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Best Vegan Burgers for BBQ – Review 2021

Editor's Choice
Plant-based Vegan Burger Patties Review
Plant-based Vegan Burger PattiesCheck Current Price
#2nd Best Choice
Vege Caliente Burger
Vege Caliente BurgerCheck Current Price
#3rd Best Choice
Augason Farms Burger Mix
Augason Farms Burger MixCheck Current Price
Last updated: August 18, 2022

Plant-based burger patties or mixes may sound unappetizing for hard-core meat lovers, but these five vegan meat substitutes are truly exceptional in terms of flavors, texture, and aroma.

The mixtures and patties mentioned in this buyer's guide are perfect for newbie or seasoned vegans alike. Apart from the taste and texture, we have included a few varieties of mixes that can add significant variation to your meals.

These burgers are straightforward to make and take a few minutes to cook, flip and serve.

Scroll down to find the best selection of vegan burgers that are ideal for your next BBQ. Before we get into the best vegan meat substitutes & best Vegan Burger recipes, we want to say a quick welcome to the readers of veganburger.org. We have recently acquired the website, and are super excited to expand our community.

Our Top 7 Best Vegan Burgers In 2021

1 - Plant-based Vegan Burger Patties

Plant-based Vegan Burger Patties Review

Plant-based Vegan Burger Patties are made using vegetables and plants. The ingredients undergo various heating, cooling, and pressurizing stages to create the fibrous texture of meat patties.

The additional elements add ultra-realism of color, juiciness, and appearance. This winner patty comes in a pack of 4 without any artificial flavors and colors. Let's look at the item's benefits and drawbacks to understand the product even better.

This plant-based vegan burger patty comes in a pack of 4 that includes eight cakes of 4 oz each. One single patty is of perfect thickness for a regular medium-sized burger. The main ingredient of this patty is the non-GMO pea protein which adds taste, texture, and nutrition. Each cake has approximately 20g of protein, ideal for vegans looking for a protein-filled diet.

These burgers are entirely gluten-free, so people with gluten allergies can enjoy this product without any worries. The manufacturer ensures that their mixture stays devoid of artificial flavors and harmful synthetic colors. The quick cooking time of these burger patties is perfect for various cooking tops. You can cook the burger to perfection on a grill, skillet, or stovetop.

These patties are made in the USA, so each production step undergoes stringent rules before delivering the product to the market. and they are pre-made, saving you the trouble of kneading and shaping the faux meat mix. The shipment gets delivered wholly frozen in an insulated container with dry ice to preserve the freshness of the product.

The only drawback is that these non-GMO plant-based vegan burger patties are relatively expensive compared to other vegetable and vegan burger patty options available on the market.

  • Manufacturer: Cargill
  • Ingredients: Water, pea protein, sunflower oil, coconut oil, natural flavors, methylcellulose, carrageen, yeast extract, dried vinegar, sugar, salt, potassium chloride, and cultured dextrose.
  • Allergen: None
  • Units per pack: 4 packs, eight patties
  • Pack of 4 medium-sized burger
  • Non-GMO pea protein
  • Entirely gluten-free
  • Without artificial flavors
  • No harmful synthetic colors
  • Relatively expensive compared to other options

We highly recommend these pre-made burger patties for vegans looking for simple, easy-to-cook products. The texture and flavor closely resemble a hamburger, while the meat takes approximately half the time to cook.

2 - Vegan Burger Vege Caliente Vegan Burger Mix

Vege Caliente Burger

Our runner-up product, The Vege Caliente Vegan Burger Mix, is a classic choice for vegetarian and meat lovers alike. The base of this mix is made using pinto beans, oats, black beans, and brown rice. The recipe gets its famous spicy flavor with its various Mexico-inspired spice combinations.

This particular burger mix is a Mexican-inspired flavor with various spices and uses beans, oats, and brown rice as its base. This product is ideal for vegans who enjoy the intense flavors of spices and herbs.

The product has a shelf life of 15 years so that most vegan preppers can stock this burger mix into their emergency preparedness stockpile for the most nourishing food during emergencies.

It is hard to find another brand with the same flavor profile, nutritional level, and ease of use, all while being vegan. The ingredients used in this burger recipe are natural with high protein levels.

The vegan mix is made using natural plant-derived fibers and carbs that are safe and highly nutritious. The making process does not add any unhealthy or unwanted products to throw off the nutritional balance of this burger mix.

