Calibrate Review- Prescription Weight Loss (Legit Must-read Guide)

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If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried a million different things to lose weight- crash dieting, intense exercise regimens, all sorts of strange fad diets. But have any of them actually worked in the long term? Probably not. That’s because losing weight is hard- really hard- and it takes more than just willpower or a quick fix to do it.

If you’re serious about shedding pounds for good and staving off chronic disease, you need to start by learning about what really works: A Dr. supervised program and cutting-edge weight loss medications. This Calibrate review will teach you everything you need to know about prescriptions approach to weight loss and how to use their system safely and effectively for sustainable results. So if you’re ready to finally ready to get to your healthy weight, keep reading

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Calibrate basics

Calibrate is a prescription weight loss medication that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. So I decided to review it for myself and see if it’s a legit way to keep weight gain at bay by utilizing this new weight loss program.

And I have to say, it is a must-read guide for anyone considering this program & it’s use of medication. Calibrate contains an ingredient called liraglutide, which is similar to the hormone GLP-1. This hormone helps to regulate appetite and metabolism. Calibrate works by mimicking the effects of GLP-1, which leads to reduced hunger and increased satiety after meals. As a result, Calibrate can help you lose body weight by reducing your overall calorie intake.

In addition, Calibrate also helps to improve insulin sensitivity, which can lead to further healthy weight loss over time.

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How does calibrate work?

Some people just need a little help in order to promote weight loss and keep it off. Calibrate is for those who really want change, but don’t know where or how find the resources they need on their own.

This company combines doctor prescribed medication with 1:1 coaching & tracking so you can finally reach your goals without frustration (and even enjoy some delicious results) and finally live a healthier lifestyle.

First things first: after their team does an initial assessment of what might be holding someone back, they create a comprehensive (medical prescription solution). The Calibrate medical team looks at what’s keeping you from achieving a healthy lifestyle, they then set up personalized plans based around your specific needs.

They have an easy-to-use website & App to help you track your progress & your meds are discretely delivered in the mail. The types of medications used are:

  • Semaglutide (Wegovy™, Ozempic®, Rybelsus®)

  • Liraglutide (Saxenda® and Victoza®)

  • Dulaglutide (Trulicity®)

The Right Medication

An FDA-approved medication prescribed by your Calibrate doctor based on your lab work, so you’re set up to succeed.

One-Year Metabolic Reset Review

The Calibrate program is designed to help members of all ages, backgrounds and abilities achieve weight loss success by combining behavioral health changes with GLP-1 metabolic medication.

Members are supported through a 52 week curriculum (Metabolic Review), that targets the four pillars – food consumption habits (the first pillar), sleep quality/quantity (second pillar) exercise routine maintenance based off what you are able to do(3rd Pillar), I.E. walking instead of Yoga.

Emotional wellbeing is the (fourth pillar) of this scientifically proven process. This approach leads to a long term sustainable lifestyle where you can maintain an optimal body mass index. This process is way better than relying on willpower alone!

Scientifically Proven

A metabolic reset that customizes scientifically proven methods to your body and needs.

Metabolic Health Assessment

The Metabolic Health Assessment is the best way to find out what your personalized weight management plan with Calibrate would look like. If you’ve got lab results (blood pressure) from a recent test, an experienced physician will tell you in this one-time video call how they can help make real & lasting weight change.

Does insurance cover Calibrate Doctor?

Calibrate medication has just announced that they are now accepting insurance. Calibrate guarantees your GLP-1 cost will be under $25/month or they’ll refund the money! They don’t take private plans, but you can use HSA and FSA if it’s through an employer sponsored program.

The company doesn’t bill insurance for the (One Year Metabolic Reset) or the (Metabolic Health Assessment).

The new service enables people who have trouble paying for expensive drugs out of pocket because many do not offer budgeting options to access these medications at lower price points without having any financial risk involved.

Doctor by Your Side

Work directly with your Calibrate medical team throughout your program year to ensure you meet your health goals.

Who Is Calibrate For, Eligibility Range?

Calibrate is a revolutionary program that allows people to get in shape and feel amazing! You’ll need some basic information before entering the Calibration world though- you must answer questions about your weight, health status (i.e., are there any chronic conditions), as well age requirements.

This program is designed for those with weight to lose, for instance…Calibrate doesn’t allow anyone that has a BMI under 30. Those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an eating disorder cannot join Calibrate. Nor can anyone under the age of 18 and over to 67 years old.

