Top 10 Beautiful Female Bodybuilders 2022

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Women dedicated to sport prove to the whole world that there is nothing they are unable to do. Bodybuilding is one of these things. The discipline and devotion many female bodybuilders put into their profession cannot go unnoticed. There is nothing more pleasant …

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Vegan Body Washes Reviews and recommendations

Best Cruelty-Free Vegan Body Washes 2023

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Many people are turning their heads towards cleaner and safer products in their showering regimen, and nothing shouts pure than a 100% cruelty-free vegan body wash. These body washes are made using natural emollients that work in perfection to give a soothing bathing …

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tennis ball

Vegan Tennis Players: A Surprising Amount Of Top Tennis Players Are Vegan

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson This might surprise you, but a surprising amount of top tennis players are actually vegan.Whether they’re vegan for health or fitness reasons, to support animal rights, or to improve their performance, the top tennis players have great reasons to be vegan. And it’s …

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CeraVe A Vegan Company

Is CeraVe A Vegan Company?

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson CeraVe is a skincare brand developed by dermatologists and currently has the number one recommended moisturizer brand dermatologists recommend in the U.S. The products contain three essential ceramides to help your skin restore its protective barrier, no matter what type of skin you …

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Guide to Vegan Stocks

Which Are the Best Vegan Stocks to Invest in?
What You Should Know

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Vegan stock trading involves investing in plant-based companies and ethical businesses, and the future is looking more and more vegan-friendly every year. Now is an excellent time to invest in plant-based meat and plant-based foods. So which vegan stocks are being traded, and which are …

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Blood Test for Vegans

Most Essential Blood Test Vegans Should Get
What You Should Know

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson You might think that just because you’re vegan, eat healthy, and exercise, you don’t need a blood test done. I’m sorry to tell you, but that’s just not true. I made an in-depth guide on vegan blood tests. Keep reading to discover all the …

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applebees vegan options

Vegan Options at Applebee’s
Appetizers, Meal Options, Side Dishes

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Applebee’s may not be the best option for hangry vegans as there aren’t too many vegan meals. The restaurant is best known for its meat and cheese stuffed appetizers. Now, you definitely can enjoy some plant-based meals with your friends and family. I’ll …

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Leonardo DiCaprio as a Vegan

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Vegan?
Why He Ate Raw Bison Liver

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson For years Leo has been fighting for animal rights and the environment. His crusade dedicated to enlightening everyone on climate change issues and award-winning films on meat consumption would make you think he’s a hard-core vegan. But is he really? I decided to …

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Billie Eilish as a Vegan

Is Billie Eilish Vegan?
Her Surprising Childhood Story

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson The fact that veganism is taking the world by storm gets confirmed each time a celebrity announces that they’re switching to a vegan diet. However, some of them then quit their plant-based goals, causing outrage of the vegan community, while others remain dedicated …

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Bill Nye being Vegan

Is Bill Nye “the Science Guy” Vegan?
His Take on The Climate Change

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson This mechanical engineer, science educator, innovator, and author, is best known for his science TV show ‘’Bill Nye the Science Guy’’. There’s been questioning if Bill Nye is vegan or on a plant-based diet. We gathered some research, so let’s see if he …

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Football Players that are Vegan

Vegan Football Players in the NFL Thriving on the Plant Based Diet

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson By now, you already know that veganism is the trend to follow. The plant-based diet is all the rage. Each day, more and more people convert to a vegan diet. However, many believe that athletes wouldn’t go vegan because a meat-based diet would …

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Alex Morgan as a Vegan

Vegan Soccer Player Alex Morgan Shares What She Eats in a Day

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson People still don’t understand that veganism and sports career go together. However, Alexandra Morgan proves them all wrong. This professional women’s soccer player has shown everyone athletes can follow a vegan lifestyle, win the World Cup, and go to the Olympics. So, let’s …

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Leona Lewis as a Vegan Activist

Leona Lewis Shares Her Vegan Story and Her Weekly Meal Plan

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson People still can’t comprehend why being a vegan is much healthier and better than being an omnivore. They mostly believe this is just a phase or a trend that will soon disappear. And this is why we need people like Leona Lewis — vegan activists …

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NHL Players who are Vegan

Vegan Ice Hockey Players in the NHL
Why It’s Growing in Popularity

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Ice hockey is a brutal and demanding sport that requires athletes to play in a different league in terms of their general fitness levels. You might think it would be hard to find people playing at this level who also live a vegan …

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XYZ Smart Collagen: Is it worth it?

