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cbdMD Gummies Review
Is This the Healthiest Hemp Supplement For You?

Jason Hughes
Published by Jason Hughes
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Last updated: February 17, 2022

CBD is one of the largest growth industries in America. People turn to the substance in large numbers as it is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent a broad spectrum of different ailments.

A problem with CBD products is that the science is behind the interest, and more than a few CBD companies have put out products that don't perform as advertised. There have even been instances where the ingredients used have dangerous or unknown side effects.

So looking at the reviews, how do cbdMD Gummies measure up? Are they worth taking at all?

What Are cbdMD Gummies?

cbdmd cbd gummies

CBDMD produces some of the most trusted CBD products on the market. As well as the CBDMD CBD gummies, CBDMD makes CBD oil, CBD capsules, and our personal favorite, the CBD bath bombs.

The CBDMD gummies are available in a 30 count 750 mg serving (25 mg CBD per gummy) and a 300 mg serving (10 mg per gummy).

This means you can dose your CBD content fairly accurately to whatever your personal needs are.

They're easy to take, have a great flavor, and they're made with all vegan and organic ingredients.

3 Benefits And Highlights

benefits of taking cbdMD gummies

1. Cost

One of the most appealing factors for most people choosing CBDMD Gummies is how competitively priced they are. Considering the quality of the CBD itself and the brand's reputation, they still come in as one of the cheaper options available.

You can find some products cheaper, but they have less transparency about their ingredients and nowhere near the trust and positive praise in a review. By choosing CBDMD Gummies, you are also getting a guaranteed product with excellent customer service at an exceptional value.

2. Taste

While you wouldn't want to scoff the entire tub in one sitting (there are still side effects, you sweet-toothed madman), the CBDMD Gummies feel and taste exactly like candy. As you would expect from any regular tub of gummy bears, they come assorted with strawberry, orange, tropical, and raspberry flavor.

While most gummy candy relies on gelatin for that distinctive chew, the CBDMD Gummies stay true to their organic and vegan labels opting for pectin instead. The rest of the ingredients are vegan certified, and they don't use any artificial flavor or colorings. There is a slightly earthy aftertaste, but all in all, it's a delight to dose with these handy portable gummies.

3. Quality

Here is where CBDMD does stand out above the rest of the field. They get their CBD from a high-quality hemp source grown right here in the USA in North Carolina and Kentucky. They also ensure their products are made THC free using a CBD isolate and then adding in synergistic terpenes and non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

While it is still legal for CBD products to contain a small amount of THC (0.03%), many prefer to avoid it altogether. CMDMD products manage to address this while still providing some of the necessary synergistic ingredients that may well compound and improve the product's effectiveness.

2 Shortfalls

not USDA organic

1. Not Clear If They Are Organic

While this isn't necessarily a problem with CBDMD CBD Gummies, in particular, it bears mentioning in the review.

While they claim their product to be wholly organic and even let you know where their hemp is sourced, it doesn't have a USDA organic label just yet, which is primarily due to USDA themselves being behind in this industry as a whole.

Hemp is an incredibly versatile crop that can grow with little water, in nutrient sparse soil, with excellent natural resistance to pests.

Therefore it has become somewhat standard to expect organic when choosing your CBD products. We hope that CBDMD products will achieve USDA organic certification soon.

2. Effect

It would be impossible to review the CBDMD Gummies without talking about their effect. Again it's hard to levy this complaint against the product itself, as it is more general for the CBD industry. As mentioned before, the science is a bit behind the interest in the product.

If you're taking them to reduce anxiety, there are studies both for and against CBD's effect in that field[1] [2]. If you need help sleeping, again, the research is mixed [3] [4]. I take them for their calming effect, and like many other users of the CBD Gummies, I felt their impact almost instantly improving my focus and general feelings of wellbeing.

What Other People Are Saying about cbdMD Gummies

cbdmd cbd gummies

The review for the CBDMD Gummies is overwhelmingly positive, with many users praising the product's high-quality CBD and almost instantaneous effect.

Joe Rogan recently partnered with CBDMD on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which is high praise for the company, given the star's experience and CBD positive stance.

"CBD is the best thing I've ever tried for anxiety," - Joe Rogan, The Joe Rogan Experience


Other users have also given glowing reviews of the CBD product:

"I found cbdmd through a podcast recommendation and I'm so glad I did! They provide relief of anxiety and daily aches and pains!" - Miranda, Verified Purchase

The product is only available through the company's website, so finding a less favorable user is difficult.


cbdmd feedback

Can CBDMD Gummies harm you?

CBD is considered a safe substance with no risk of overdose or addiction. The FDA does not currently regulate it. Still, it is generally regarded as safe for consumption with no known side effects other than potential drowsiness, which for some, is the desired effect.

Do CBDMD Gummies make you happy?

If the research linking CBD to lowered feelings of anxiety is believed, then yes, CBDMD Gummies can bring on a sense of happiness or relaxation. The research on this does go both ways, though, and you would have to try it for yourself and work out the most efficient dosage.

How many CBDMD Gummies should I eat?

Dosing with CBD Gummies is different for different people, and you will have to work out the optimum dose for your desired effect. We recommend you start with the lower 300 mg gummies and start small and work your way up. If you find yourself taking two or three to get the effect, you should move up to the 25 mg per gummy variety.

Can you take CBDMD Gummies on an empty stomach?

Taking CBD oil or CBD gummies on an empty stomach is not advised, as the CBD might not properly be absorbed. It is more bioavailable if digested slowly, so you should eat before taking your optimal dose.

How long do CBDMD Gummies take to start working?

Realistically edible CBD should take around 6-8 hours to start feeling its effect correctly. A lot of users claim that they feel the effects much quicker than this. Depending on what outcome you want from the CBD, you should plan your routine around this information and may need to adjust your routine to get the most out of the product.

How long does CBD stay in the system?

CBD should typically stay in the system for around 2 to 5 days. This range doesn't apply to everyone, and for some, the product may remain in their system for weeks. How long it stays is dependent on several different factors, such as how much you are taking, how regularly, and if you are taking it with food or not.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

If the product is THC free as these CBD gummies are, then there is no risk of showing up in a drug test. If the product has even trace amounts of THC in it, then there is the risk of it showing up in a drug test, and if you work somewhere that does perform random drug tests, I would recommend only buying THC free products.

Should You Buy cbdMD Gummies?

Given their low cost and their highest quality broad-spectrum CBD source, I would recommend CBDMD Gummies as a great way to try out this product.

Their products are verified with third-party lab results, including free shipping, and even come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The company's sourcing, customer service, and third party testing of hemp extracts leaves little else that could be desired from a CBD gummy.

Have you tried CBDMD Gummies? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

cbdmd cbd gummies

cbdMD Gummies

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