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5 Celebrities You May Not Know Are Vegan

Last updated: June 28, 2022

As the world embraces a more sustainable lifestyle, more and more celebrities are speaking out against animal injustices. Veganism is growing exponentially each day, for different personal and collective reasons. Some have turned to veganism due to embracing a more healthy diet, others for philosophical reasons, and some even as activists for animal rights and global change. Whatever the reasons, fans are looking for spokespersons and role models to lead the way in their vegan lifestyle. As such, celebrities are opening up about their veganism and how they turned to it.

In this article, we will explore the top five most searched actors and singers that have recently made headwinds due to their success on shows or in the spotlight. We will aim to answer the burning question of "are they vegan?" and even discuss the drivers of how they turned to this lifestyle.

Billie Eilish Vegan

Famous singer Billie Eilish is indeed vegan. Her journey started as early as her childhood when she grew up vegetarian. After learning about the plight of animals and how she could do more, she switched to veganism when she was 12 years of age.

Her main driver was learning about the dairy and meat industry, which she already felt was condoning some unscrupulous practices. Once she had seen videos and live accounts of how animals were being treated, she further confirmed her decision to be vegan.

Notably, Billie Eilish has posted on her Instagram in 2021 during Thanksgiving to ask her fans to choose a plant-based substitute for the traditional "turkey day" meal - writing that turkeys are some of the most gentle creatures in the world.

Zoe Kravitz Vegan

Perhaps well known for being the daughter of famous singer, Lenny Kravitz, Zoe has come into her own as an extremely popular celebrity and pop star. She is also an accomplished model. Zoe has indeed been raised on a plant-based diet but has confirmed that she is not a vegan. While she was at least vegetarian in her formative years, she indeed tried different types of animal products as she got older. Zoe has, however, stated that she still consumes a mostly plant-based diet as she believes this is the best way to preserve a good and healthy body, as well as what she has grown up being used to.

Elliot Page Vegan

Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page is definitely a lifelong Vegan and has been practicing this diet and lifestyle for more than ten years. Most touted for his bravery in the recent expression of his gender identity, Elliot Page was still included on the list of female stars as he had been active in the vegan community well before the transition to when he identified as a female. He was also voted the sexiest vegan by PETA in 2014.

Elliot is notably an activist, with his earliest point of contact being when he recounted the injustices that animals face on farms and other food collection facilities. In 2011, he tweeted to his followers a challenge, asking why Vegans were being ridiculed and made fun of. Elliot Page continues to speak out against inhumane farming processes and unstainable agricultural methods.

Daisy Ridley Vegan

When she isn't busy saving the world from the forces of the First Order on the big screen, The Star Wars Sequel's famous Jedi - Daisy Ridley has opened up about her veganism. Ridley loves animals and believes that veganism matches the ideals of the Jedi. The philosophies are quite the same. They both take minimalist approaches that believe life is of the utmost importance. Ridley has also presented her rescue dog (which she lovingly named Muffin) who is blind and deaf.

While Ridley believes in the rights of all animals and mostly consumes plant-based diets, she is not an activist. She has stated before that she is a "cheagan" or what she describes as a "cheating vegan" - meaning that from time to time she will succumb to temptation and her meals will contain animal products.

Sadie Sink Vegan

Stranger Things has become the most-watched series on Netflix, and also one of the most popular. Sadie Sink has gone into the spotlight due to the show's success, and fans want to know if she is indeed vegan. Sadie has been a vegetarian her whole life and was introduced to Veganism in 2017 by a co-star in the Glass Castle film. She has since turned to full-on veganism and even goes beyond the diet - notably wearing vegan-friendly clothing. After over 6 years of being vegan, Sadie has said she has some preferred vegan dishes - including spinach lasagna with butternut squash.


What are the health benefits of veganism?

Plant-based diets in general conform to the diets that humans are accustomed to. As early as our cave-dwelling ancestors, our omnivore beginnings occurred out of necessity to eat whatever food was available around us. Contrary to what some may believe, the most available food source was actually plant-based, comprising from 80 to 100% of our diet. As such, our body has adapted to that - with a few exceptions from remote cultures. This means that eating a plant-based diet is much easier for our bodies to digest - and sometimes has many more available nutrients for our healthy development and maintenance.

How can veganism help the planet?

Veganism can do anything from saving the oceans, to even solving world hunger. It is much more sustainable, for example, to plant fields of oats and other plant-based products rather than using them to grow animals. In fact, cattle farming is one of the most inefficient practices and even contributes to greenhouse gas emissions (which destroy the ozone layer and climate).

What is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism?

Vegetarians consume a diet that does not involve meat. Veganism starts with the diet as well but excludes any animal by-products as well (eggs and dairy, for example). Some vegans also take this a step further and refuse to wear any clothing or use any products that contain animal products as well.

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