The product has minimal packing and is designed to stay stocked in your kitchen cabinets, garage, or pantry for years to come. Vegans, however, can still enjoy the delicious taste of this Caliente Vegan Burger Mix by making it a part of their daily food intake.

Unlike other emergency food on the market, this product is an entirely all-natural option that isn't laden with chemicals and preservatives. The burger mix also does not contain GMOs and other artificial additives to make the product last longer. This burger mix is also great for vegans with nut allergies as the product doesn't use any soy, nuts, or gluten in its mixture.

The flavor of this burger mix is robust. Its intense spice makes the product unsuitable for people who do not enjoy spicy flavors.

  • Manufacturer: Kester Foods
  • Ingredients: Oats, pinto beans, black beans, brown rice, onion, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes, corn, chipotle peppers, red pepper, garlic, canola oil, spices, and salt
  • Allergen: None
  • Units per pack: 18 servings
  • Beans, oats, and brown rice as its base
  • Natural plant-derived fibers and carbs
  • Without GMOs and artificial additives
  • Without any soy, nuts, or gluten
  • Shelf life of 15 years
  • Spicy flavors are not everyone's favorite

This Caliente burger mix is a genuinely allergen-free product. We highly recommend this particular flavor for vegans who can tolerate a little heat and spice. Additionally, the burger mix is perfect for vegan prepping too.

3 - Augason Farms Gluten-Free Black Bean Burger Mix

Augason Farms Burger Mix

Augason Farms' Gluten-Free Black Bean Burger Mix has always been a go-to choice for many vegans who have been practicing veganism for years. This plant-based burger mix has a bean base along with rice and quick oats for added nutritional value. Additionally, the product has a whopping 25 years of shelf life for emergency preparedness.

This Augason Farms Gluten-Free Black Bean Burger Mix comes in a pack of 36 servings and has a decent calorie range of 4,560 Cal. The base of this mix is made with bean, long grain rice, and gluten-free oats for a healthy and nutritious meat alternative. Its additional spices add an inviting flavor edge to the burger.

The formula is gluten-free, so people with gluten, nuts, and soy allergies can enjoy this product without worrying about any allergic reaction. This product is packaged at a certified gluten-free plant per the standards set by the GFCO.

The preparation is relatively simple and does not require any detailed steps. This vegetarian meal solution mixture is perfect for other meat substitute recipes like hotdogs, salads, tacos, burritos, and much more. Vegans can enjoy this burger mix for 25 years as the shelf life of this product is up to 25 years. This product thus becomes an ideal choice for prepping and storing in your emergency food stockpile.

The ingredients in this burger mix are perfect for a vegan diet as it is packed with a great source of protein. Most vegans are always worried about their lack of protein intake, but this product is perfect for adding the much-required protein to the diet.

This vegan, gluten-free burger mix comes in large 10-number cans made with high-grade steel. The container is airtight and can take hits of external factors with ease. The firm cover keeps the burger mix safe and contamination-proof.

Buyers can repurpose the old cans to store other food products, grow herbs, store important documents, and much more. The quality and taste of the mix will not fade or become less intense even after opening the can after 25 years.

Most of the buyers feel that this mixture is a little too salty for their taste. Many of them tone down the saltiness by adding an extra bulk base. The burger base mix has an overwhelming bean sprout flavor that can be intense, especially for vegans and vegetarians who do not enjoy the taste of beans.

  • Manufacturer: ‎Augason Farms
  • Ingredients: Black bean, instant long-grain white rice, gluten-free quick oats, yellow peas, corn starch, onions, tomatoes, sea salt, chili powder, guar gum, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, yeast extract, xanthan gum, oregano, and cayenne.
  • Allergen: None
  • Units per pack: 38 Servings
  • Bean, long grain rice, and oats base
  • Certified gluten-free formula
  • Perfect for various recipes
  • Comes in a pack of 36 servings
  • Shelf life of 25 years
  • Intense bean sprout flavor
  • Mixture is a little too salty

If you are looking for a mix that makes tasty vegan burgers with additional protein, then this Augason Farms Gluten-Free Black Bean Burger Mix is the perfect choice for you. Vegans and vegetarians also have the freedom to get creative with making various dishes apart from the burgers.

