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Best Organic Clothing For Babies

Last updated: May 31, 2022

In recent years, consumers have started demanding healthier clothing options. Natural fabrics and organic clothing are better for our skin and better for the environment, so what's not to love?

When it comes to their children, parents are even more concerned that the clothing that touches the skin of their little ones isn't harmful to them or the world in which they'll be growing up.

The organic baby clothing brands in this list are affordable and chic as well as organic.

Best Organic Clothing for Babies

The list below lays out the best organic clothing brands for babies.

Every year, 10% of insecticides and 25% of pesticides in the world are used to protect cotton crops from insects and pests. For this reason, organic clothing is much healthier for people of all ages, including babies.

1. Gap Baby Organics Collection

We will start our list with a brand that is one of the most ubiquitous and affordable. Not everything sold at Gap is organic, but they have an excellent line of organic baby clothing.

The Baby Gap Organics Collection offers adorable separates that include pants and bodysuit packs, along with whimsical prints. The Organics Collection is made with cotton that is 100% organically grown.


2. Kate Quinn

For affordable basics in organic baby clothing, check out Kate Quinn. The company has been offering clothing for people of all ages (including babies) for more than 15 years. 

In addition to organic cotton, Kate Quinn offers fabrics such as Beech-tree sourced Modal and bamboo. Their products are made in Africa, India, and China in small factories that guarantee fair and safe working conditions. 


3. Pact

When you shop at Pact, you can find everything you need for your home and family, and that includes organic baby clothes. When you buy baby clothing at Pact, you can also opt for packaging that helps offset your baby's carbon footprint because their packaging helps limit the impact on the environment.

Additionally, you can donate the clothing your baby outgrows by printing off a pre-paid shipping label and shipping a box of your baby's old clothing back to Pact. The company will then donate the used clothing to charities.


4. Burt's Bees Baby

The Burt's Bees company is famous for its skincare products, but the company also offers an extensive line of clothing made from organic materials.

The cotton used to make Burt's Bees Baby clothing is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) 100% organic cotton. Also, the clothing is farmer-friendly and Earth-friendly. It's not just about the fabric at Burt's Bees, however. The threads and buttons used in these baby clothes are also Earth-friendly because they're made from recycled materials.


5. Soft Baby

If you're looking for an organic baby romper, organic kimono onesie, or organic baby kimono, Soft Baby is the place to buy. The company's mantra is "organic that plays," and the clothing is both beautiful and playful.

All of Soft Baby's clothing is made from 100% organic cotton that is manufactured in an eco-friendly process.


6. Nature Baby

For organic baby clothing, Nature Baby is an excellent source. Since 1998, Nature Baby has been providing growing families with natural essentials that allow children to thrive in a world that's chemical-free.

Sizes start at newborn and go up to size 6Y. In addition to organic baby clothing, you can also order bedding for your baby's crib at Nature Baby.


7. Monica + Andy

The Monica + Andy brand has some of the most colorful and delightful prints you can find for organic baby clothes. With this brand, you can find the perfect organic items for babies, but also for the baby's nursery and even for mom.

The cotton used to make Monica + Andy's baby clothing is organic cotton that is GOTS-certified. Clothing starts at size zero and goes up to size 8Y, so this company can keep your children clothed for years of growth.


8. L'oved Baby

The L'oved Baby company was started by a new mom who tackled the challenge of breastfeeding in public by creating nursing covers that helped solve that problem. She later expanded her collection to organic baby clothes. 

At L'oved Baby, you can buy organic pajamas, baby clothing, and mommy and me matching pajama sets. 


9. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is one of the most well-known sources of organic baby clothes. Founded in 1983, the company was started by Gun Denhart, a Swedish woman who had relocated to Oregon. 

In all their pajamas, Hanna Andersson uses OEIO-TEX Standard 100. This is a stringent certification that identifies products that don't contain any component of harmful substances. Also, the company only uses suppliers that provide working conditions that meet strict ethical standards.


10. Finn + Emma

We love Finn + Emma because, in addition to beautiful organic baby clothing, the company also offers a gender-neutral color palette. 

Finn + Emma separates are created to work with multiple outfit combinations, and they're great for mixing prints or pulling together monochrome looks. 



Below, we answer some of the more common questions about buying organic baby clothing.

Is organic clothing better for babies?

Every year, 10% of insecticides and 25% of pesticides in the world are used to protect cotton crops from insects and pests. For this reason, organic clothing is much healthier for people of all ages, including babies.

Do babies need organic clothes?

According to Johnson & Johnson, baby skin is more fragile than adult skin. Moreover, baby skin is less resistant to harmful environmental substances.

Is organic baby clothing necessary?

Organic clothing tends to be more expensive, and for this reason, people are less likely to buy it. However, if you look at the lifespan of a product, organic cotton will last for about 10 times more ashes before it starts to break down.

Nevertheless, children have been wearing non-organic clothing for decades and the human race has survived.

Is organic baby clothing necessary? No, it's not. However, to give your child the best possible start, we highly recommend that you invest in organic clothing for babies.

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