XYZ Smart Collagen Review
Will This Anti-Aging Cream Stop the Clock?

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Collagen is essential to maintaining your connective tissue healthy. However, it’s also the key to healthy-looking, plump, young skin. There seem to be hundreds of products on the market promising to make you look and feel younger. I decided to do an honest XYZ …

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vegan toothpaste

Best Vegan & Cruelty-Free Toothpaste Brands
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson It’s not just food that needs to be vegan and cruelty free. We believe everything that we consume, use, or wear should uphold the same ethics. Many are surprised to learn that not all toothpaste is cruelty free and vegan. But before we …

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Beyonce Header

Beyoncé Is Not Vegan
How It All Started With 22 Day Challenge

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson She may run the world, but let’s cut to the chase: no, Beyoncé is not a vegan. And to answer your second question: no, neither is her husband Jay Z. At least not 100%. Intentionally or not, Beyoncé and Jay Z confused the world …

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travis barker

Travis Barker Is Vegan
His Diet, Workout & Personal Story Revealed

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson It’s super important to look at our idols and heroes for inspiration. Rock stars are no exemption. Although he is associated with truckloads of bands, Travis Barker is most famous for being the drummer of one of the biggest pop-punk bands in the …

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lionel sanders

How To Become The Ultimate Vegan Triathlete
Nutrition Tips Revealed

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson It’s difficult to say who pays more attention to their macros and nutrition; vegans or triathletes. When the two are combined, you might find an athlete obsessed with tweaking almost every tiny detail or their diet for optimal performance. But can you compete …

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ariana grande

Ariana Grande is Vegan
What She Ate To Lose Excessive Weight

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Whenever a celebrity adopts a vegan diet, it is a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on the health benefits and the reasons behind the movement. Ariana Grande certainly holds sway over younger generations. Not only that, she has the voice of an angel …

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pamela anderson header

Pamela Anderson Has Been Vegan Since Her Early Teens
Her Shocking Story

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson If you are seeking for proof that veganism isn’t a lifestyle reserved exclusively for the meek and moderate, then look no further. Pamela Anderson, a longtime animal activist and PETA promoter, not to mention – universally acclaimed “bad girl” – is also vegan. …

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natalie portman header

Natalie Portman Briefly Stopped Being Vegan During Her Pregnancy

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson I’ve heard a lot of people ask: Is Natalie Portman vegan? My answer is always an empathetic YES. In fact, Hollywood’s sweetheart and Academy award winner has an impressive list of political and social achievements. Besides being a hella good actress, she’s also a vegan …

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miley cyrus header

Miley Cyrus Is No Longer Vegan
Her Surprising Revelation

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Cyrus, equally famous for her once-wholesome country-singer persona as well as her irresponsible use of demolition equipment, recently spoke to Joe Rogan about her decision to introduce fish and omegas back into her diet. In a candid interview, Miley Cyrus revealed that she …

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mike tyson header

Mike Tyson Stops Being Vegan?
His Surprising Confession

Fact Checked Fact checked by Mark Johnson Mike Tyson once bit an opponent’s ear off. During a televised fight. He didn’t just have a nibble that drew some blood. No. One minute Evander Holyfield’s ear was attached to his face; the next, it was between Tyson’s blood-soaked teeth. This story …

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Vegan Supplement

26 Vegan Bloggers Share The Most Important Vitamins They Take

We, vegans, get so many nutrients from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Still, there are certain vitamins that are specific to animal products. Although these vitamins, can be found in a small quantity in plant-based food, these are not enough. So what can we do in this situation? Personally, I …

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vegan celebrities

List of Famous Vegan Celebrities
Singers, Actors & Actresses

Regardless of whether people are in it for the diet, the philosophy, or both, one thing is certain – veganism has become a global phenomenon. Indeed, an increasing number of people are rejecting the idea of treating animals as a commodity and considering going vegan to support this snowballing activist …

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Best vegan podcasts featured

The Best Vegan Podcasts for Anyone Living Plant-Based

In this article, I’m going to list some of my favorite vegan podcasts that may help you find encouragement and practical tips on vegan living. I chuck these on when I’m cooking, driving, or just straight relaxing. Listen and learn from these podcasts especially if you’re new to following a …

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vegan documentary

The Best Vegan Movies and Documentaries You Need to Watch

Vegan documentaries have played a vital role in the past decade in informing the public about the ethics and reasoning behind the movement. They can be directly attributed to the rise in numbers of vegan people across the globe, and even for people who have already made the switch, these …

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