4 - Loma Linda Plant-Based Redi-Burger Loaf

Loma Linda Redi-Burger

Loma Linda Plant-Based Redi-Burger Loaf is an ideal choice for vegans who like the beef flavor. This beef-flavored plant-based burger loaf is also suitable for soups, sandwiches, and casseroles. The product is shelf-stable and relatively easy to prepare to enjoy sustainable plant-based protein in your vegan diet without any additional steps.

This burger mix is entirely kosher and plant-based, making it an excellent meatless alternative to hamburgers and meatloaves. The product is pre-cooked and does not require much time to cook; Vegans can open both ends of the can and press out the loaf to cook and enjoy delicious kosher and vegan burgers anytime.

This product is cholesterol-free, and the brand has been in the vegan industry for many years. Its taste is pretty mild and doesn't have an overpowering taste of intense spices. The loaf is ideal for vegans and vegetarians who like milder flavors.

Loma Linda Burger Mix is packed with grain protein, rice flour, and wheat gluten for a nutritious diet. This product is excellent for people who wish to intake more protein to change their low protein diet.

It's healthy and better than beef burgers as it contains 87% less fat than any regular meat burger. You can use this loaf for burgers by slicing the mix into thick patties or breaking apart the whole loaf for a vegan ground beef chili recipe. The makers of this product ensure that their burger loaf isn't as salty as their competitor vegan meat brands.

This burger has gluten, so people with gluten allergies should pay attention before purchasing the product. The product isn't the most appetizing-looking vegan burger on the market.

  • Manufacturer: Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC
  • Ingredients: Textured wheat gluten, defatted wheat germ, torula yeast, rice flour, soy flour, corn oil, salt, potato flakes, onion powder, hydrolyzed soy protein, oat flour, caramel color, wheat flour, soy lecithin, maltodextrin, potato starch, lysine monohydrochloride, garlic powder, konjac flour, natural smoke flavor, and vitamins
  • Allergen: Gluten, wheat, soy
  • Units per pack: 3 pack
  • Grain protein, rice flour, and wheat gluten
  • Entirely kosher burger mix
  • Without intense spices
  • Pre-cooked and easy to prepare
  • Ideal for other recipes
  • This burger mix contains gluten

We highly recommend this burger loaf for vegans who wish to enjoy the beef flavor without cheating on their diet. Lastly, the texture resembles an actual meat patty as it stays softs on the inside and tends to develop a thin crisp layer outside.

5 - Gardein The Ultimate Beefless Burger

Gardein Beefless Burger

Last but not least is the Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burger. This burger is entirely vegan, kosher certified, and contains zero cholesterol. Let's look at the key features and benefits to understand them in detail.

This vegan beefless burger contains 67% less fat than regular beef burgers making it a delicious alternative to meat burgers. The meatless burger pack is pure dairy-free and made with non-GMO ingredients for a better and healthier meal option.

The product is kosher certified and does not contain any animal fats or animal-derived ingredients during the manufacturing.

Vegans can use these Gardein burgers in their daily lives as they contain a good source of protein. Additionally, ingredients like Amarnath, wheat, quinoa, and millet add a healthy and nutritious spin to the entire recipe.

The patty gets ready in ten minutes and does not require hours to prepare or cook. Their eight packet bulk pack is ideal for many household uses, BBQs, cafes, camping trips, etc.

The burgers tend to have a perfect taste that isn't very earthy or bean-based. It has pleasant vegetables and a slightly meaty flavor.

The product has soy and wheat, so people with gluten and soy allergies should sit this one out. Many people found the aftertaste to be a little bland compared to other vegan burgers available on the market.

  • Manufacturer: Gardein
  • Ingredients: Water, soy protein concentrate, wheat gluten, onions, canola oil, soy protein isolate, yeast extract, methylcellulose, malt extract, wheat flour, amaranth flour, millet flour, quinoa flour, dried garlic, distilled vinegar, natural flavors, cane sugar, spice extracts, pea protein, and spices, vinegar, carrot fiber, and beetroot fiber
  • Allergen: Wheat, soy
  • Units per pack: 4 per pack
  • Pure dairy-free recipe
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Kosher certified product
  • Good source of protein
  • Not a bean-based mixture
  • Product contains soy and wheat
  • Little bland aftertaste

Vegan Burger FAQ

vegan burgers bbq

What is the healthiest vegan burger?

The best vegan burger for you will depend on your goals, but there is one healthiest of the bunch that deserves to be mentioned. This vegan burger has more calcium than cow's milk and contains more iron than three slices of bacon!

