to post this review because we needed more long term testing .

Out of our 5 trainers, 5 still take this brand of Turkesterone because no other company has the Bioavailability, Anabolic ERB or High quality manufacturing processes.

We don’t tell people to take anything, we simply test & tell you our thoughts & experience with products. This one works…will it lose efficacy for the user over the years? We don’t know!

Will we take it until it does? Your damn right!

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