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The Best Blender for Juicing & Smoothies
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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ninja mega bl770
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vitamix 5200
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nutribullet pro plus
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Last updated: January 8, 2021

Smoothies are the right choice if you want to up your daily intake of fruits and vegetables but can't stand the thought of eating another broccoli florette.

But do you buy a blender or a juicer? Well, why not try a juicer blender combo? That way, you'll have the best of both worlds.

I know what it’s like to throw away money on a blender that doesn’t suit your needs. I’ve made a list of my favorite products so you can choose the best juicer blender for you and not repeat my mistakes.

Our Top Juicer Blenders

1 - Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 (Editor's Choice)

ninja mega bl770

Ninja BL770 is a powerful multifunctional kitchen aid. The blender has strong blades that can crush ice, turn your drinks, and shake into creamy, icy refreshments that you can pour in a to-go cup.

Furthermore, it can pulverize fruits and vegetables for delicious smoothies. Variable speeds will also allow you to chop your ingredients for food prepping.

  • Material: BPA-free plastic container
  • Power: 1500-watt motor
  • Provides even and perfect chopping
  • Powerful enough to blend whole fruits
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easy
  • 72oz pitcher for multiple smoothies and shakes
  • The containers are too expensive to replace

2 - Vitamix 5200

vitamix 5200

Vitamix is one of the chef-favorite brands.

This professional-grade blender is useful for all types of blending, sturdy, and built to last.

With stainless steel blades and variable speed, it makes anything from smoothies to hot soups for your entire family.

Vitamix 5200 also comes with a self-cleaning function that makes maintenance a breeze.

  • Material: Durable stainless steel, plastic container
  • Power: 1380-watt motor
  • Makes creamy, chunk-free smoothies
  • You can make nut butter and milk
  • The blender comes with a 7-year full warranty
  • Sometimes food gets stuck below and around the blades

3 - Nutribullet Pro Plus

nutribullet pro plus

Nutribullet may be a good option if you’re on a budget but still need a blender for juicing, making chunky dips, and salsas.

The Pro Plus is more powerful than the original Nutribullet and extracts even more nutrients from the ingredients.

Nutribullet could be the right choice for making multiple smoothies and shakes since it can hold up to 32oz.

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, BPA-free plastic container
  • Power: 1200-watt motor
  • Maximizes the food’s nutritional potential
  • Shuts off automatically after optimum extraction
  • Pulverizes even the toughest ingredients
  • It doesn't crush ice on its own; you have to put it in the liquid

4 - Breville BBL620

breville bbl620

Breville is a cross between a blender and a food processor. You'll get the functionality of a blender and the versatility and convenience of a food processor.

It crushes, blends, and pulverizes ice, fruits, and vegetables quickly and quietly, so you might want to check it out if you have a baby who doesn’t need waking up every time you’re making smoothies.

  • Material: Surgical-grade blades, BPA-free Tritan container
  • Power: 1100-watt motor
  • The auto-clean option makes the blender spotless in no time
  • Pre-programmed settings for easy blending and chopping
  • Handy safety features prevent overloading
  • The plastic parts aren’t durable

5 - Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

blendtec total classic original blender

Blendtec Total Classic Original blender may not have the best looks and design. Still, I love it because it has a motor that's powerful enough to blend even the most challenging ingredients.

This blender has dull but durable stainless steel blades that’ll prevent you from hurting yourself while cleaning it.

It comes with pre-programmed settings that will crush, blend, pulse, and pulverize ice, fruits, and vegetables. The blender can also warm up your soups and beverages.

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, BPA-free plastic container
  • Power: 1560-watt motor
  • Self-cleaning option for easy maintenance
  • Makes large batches of beverages
  • It comes with an impressive 8-year warranty
  • Gaskets and plastic parts aren’t long-lasting

6 - Ninja Duo

ninja duo

If you’re looking for the best blender for juicing, consider the Ninja Duo.