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Comparison: Calibrate vs. Lumen

It’s not just about eating fewer calories, but making sure those you do eat are burned off. The key to losing weight (see also Ariana Grande’s vegan diet plan) is combining a plan, with a process & the proper medication—this sustainable weight loss system varies from provider to provider.

There are too may weight loss review sites that claim they have the secret sauce but tried & true methods of physical activity, calorie restriction & medical treatment are what these programs are about.

Lumen is in a group of similar weight loss programs, the process as well as the costs are different.

Read our Lumen Review here.

Pros & Cons Of Calibrate


  • Combining FDA-approved GLP-1 medications with 1:1 accountability coaching sessions and tracking to drive improved metabolic health through long-term, sustained weight loss.

  • A one-year virtual program developed for a metabolic reset and at least 10% sustained weight loss.

  • Lab work

  • Prescription medication

  • Doctor visit and medical team check-ins

  • Real-time coaching

  • Expert-designed curriculum focused on food, sleep, exercise, and emotional health.

  • Health benefits


  • Takes time to get set up

  • Pre requisites must be met (age, weight, etc.)

  • Cost

  • Time

What will Calibrate Cost Me?

With a $249 blood work-assessment to start, Calibrate costs more than others. But if you’re on the budget conscious side and want access without breaking your bank account each month then this might be something worth considering! You can get credits for things like annual plans that will help offset these fees.

Note that $100 can be credited toward your annual plan, if you choose to go with Calibrate. Want to make it a long-term solution? Sign up for the One-Year Metabolic Reset for $130/month if you’d like to pay for it through Affirm. To take care of the 12-month bill in one payment, the cost is about $1,550 at the time of writing.

You Call the Shots

Your goals and pace are personalized as you go. You can choose when to slow down, go deeper, or even pause and refocus as you move through the program.

Is Calibrate Worth The Cost?

Value is a fluid concept especially when it comes to weight loss programs, especially when FDA approved medication is involved. Because I’m a health-nut I get my blood work done quarterly…yes four times a year! So the cost of obtaining your blood work done & reviewed once is a no-brainer.

People rely on how someone looks instead of what their LDL/HDL numbers are or what other important health factors are based off blood work, not a six-pack.

Why you ask? It’s because I know that bloodwork doesn’t lie like we sometimes do :-). I feel the better question is: What is your health worth? What is your happiness worth? What is feeling like your best self worth?

I can understand if money is tight, that’s a different situation…but the value is a resounding “YES it’s worth the cost”!

Is Calibrate A Legitimate Service?

Yes, Calibrate is a regulated weight loss provider, they utilize FDA approved medications to help those that need to lose significant weight. When considering the health risks of being overweight, the risk factors like chronic diseases…it’s no wonder the calibrate curriculum and one on one support lead to long term weight loss.

Real Calibrate Reviews: The Good & Bad

“My coach has been there for me every step of the way. She’s helped keep my motivation high and taught some useful skills that we can use in everyday life, not just fitness-related tasks like working out or eating right, I lost weight”

jannie@janiehealth Read More
“Can’t beleive this isn’t what I expected, I probably could have lost the weight without the drugs”
Dante’@loseitnow Read More
“Lost over 15% of my body weight in fat! I have dieted down by myself the last 5 pounds. Just needed that boost to get over the hump”
latoya w
latoya wlatoya@webethere Read More
Don’t like the price but love the weight loss”

“As a former Size 16 woman who struggled with food and body image issues, I found the Calibrate program to be an amazing tool that helped me change my life for good. The holistic approach offered by this unprecedented system encompasses all aspects of your wellness: physical training via yoga or running; mental coaching through meditation sessions in addition to social support from fellow participants on Facebook messenger chat rooms – it’s no wonder why people rave about what they call “the best thing since sliced bread!”

Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about losing weight (see also ‘SOTA Weight Loss: A Fast and Healthy Slimming Program‘) and want a program that is highly effective, then Calibrate is the right choice for you. Their process of up-front blood work, creating a plan, figuring out which FDA approved medication to prescribe , all works together to help you reach your goals once & for all.

Plus, with their easy to use website & App, you can monitor your progress every step of the way. Serious about losing weight? Make sure to check out Calibrate – they may be just what you need!

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out of 10

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Calibrate’s Results Guarantee

We’re so confident that you’ll succeed with Calibrate that we launched the Calibrate Results Guarantee. If you participate in the One-Year Metabolic Reset and don’t lose 10% of your body weight in one year, you’ll get a refund (see terms).


“If you’re ready to make a life-long change, Calibrate can help you get there.”
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