A quarter cup of this plant-based patty provides nearly half our daily requirement for vitamin B12, which can help reduce depression symptoms, among other benefits it offers to make it perfect if you're looking to improve brain function as well. On top of all these impressive stats, they also contain an excellent source of protein, with soybeans offering 25g per serving!

Finally, its fat content won't leave you feeling guilty about overeating. It contains just over 14 grams per 100-gram portion, making it an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their saturated fat intake. This burger is a perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their health or lose weight.

The best vegan burger for you will depend on your taste preferences, but one of the healthiest burgers out there is Big Vedge Burger. It uses buckwheat as a base and has added vegetables like celery, carrots, and onions, all rich in fiber, to keep digestion at its peak.

The patty also contains numerous healthy nuts such as cashews, making it high in omega-nuts beneficial fatty acids. There is no cholesterol present either due to the use of soybeans instead of eggs!

Finally, this burger comes with a side dish made from maca root powder, an ingredient that helps balance hormones, among other benefits, by increasing energy levels slightly without giving any jitters or crashes later on down the line if consumed regularly over time. It makes it an excellent choice for those who want to increase their energy levels and manage stress more effectively.

Are vegan burgers actually vegan?

In the past decade, veganism has been on the rise. Many people have switched to a plant-based diet because of the increasing number of options available for eating meatless meals. There are now more vegans than ever before, and it seems like you can't go a day without hearing about some new product that is vegan friendly. However, one question remains: do all these products live up to their "vegan" name?

The first thing people often ask is whether or not vegan burgers are healthy. While the answer isn't so straightforward, it's safe to say that many of these products aren't as good for you as they claim! For example, while some veggie patties contain more vegetables than meat, others use other filler ingredients like beans and grains, making them unhealthy.

The best way to determine if a burger is worth eating? Read the label! If you only see veggies listed in the ingredients but no added sugars, then go ahead and enjoy your meal because there likely won't be any hidden calories in your food. However, if high amounts of sugar or sodium are included on the list (or if the ingredients are primarily unidentifiable), it is recommended to avoid it!

Always read through the ingredient list before buying anything to ensure that you're eating healthy when you eat or try new vegan products. If there is an excess of sugars and sodium in your food, look elsewhere for healthier options because these plants aren't worth your health!

Regardless of whether they contain meat, all-veggie burgers should be considered processed food instead of natural veggies. It's best to opt for fresh vegetables at home rather than trying pre-made burger patties since making them yourself will give you complete control over what goes into your meal; this way, you'll know exactly how many calories are in each bite!

What is a dirty vegan burger?

A dirty vegan burger is one of the most delicious things you will ever put in your mouth. It's a simple dish consisting of just four ingredients: onions, mushrooms, tempeh, and vegan mayonnaise. The key to making perfect dirty burgers is getting everything cooked just right so it all blends together perfectly.

There are a couple of ways to go about making dirty burgers. You can take the time to cook each ingredient separately, so you have complete control over how it gets done, or you can throw them all together in one pan and let things work themselves out as they may.

The latter saves on dishes but requires more attention from the chef because timing becomes an issue. The longer something cooks, the less intense its flavor will be when blended with other ingredients, which is why cooking your onions first, for example, makes sense if adding them to the dish later doesn't cut it for you anymore.

The best part about dirty burgers is how versatile they are – you can serve them up as a main dish with all the trimmings, pack them in a pita for a quick lunch on the go, stick toothpicks in their mini versions to serve at pregame parties, etc., so let your imagination run wild!

Is plant-based meat healthy?

Recent changes in consumer behavior have sparked an increase in popularity among companies creating the product. While there are many different types of vegetarian meats on the market, we know that it's healthier than animal protein and could be great for our planet.

If you want to try some plant-based options while still eating healthy, then opt for soy or pea-based foods such as tempeh, tofu, seitan (wheat gluten), textured vegetable protein (TVP), or veggie burgers made from beans like black beans or lentils which also contain high amounts of fiber! Just that even though it's better than animal protein, it's not necessarily healthy for your body.


These pre-made vegan burgers are a must-have in the refrigerator for a healthy but quick meal.

Apart from burgers, you can be creative and create a wide range of recipes with these ready burger packs. Lastly, we highly suggest paying attention to the ingredient list to avoid any unwanted allergic reactions. Happy cooking!

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