This blender can come in handy if you make dips, purees, sauces, and dressings as frequently as you make smoothies and drinks.

It's a powerful blender for juicing that can chop nuts, fruits, and veggies.

This blender can also turn ice into snow to make your drinks fresher. Micro-juice technology delivers restaurant-quality drinks and dips.

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, plastic container
  • Power: 1400-watt motor
  • Extracts nutrients, crushes, smoothes and pulverizes
  • Removes air and filters pulp for more refreshing juices
  • DrinkSaver cup keeps juices fresh for up to 48h
  • You may get a burning smell

7 - Blendtec Designer 650

blendtec designer 650

If you need a great-looking countertop blender to whip up a quick margarita or a fast juice blender, look into the Blendtec Designer.

The blender has a solid power base and easy to use pre-programmed settings. It packs the best qualities of a juicer and blender, and it can handle heavy-duty daily use.

The blender has a high-speed motor that can crush, smooth, puree, and pulverize any fruits and veggies you throw into it. It also comes with an 8-year warranty.

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, plastic container
  • Power: 1560-watt motor
  • Blunt blades for safe cleaning
  • Powerful enough to obliterate fresh and frozen fruits
  • Has a touch panel with variable speed control
  • It leaves behind tiny fruit seeds

8 - Oster Beehive Blender

oster beehive blender

This affordable blender packs powerful performance in a classic design. You may want to check it out if you're looking for a blender with the capacity to make beverages and sauces in smaller batches.

The glass jar can hold enough vegetables and fruit to make a smoothie for one person. It's a two-speed blender — high and low.

So, you'll have to manually turn the switch on and off to get the pulse ingredients.

Even though it doesn't come with the most powerful motor, it does a decent job crushing ice.

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, glass container
  • Power: 1000-watt motor
  • Simple and easy to use blender
  • No complicated features
  • 10-year warranty for lasting durability
  • The blender comes with only two-speed settings

9 - Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed

vitamix turbo blend

Even though this blender comes only with two-speed options, it doesn't lack variety.

It was designed primarily to blend raw fruits and veggies and turn them into delicious smoothies.

The motor comes with a cooling fan that prevents overheating, so you can blend anything from veggies for a tomato sauce to ice cubes for drinks.

  • Material: Stainless steel blades, polyester container
  • Power: 1380- watt motor
  • Smooth juicing and blending experience
  • Handles heavy everyday use
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Even the low speed is pretty high

10 - Nutri Ninja Personal Blender

nutri ninja personal blender

The thing that makes Nutri Ninja one of the unique blenders is the Auto-iQ technology it uses for juicing and extracting nutrients from ingredients.

You just need to press a button, and the program will start one of its pre-programmed settings for juicing, blending, pulsing, and pausing.

The blender gives even and consistent results every time.

It comes with multiple cups and twist on lids that you can use on the go or as a travel cup. However, this isn’t the best option if you need something quiet.

  • Material: Steel blades, plastic container
  • Power: 1000-watt motor
  • Extracts nutrients and vitamins from ingredients
  • Breaks down whole foods, seed, and ice cubes
  • Has a digital countdown timer
  • The blender is pretty loud

What’s the Difference Between a Blender and a Juicer?

The main difference between a blender and a juicer is that blenders are grinders while juicers are squeezers. Both juicers and blenders can make delicious and vitamin-rich juice, but they use different techniques.

A blender is similar to a food processor — its high-speed blades choo up everything they touch, pulverizing seeds and peels. It retains the pulp and fiber of the ingredients.

On the contrary, juicers apply pressure to fruits and vegetables to extract juice and nutrients. Their primary purpose is to remove the fiber and pulp to enhance better digestion.

Many come with a juicer attachment or pulp strainer that will separate the pulp from the juice. Since blenders usually don't come with those attachments, their juice contains whole fruit and veggies. Due to this, it's less clear and heavier, but also more nutritious.

Some combos take the best from both kitchen appliances, resulting in the best blender for juicing.

Why Should You Juice?

Juicing has become quite popular over the last couple of years, not only in the fitness world.

However, it seems that most people drink smoothies and juices for the sake of following a trend.

If you don't like eating fruits and vegetables, or don't eat enough, juicing can be an excellent way to add them to your diet.

“Pre-juicing food is great for people who find juice pleasurable."


Stella Volpe, professor and chair of the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University in Philadelphia.


Suppose you've ever looked carefully at the label of a store-bought juice.

In that case, you may have noticed all the additives, preservatives, artificial coloring, stabilizers, and other not-so-healthy ingredients. Juicing can provide you with an equally delicious, natural juice that's full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients, and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

“Some vitamins are damaged by cooking, so eating them raw is the best way to get them. Interestingly, even the most complete supplement mix cannot begin to match the nutritional complexity of a fresh fruit and veg juice”.


Joe Millward, Director of the Center for Nutrition and Food Safety at the University of Surrey

Having a glass of fresh juice once a day can bring you many health benefits, such are:

  • Increase your vitamin C levels, vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium, and folate [1].
  • It can improve your level of antioxidants [2].
  • Consuming apple and pomegranate juice can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels [3], [4].
  • Juices also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease [5].

These are just a couple of numerous health benefits that juicing provides. Besides, juicing is fun, and fresh juice tastes much better than store-bought.

Buyer’s Guide

using a blender

Using a blender to make healthy and delicious juice is easy; finding the best blenders for juicing is a whole other thing. You need to take into account tons of factors that will make or break your juicing experience.

Here’s what I look at when shopping for the best blenders:

  • Consider the Motor Power

Think about what types of ingredients you want to juice and bend. If you mostly blend softer fruits, you don't have to worry — any blender can handle that.

However, if you like blending tougher veggies like kale and carrots, or you like chilling your drinks with crushed ice, you’ll need a powerful motor that can handle it all.

When I say a powerful motor, I mean powerful. It would be best if you look for a blender with at least 1500 watts of power.

  • Variable Speed Settings Are Handy

Once you become a juicing fanatic variable speed control will come in handy for experimenting and creating drinks and sauces with different textures.

Many blenders already come with programmed speed settings, and you'll only need to press a button to start juicing.

But, you may also opt for a blender that has speed options like blend, stir, pulse, grind, chop, crush ice, liquify, or even grate.

  • Look for Strong and Powerful Blades

Besides a powerful motor, blades are another crucial feature to consider. Blades are the hardest working parts of a blender. They chop, grind, and liquefy your ingredients, so they should be strong, sturdy, and durable.

The best blenders for juicing have blades made from stainless steel. This material never rusts, tarnishes, or loses its shine. It also doesn’t retain odors, which is helpful when it comes to juicing different ingredients

To be sure you're getting a blender with powerful blades, you should look for the "aircraft-grade" label. If a blender can crush nuts and ice, you can rest assured it's equipped with the best possible blades.

  • Pitcher Capacity Depends on Your Family Size

The pitcher size may not seem so important, but trust me — it is. Think about your situation: are you making juice only for you, or do you often make large batches of margaritas for your friends?

A large pitcher can save you lots of time if you need to make juice in big batches.

Some blenders come with a single-serve or a travel cup, while others come with a pitcher large enough to make juice for the entire family.

You can also opt for a blender that comes with an entire set of different pitchers and cups and cover all possible situations.

  • Select Simple to Use Interfaces and Features

How much effort are you willing to put into using your blender? Are you ready to learn how to use a new interface? Ask yourself these questions before you decide on a blender.

Blender interfaces usually include dials, buttons, or a combination of both.

If you want to have lots of blending and juicing options, the blender's interface will probably be more complicated. On the other hand, there are also blenders with pre-programmed speeds, so you'll only need to press one button.

It all comes down to selecting the interface that will be easiest for you to use.

pouring juice
  • Self-Cleaning Blenders Make Everything Easier

As with most other kitchen appliances, you’ll need to clean your blender after every use. Washing dirty cups and pitchers is never fun, especially when you’re late for work or a gym session.

If you haven’t got time to waste (who has?), you may want to look for a blender that’s dishwasher safe. That way, you can chuck the pitcher and cups in the machine and spend that time doing something more constructive or relaxing.

Some blenders also come with self-cleaning programs. They typically require putting some water and dish soap into the pitcher and cleaning themselves in minutes or two.

  • Think About Safety

If you are using the blender every day, make sure it gives you a good run for the money. You may want to look for a blender with safety locks that will prevent it from turning on by accident. Another handy feature is overheating protection that will shut down the blender when the motor starts heating up and avoiding burning.

Maybe you could also look for a blender with dull blades. They’ll crush all the ingredients properly, but they won’t cut or hurt you while cleaning the appliance.

  • Choose Toxin-Free Containers

Taking care of your health goes beyond drinking healthy juice. You should consider getting a blender with a glass pitcher or a container that doesn’t have BPA.

  • Extended Warranty Guarantees Product Quality

You never know what could go wrong. Maybe your blender's from a faulty series, or something happens to it. An extended warranty will put your mind at ease.

Warranty guarantees that you'll get a replacement and support should something go wrong. You should also pay attention to what the warranty covers, as there are different types of warranties.

Some apply to the entire appliance; some apply only to the motor or individual parts, while some charge specific fees.

However, the more extended the warranty, the better the blender quality.

  • Choose Quality Over Price

I know that price is important, but it shouldn’t be crucial.

Yes, we all love to buy a high-quality product for as little money as possible. However, you should know that expensive doesn’t automatically translate to superior quality, just like cheap doesn’t mean bad.

Blenders come in a great range of prices, from as low as $20 to more than $400. The cost depends on the brand and the overall quality of the blender. However, different features, speed, and additional cups, lids, and pitchers can also influence the price tag.

You should think about all the features you want in a blender and how much money you’re willing to spend.

A blender isn’t something you buy every day, so you might want to choose quality over saving up a few bucks.


Blender FAQS

Are juicers better than blenders?

The answer depends on your needs. Both juicers and blenders are perfect appliances to have. However, juicers are better at producing clear, fresh juice, while blenders are better suited for making smoothies.

A blender chops up and retains all the pulp, seeds, and fiber from fruits and vegetables. At the same time, juicers come with attachments that separate the juice from fiber and pulp.

Should I get a juicer or a smoothie maker?

You may consider getting both. If you're just getting into juicing, you should look into a smoothie maker or blender first.

A blender is an excellent way to enter into the juicing world slowly. It'll allow you to try out different combinations, ingredients, and textures. Once you get used to blending, you may look into juicers.

You may even explore the idea of getting a juicer blender combo and get the best from both appliances.

Can a blender be used for juicing?

Yes, a blender can be used for juicing. However, the juice won’t be the same as the one made with a juicer. Juicing with a blender will give you a thick and heavy juice full of nutrients and pulp. This is due to the blender’s lack of straining attachment.

What is healthier: juicer or blender?

Both appliances produce healthy juice. However, since juicers come with attachments that separate pulp and fiber from juice, blenders make a slightly more vitamin-rich juice.

What Is The Best Juicer Blender In The Market?

Based on everything I talked about, the Ninja BL770 is by far the best juicer blender.

It’s a multifunctional blender equipped with a powerful motor. Steel blades endure perfect and even chopping, and they’re strong enough to pulverize even whole fruits.

Variable speed control will allow you to make a smoothie, juice, or chop up veggies for food prep. It's the best choice for beginners and experienced chefs who are passionate about creating healthy, great-tasting juice.

ninja mega bl770

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Provides even and perfect chopping
  • Powerful enough to blend whole fruits
  • Dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easy
  • 72oz pitcher for multiple smoothies and shakes
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